“…A Hot Air Balloon That Could Go To Space!” AQUARIUS!!!

The Year Ahead For Aquarius… aquarius-2017

Happy Birth Anniversary!

You are clever people and you certainly have a very good understanding of the bigger pictures. For some time now, however, there have been certain aspects of smaller pictures which have tricked you… There were times in the past when you thought things were falling into alignment with your goals and then, they turned out to be far, far out from such. To boot, you would have also discovered that you felt scared and trapped… possibly a rarity for you.

Now, things are a-shifting… and you are going to progress from that situation, into an opportunity to begin again. This is only in those deadlocked situations of afore. And the opportunity is to set in motion a plan of action from the beginning. So, don’t try to superimpose ‘new beginnings’ on things that are already going well, and don’t try to experiment with the deadlocks. Instead, do adopt a plan, perhaps from experience or from wiser people, and apply it diligently.

The outcome promises to be liberating!

For those born on or between January 20th and January 29th:

You are likely to have felt the particular areas of lockdown rather severely. And the good news is that it is over. You will be moving forward now, though not at a very high speed. This is a good thing, because you will be needing to put in place a viable plan of action… which means you now have to use your intelligence every step of the way. It is helpful to adopt plans that are tried and tested, and to take actions that are necessary, even if they are not particularly likeable.
Health will benefit from such action-oriented routines. Finances will tilt towards expenditure, which can be investments for the future, in any manner.

For those born on or between January 30th and February 8th:

While the gridlock of the past few months was not too bad a situation for you, it is likely that you were still chaffing and straining for your independence. Now it is time to move forward with a plan in place. You will feel a surge of energy to address everything that had bound you up. Be careful that you don’t cause a spillage of this energy into the areas of your life that are moving just fine!
Health will benefit from including calming and centering exercises with your normal routine. Finances will see more of expenditure, so make every penny count.

For those born on or between February 9th and February 18th:

Of all of your brethren, you would have hardly noticed any significant discomfort in the past year or so. You might have been able to few the ups and downs as woven with the general pattern of life, rather than something happening to you, in particular. So, the movement forward this year will be more easily setting in motion another phase of life… There will be an increase in the intensity of your usual activities, and you will have the energy required available for you. Health will be regular. You can also try new ways of maintaining fitness. Finances are entering a lovely phase of generation of more money, so notice and act upon all ideas you have of increasing income.

What a wonderful world!!! aquarius

Bluster Buster….JANUARY! Welcome, 2017!

january2017The month of January, 2017, is about nearing completions. We have wanted things to be a particular way, and now we find ourselves close to achieving our desires. However, we have changed, too, over time.

So rather than falling into the open arms of our manifest wishes, we are picking at zits and poking at warts. We want to be clever and assertive. And for the most part, we have what it takes to be thus. Also, we have swathes of sudden curiosity that can enrich our knowing. However, we may be suffering from blindness of hindsight… and can’t recognise that what faces us is the exact thing we have asked for.

For those of us struck with this blindness of choice, the month will culminate in us making aggressive moves to correct imagined wrongs. And for those of us who can see that we have achieved what we wanted, we will perhaps understand that it is all right to want again, and want differently. Life is also about creating endlessly!

How does it get better than that!

It’s a Wrap…..! DECEMBER


Mundane Tarot update for the month of December, 2016…

The month of December brings for us a wonderful opportunity… a gift, if you will, if we would choose wisely!

It is possible for us to have whatever we want, or be whoever we wish to be, if we can see that the process of going through that transformation needs to be completely grounded in our reality. When we plan out our steps to the goal, based on what we already know of ourselves and our lives, there is a much greater chance of achieving what we want… than if we leave gaps in our plan for miraculous interventions that can leapfrog us to the winning position.

Having said that, we now find ourselves deeply entrenched, and somewhat mired in the emotional map of our lives. There is little clarity that we have about what we want. Some of us are feeling good about life, and some others, not so much, but across the board, we are not applying our intellect.

To help us in this situation, the most prominent resource we have is our memories. Our childhood dreams can impart a lot of wisdom to us, and that wisdom can bring us into the required clarity. And yes, some of us will bravely try…!

Eventually, by the end of the month, we will notice that most of our efforts are rather burdensome, though we may not really feel very bad about being so swamped. After all, we do define ourselves through our significant relationships, and they way we feel in them. So overall, I suspect that a good time will be had by all! Hang clarity for a while, then, shall we!!!

What a wonderful way to wrap up this splendid and eventful year!

Hello, Sweet NOVEMBER…!!!

november16Mundane Tarot Update for November, 2016…

As we move into a different season, we are coming upon energies which are asking us to look deep within ourselves with the kind of honesty which is only honourable for us to hold….

The month of November holds for us the possibility that we can move from a stable place to a better place for ourselves.
However, for most of us, preconceived notions about what life is disallow us from exploring what life can be. This means that we struggle for so long and with such intensity to get life to appear a certain way, that we forget to discover what way we would like. Or, even more challenging… we assume we don’t know what is good for us.

Anyhow, resources are always available to us. So if we can look around us and discover for ourselves what we already know as defining stability in our lives, we can perhaps apply that discovery to other areas and begin to acknowledge that we do know that we are living a good life.  
Eventually, by the end of November, we will find a need to reconnect with what remains undone or incomplete in our lives, simply because we don’t like that incompleteness … and not because it is somehow right or wrong!

Health is a mixed bag. What will help most of us is to stick to our own tried and tested methods of self-care… but certainly, to take that care.

Finances are in the flow, with expenditure and income, more or less, balancing each other out. However, chances of unnecessary spending is high, calling for us to operate out of higher levels of awareness.

It is productive month for people who are engaged in studying, research-work, or teaching/dealing in logic-based subjects.
All of us need to be patient in matters of relationships… nothing conclusive will happen.

Here’s looking at a wonderful new season!

“…And The Way Turns Better!” ARIES

happy birthday! colorful bouquet of fresh tulips with card

Happy Birth Anniversary, Aries! 

If you have had a challenging couple of years, perhaps the time to breathe easy is now here. How does it get better than that! aries-symbol

It would seem that at some time in the near past, you have had an influx of Very Good Ideas… and not much had moved since then. This year offers you the reason why, and you have enough gumption in you to make this the new Very Good Idea to work on…!

This year, you will need to organise and make space for things you want to have, or introduce in your life. This may not exactly be that wonderful task you were waiting for, but think of it this way… No one can fill a cup that is already full. And whatever you try to do without emptying the cup will result in a mess.

The good news is that you do not have to empty out everything… Only those things that do not serve you need go. You may identify them by their ability to render themselves up to your new ideas. If they can’t, you can now discard them. If they suit, they can stay.
Of course, of paramount importance is your commitment to your chosen Very Good Idea…
Engage in the above process only if you are sure of going ahead with your ideas. Else, if you are not, you can still enjoy the general advantage of decluttering your life and organising your routine down to a pat. Additionally, this is an awesome year for learning something that can bring you long-term benefits across the board. Now, how does it get better than that!!

For those born on or between 21st and 30th March:

You will need to work on being circumspect and drawing on the wisdom of your earlier experiences as well as those of others. While this may seem counterintuitive for you according to the directness of your nature, following through with this will garner you immense benefits from the group of people we call “friends”. Try it. You will be very pleasantly surprised and awed by the amount of indirect gain you will have enjoyed, eventually. Accept traditional wisdom and experts’ advice in matters of health and finance, and you will love the way the year will have turned out for you!

For those born on or between 31st march and 10th April:

Please allow yourself all the doubts that you may feel when venturing into anything new this year, because your doubts can help you check and cross-check matters , which will be of immense benefit to you. You do have a rare cautious streak in you, but use that to safeguard your impetus forward, not to restrain your enthusiasm. You are in a very good place this year to develop the highly valuable quality of discernment. Health will benefit from intense activities alternated with rest, so choose your restful activities according to your preference. Money matters will continue much as they are.

 For those born on or between 11th April and 20th April:

Your ability to create important and significant milestones in your life will find an enviable boost, this year. You will be able to create changes of personal significance, and not a few of them will be internal… in your personal psyche. This is a journey of growth that very few people enjoy through awareness, and you will be amongst them. In your evident and external life, you will find something very worth your while to commit to and keep forever, to grow with you and enhance the beauty of your life. However esoteric it sounds, the joy you will know through this commitment will make sense to you once you have experienced it. Health can improve with your taking an interest in your own nature and its physical aspect. Pecuniary benefits come both in receiving and spending.

And life just keeps getting better and better…!

Working Through The Weeks: 17th to 24th of January, 2015

For the week of 17th to 24th of January, 2015: 17-24January'15
As mentioned in the update for the month of January…
“The third week will, then, show us how effective (or not) are postulates we develop about our emotional realities. Do we really want to stay with the idea of the ilk of “nobody ever understands how hard I work”… and so on?”
Now, after the week just past, you could be quite suspicious about this ‘feeling’ thing… whether it is at all everything it is cracked up to be, or actually it is a morass that sucks you in when you are not armed with ‘reason’. So consciously or otherwise, you are going to reach out for something stable. It is going to appear as people who seem to understand your predicament and have all the right answers that have worked as precedence… or you are going to dig out from within yourself beliefs and postulates which support stereotypical behaviour. To a large extent, you will feel relief (there is that ‘feel’ word, again!)… It is all right to carry on in this vein of relief and move to your next phase. If you are in the slightest bit curious, you might remember that to a drowning man, a floating log is a relief… not the solution to his problem. So, stereotypical answers are good for questions of the same nature; yet, if you discover that they, too, are not working for you, then this week is the ideal energy situation to figure out what you do actually want.
For many, health issues that already exist will peak before breaking. Many who are suffering one way or the other will find a kind hand to hold. There is much love for all here.

Gypsy Blood Astir… it’s OCTOBER! (Part 2)


(Click here for Part 1)
(Please note: The guide uses Zodiac Signs according to date of birth, and not according to your Sun Sign, Moon Sign or Ascendant. There is no cusp.)

ARIES(March 21st-April 20th):
October will start of for you with lots of high octane energy, yet there will appear to be something missing from your grip. Do not worry, as eventually everything passes and the sheer variety of incidents through the month will likely keep you entertained, even if clueless. There is enough ungrounded energy for you to watch out for your health, however, so do so.

TAURUS(April 21st-May 20th):
A fairly good month for you, though the intense need for activity may not sit too well with you. Surprisingly, you will fare splendidly in emotional management, whether or not you understand what is going on. Perhaps, because you won’t… and what a wonderful thing ignorance can be, sometimes! Your health will be good, so also tend to yourself by not bothering overmuch about things that have you only at their periphery.

GEMINI(May 21st-June 20th):
Some of you may feel this month is right up your alley, and you may want to speed things up to your level. You are close to it, of course, with just one caveat: feel. Are you sure you are feeling, and not thinking? Do not confuse the two. Keep your conclusions on a long rein, and you will do pretty well. Health, too, will be fairly well.

CANCER(June 21st-July 21st):
It is possible that you may not appreciate the push and pull of energies that you may feel this month, but here’s the good news: much of how you handle everything that comes your way will be brilliant. And by the time the month ends, you will be feeling good about yourself, even if the world around you is, well, crumbling. Do not try to introduce worry into anything, as it is not needed. Your health will hold up fabulously.

LEO(July 22nd-August 22nd):
A mixed bag, if ever there was one! While you are eminently capable of handling everything that is thrown your way, likely the logistics of handling them seem slippery and changeable. If you can, then fix your gaze on the tried and tested for yourself, this month. Don’t let the chimera of appearances befuddle you. The mixed messages are for a particular purpose, which is certainly not to lead you astray! Months later, you may find meaning in this time, but not now. Tuck in your chin and plod along. Look after yourself and you will be fine.

VIRGO(August 23rd-September 22nd):
You are in a good place this month, if you remain conscious of your temper. No flare-ups allowed if you want to be productive and successful in what you are engaging your energy in October. And if you think you are far too practical to give in to impulses, you are correct, and then there are exceptions! So try to adjust according to the feedback you will get, even unasked for, and you will be doing better than most around you. Health can be temperamental, so look out.

LIBRA(September 23rd-October 22nd):
If some of you encounter new things to do, go for ‘em! However, keep yourself very open and alert to all feedback from the system, as the energies are geared to being productive, and losing opportunity may disappoint you more keenly than you would care to admit. So, if you feel you are not ready, roll over and start doing what it takes to reach there. You may learn a lesson or ten about patience, pacing and providence. Wellness will be inversely proportionate to any stress you bottle up… so learn to vent.

SCORPIO(October 23rd-November 22nd):
Some of you may feel extremely energetic and raring to go. An aspect of such a feeling is also the conviction that nothing can go wrong. While the Universe works on the premise of Well-Being, there is much to be said about our ability to accept things as they are. So, please bulwark your intense conviction with enough research and ground-work to last you generations. There will be a lot going on inside you, and to express all of it, you will need to create a path. Having an attitude of patience will be very helpful indeed. Health, though good, will need looking after.

SAGITTARIUS(November 23rd-December 21st):
Right up your alley are we, this month, with caveats. While things are pretty much as they seem to you, and you do have a handle on them better than all else, the handle carries an emotional charge, and here you might find yourself on a slow pedal. However, you are a wisdom-hunter, and what good is all your treasures if you don’t have that extra… the key to the function of emotions! Get cracking and crack right back at everything that throws you a spinner! Watch out for congestions and coughs.

CAPRICORN(December 22nd–January 19th):
While many people with intelligence equal to or better than you would seem to be grappling with large balls of shifting energy, you would be admirable in your ability to deal with it all, this month. And it would be through your ability to be patient when you need to and enterprising, when the time is right, and more so, through your correct discernment of either. You will feel overwhelmed, but will tend to repress it, and that will lead to a need to look after your health, though with small issues. Aim at making this a month you log in things you learn.

AQUARIUS(January 20th–February 18th):
Just not your month, and if you accept it right away, you will sail along the tide famously. Not only will there be too much activity all around, there will also be drama and perhaps show-downs and break-ups that you witness… all a tad uncomfortable. So what’s a guy like you to do? Adopt an attitude of the observer, and likely you will be able to provide some much needed sobriety on occasion. For yourself, you will certainly learn much. If you remember not to turn judgemental, your digestion will be fabulous and your health quite good.

PISCES (February 19th-March 20th):       
There will be much in this month that you will completely understand at a deep soul-level, and there will not be words to express what you have felt, to others. Try to not let this bother you too much, as feeling is a personal experience and everybody’s time comes. Instead, focus on learning the lessons these feelings offer and creating your wisdom from this, as what goes on now will have reverberations deep through time. Stay with people who make you feel grounded and real, but do not get into their stories. And take very good care of yourself.

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