Mundane Tarot Guidance for the week 8th to 14th July, 2018…

Mundane Tarot Guidance for the week 8th to 14th July, 2018… 

“The fight is internal, in you mind… it is most certainly not outside of you…
Of course, you have your justifications that things are not the way they should be.
Pause, and check. Who is doing that comparative analysis? You are…
So, yes, things are not the way you want them to be…
So, yes, now it is up to you… You still have things you like…. go and engage with them.”

And if it is your birthday this week, on or between 8th and 14th July….
Happy Birth Anniversary! 

“For exactly one year, you have a doorway…. moving through which will enable you to move from redoing, and rebuilding and rethinking everything, to getting it just right. Of course, the key is that rightness is what you consider to be so. It is not about getting what you want… It is about getting what you know is rightfully yours. This also means that what you get is what is right for you, whether you recognise it that way or not…
Health will benefit from any practice that will lighten your mood around health issues!
Finances are fair; you need to put into action everything you think should be done about finances.”

How does it get better than that!!!


Mundane Tarot Guidance for the week of 1st to 7th July, 2018…

Mundane Tarot Guidance for the week of 1st to 7th July, 2018… 

“You would like to have defined all your relationships by your emotional quotient, by now. However, you could be missing what the other person feels or wants. Make this week also about the Other… and you will be surprised, pleasantly or not… You will, without doubt, benefit.”

If it is your birthday this week, on or between 1st and 7th July…
Happy Birth Anniversary!!! 

“Your year ahead is a new beginning of sorts. Be practical, however, and look at what has ended or needs to end, in your life. Not everything is done. And make sure you adopt a step by practical step approach at whatever newness you want to establish. Feedback is an important aid.
Health will benefit from particular care with diet, and choosing ease for your system. Slightly upgrade your physical activities.
Finances will be fair, with investment opportunities showing up. Read the fine print before investing.”

How does it get better than that!!!

Mundane Tarot Guidance for the week 24th to 30th June, 2018…

Mundane Tarot Guidance for the week 24th to 30th June, 2018… 

“Make a studied and conscious effort to establish what you want as part of your life. In doing so, you will realise how harmonious your desires are for those people who share their lives with you. Would you, then, make adjustments to include your family and friends in your well-being? Or would you view certain individuals as inimical to your happiness? This is the continuation of the studied and conscious effort.”

And if it is your birthday this week, on or between 24th and 30th June….
Happy Birth Anniversary! 

“In this year ahead, complete unfinished learning before you explore your upgraded knowledge. This may be literal, if you are thinking of applying something newly learnt, wherein you will discover as aspect not yet completed…. and that you should. Or this may have a metaphorical significance, as in, check before you commit to a new step that will increase your responsibilities. There is likely some more work remaining before you can successfully take on the new.
Health will benefit from increasing activities in nature. 
Finances will be fair enough. Double check all investments.”

How does it get better than that!!!

Mundane TAROT Guidance for the week of 29th April to 5th May, 2018…

Mundane Tarot Guidance for the week of 29th April to 5th May, 2018…. 

“Be gentle. Be absolutely gentle with yourself, foremost… and then with others. 
Bring into your conscious knowing that gentleness is not a weakness or an inability to protect yourself. 
Neither is it an indication of foolishness. 
It is above and beyond such needs of survival.
Gentleness is the allowing of every being to be, just as they are.”

And if it is your birthday this week, on or between 29th April and 5th May…. 

“For everything that you have started new over the past year or two, do go back and re-check all the premises and parameters, before considering yourself ready to move ahead. Pointers will come to you from sub-systems in your processes which don’t seem to be working in the manner intended. A good year of stabilising your base…. 
Health will benefit from slowing down and choosing only those healthful activities that you enjoy.
Finances will be good, though not gaining momentum just yet.”

How does it get better than that!!!

Mundane Tarot Guidance for 22nd to 28th of April, 2018…

Mundane Tarot guidance for the week of 22nd to 28th of April, 2018…. 

“Too often, you turn your face away from what you are feeling in order to do what is right.
That works only in very formatted situations, and in the short term. Also understand that your feelings are a source of personal information. So, for anything long term, spend time sorting out the information from your feelings and that, from your reasoning. There is a point of reconciliation between the two.”

And if it is your birthday on or between 22nd and 28th April…. 

You can make leap forward this year towards your next big goal, whatever be your current station in life. You will have the support of people who matter. Bring clarity to your plan of action and you are good.
Health will benefit from some mindfulness practice, bot as an exercise and as a part of your daily activities.
Finances will be fair, with chances of improving as you progress through the year.

How does it get better than that! 

Mundane Tarot Guidance for the week of 15th to 21st April, 2018

Mundane Tarot Guidance for the week of 15th to 21st April, 2018…. 

“Whether you have won or lost, it is over.
In truth, there is no battle. However, you have to now give up this path as it has run its course. Don’t try tweaking the same strategies as you know you are going over the same ground…. and, it is really and truly over.
Instead, stop and take stock of where you are, what is happening in your life and how much you have attained. Afterwards, you can sit down at the drawing board, again.”

And if it is your birthday this week, on or between 15th and 21st April…. 
You are in a great place to claim success.However, do not rush forward to tackle your rivals just yet. Instead, spend some more time consolidating your position amongst friends, supporters, kindred and colleagues. Health will benefit from regular routine care and some grounding, meditative practices. Finances will be good and progressive.

How does it get better than this!!!


“The Winning Stroke….!!!”…. PISCES, 2018

Mundane Tarot update for the year ahead for Pisces…

Happy Birth Anniversary, dear Pisces!

It seems you are in for some exciting times!

Your experiences have been stimulating for some time past now, and it is not yet over. You have been attending to making things happen, in your own inimitable style, and you have made huge progress in this manner. You, of course, know which aspects of your life have needed you to be so proactive.

The game continues into this year, as well….

What shifts this year is that if you have been burning your candle at both ends, you will now get the opportunity to strike a balance… between being very active, and needing to crash out and rest. Also, this year will provide you with resources as yet untapped, with which you can reopen some ideas of yours that you had put aside earlier… perhaps many years ago. One very important resource will be people, friends… whose natures differ from yours. They will offer you new perspectives to old games.

How does it get better than that!

For those born on or between 19th February and 28th February:

While things are progressive, some can also be disturbing. You will need to summon up your ability to hold yourself in discipline in order to make sure you maintain your intrinsic pace. There is no need to hurry. Give yourself enough breathing space and you will find that you are asking the right questions, and your own easy pace is the one that takes you to your goal the soonest!
Health will benefit from care with food, rest and sufficient downtime. Finances will lean towards expenditure, but you can choose what you want to spend on, so choose things that enhance you.

For those born on or between 1st March and 10th March:

You will see a ginormous amount of growth this year, following whatever it is you have already been working on in the past couple of years. Thus, it becomes equally significant that you always remember to take very good care of your physical and emotional health, since there is all the chance that you will be pushing yourself too hard. Please follow the old adage that if you hurry, you reach late. The Cards say that reach you will and in good time, so be responsible for your ease, while you are at it.
Health will benefit from regular and measured exercise, as well as frequent short breaks. Finances will see both high income and high expenditure.

For those born on or between 11th March and 20th March:

You will be feeling and acting extremely active with everything that is already on your plate. Two alerts for you this year… Firstly, what is on your plate is all that you need to attend to, nothing more and nothing less. Secondly, make sure you have a plan of action before every process that you undertake, so that you can channelise all of your energy as it is meant to be. Take help of experts along the way.

Health will benefit from mindfulness and meditative practices. Expenses will be high, but overall, finances will be good.

Have a great year ahead!!!

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