For The Days 25th March Through 31st March, 2015:

Mundane Tarot update for the week ahead…????????????????????????????????????????????

As we already have been alerted by the update for the month of March, “…You will be keenly aware of the changes you have already set in motion, and their fallouts.”
When we shine the torch into a dark room, however familiar the room is, what we get to see in the light is what we need to focus on at this moment. Here we are, now, with our light shining on certain things that we have noticed over the past few weeks. What we are to do about what we see is where our creative nature comes into play. And it is absolutely all right to want things to be just the way they are, just as it is all right to want to tweak a little, or a lot. Let us understand that what we notice is what has been brought into our light… and with that, let us go forward.

How does it get better than that!!!


For The Days Through 17th March to 24th March, 2015:

Mundane Tarot update for the third week of March…. 17-24March'15

As we know already about the third week of March, we are reminded that “Giving up the familiar is not as scary as it is touted to be…”
Yes, is it necessary? Is it even an option? What is wrong with sticking to the familiar? And is there a guarantee that the new will be better?
And there is just one who can answer these questions for you. Yourself.
If what you are doing is very satisfactory, there is no need to change. Unless you want to. If what you are doing is quite unsatisfactory, then there is indeed a need for change. Unless you don’t want to.
You see, what you do will, and always does, depend on what you want to achieve. Since intent shows up as the outcome, alignment with your intent, and awareness of it can help you be satisfied with the outcome.
And the story of this month is about our exploration into our feelings, particularly through being misaligned and having opportunities to correct it.
This week offers us the opportunity to witness the efficacy of our processes through their outcomes at this time, and perhaps, if we so wish, an opportunity at redoing.

All, as always, is well!

For The Days Through 9th March to 16th March, 2015:

9-16March'15We already know about the second week of March readying to “…..give us the opportunity to consolidate our practice of dawning awesomeness.”

What would you do if you have now put together a tool-box of just the tools you need? Use them, I hope… and keep using them to hone whatever skills that you have set your heart upon. This week is a beginning to that period of self-empowerment. Now, familiarise yourself with your tools, your zone, your mental and physical space. Check for fears that hold you back from expanding your boundaries as you go along. Protect those things of yours that you feel need protection. And be alert that you do not convince yourself that this is it! The ‘it’ that currently is, is the toolbox. We still have to become an expert at using those tools…
Dawning awesomeness, indeed!


For The Days Through 1st March to 8th March, 2015:

As we have been alerted in the monthly update for March, “….a tremendous amount of transformative energy is backing us up.” 1-8March'15

Whether we have a dynamo behind us or a clean sweep of the arctic, we are usually just engaged in life as usual. It is not yet within the general awareness to be ‘aware’, so to speak, of universal changes in everyday, ordinary moments. This unawareness can be treated as a marvellous opportunity, however, as taking every moment as a herald for transformation of life, and treating it as such. So, this week, it would be simply awesome to peg away at everything as though it is the key to our magic doorway to instant nirvana, or conversely, to choose only what seems magical to us at this moment and peg away at it.
There is much value in digging for your own truth.


Working Through The Weeks: 22nd to 28th of February, 2015

21-28February'15As we have noted in the update for the month of February, the fourth week of this month “can prove to be a blessing… in disguise.” So don’t be fooled by appearances.
Now is the time to hold on to what is important to us, amidst apparent flux. Things come and go, but we can certainly find out what can go on for… if not ever, then at least till the next urge to change status quo! Focus on what is right, firstly, by you, and that will help you roll out your best, which will make much right for others who interact with you. In fact, you will find it of much use to hold the rudder firm; and will not be caught by surprise in case the boat rocks.


Working through the weeks: 15th to 21st of February, 2015

15-21February'15 The Third Week Of February, 2015:
This week marks in us “a tendency to assume greater speed of action than we are ready for”, as we have already read in the monthly update for February. Sometimes, it is warranted and can be absorbed, especially if we are working at projects that will need to be culminated soon. At other times, such as in matters of relationships and creative pursuits, such proactive energies may not quite be what we need. If that seems counter-intuitive, we will just need to check in with the duration of engagement we are looking at. For life-long relationships, dramatic actions may not achieve what patience can. So we sure need to match the duration of the endeavour with the speed we need to put into it. Perhaps, we also need to let long-term commitments lie low for now, and focus on completing everything that is sitting on our plate waiting to be done.

Be wise and wise will be!


Working Through The Weeks: 8th to 14th of February, 2015…

Women walk carrying metal pitchersThe Second Week Of February, 2015…

As we already know from the update for the month of February, “…the second week causes a new emergence. We would be in a better place to redefine relationships.”
Most often, redefining of any relationship starts with a redoing of the self, or approaching your relationship with yourself, anew. Especially after the previous week, we would be in a space to recognise our feelings and act on them. Of course, the space is nascent. Let us not assume that well begun is half-done! Let us give ourselves the space to fire blanks, as some of us are bound to try to feel our way through with understanding…till we get that we will have to feel, through feeling.
Potential energy needing kinesis for expression… oh, what a wonderful world!


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