Remote… (over e-mail)
Please write to me at for the procedure to order a remote reading.
There are two basic types:
1. Detailed, based on one issue of your choice, which addresses all possible questions you may have about that particular issue.
Price: 5000 INR/ 60 GBP/ 80 USD
Mode of payment: Discussed over e-mail.
2. General, such as a life over-view, which takes a look at your life as a complete picture.
Price: 5000 INR/ 60 GBP/ 80 USD
Mode of payment: Discussed over e-mail.

If you are not sure of what you want, you can still write to me and we can find out together how I may be of service.

Rest of what I can offer are all face-to-face…

For appointment, please write to me at

You will need about three hours on hand, for one reading. It is a journey that will infuse your life with your own positive power! You can discuss and ask for guidance on any matter of your choice in those two hours.
Each reading has three detailed sections: analysis, prediction and guidance. There is a free follow-up reading on the same topics, after six weeks and within three months from the first reading. Any reading after that will be a fresh reading.

Charges: 5000 INR for the first reading, inclusive of the bonus follow-up.
3000 INR for fresh readings for returning querents.

If you have a problem, you also have the solution and in case you have not reached it yet, we can discover it together. It takes multiple sessions, the number of which can be projected depending on the issue, though it is largely flexible.
Time taken for a session is anywhere between one hour and three hours… depending on the need of the moment.
Charges are 3000 INR per session .
Modalities used for therapy are cognitive psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and regression therapy.
Modalities used for healing are crystal-work, breath-work, relaxation techniques and guided visualisations.

Here are some programmes that I can personalise for you, according to your need or interest…
1. Guided meditations, which can heal deep-seated issues.
2. Breath-work, which can heal hampered energy flow.
3. Self-hypnosis, a fantastic self-healing tool.
Sessions are one hour long.
You can book from one to five sessions, as would be your need.
Each session is for 5000 INR.

There is always room for more knowledge!

Everything that I do, I also teach…. 

I am open to interacting directly with whoever is interested in learning from me.



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