Mundane Tarot Guidance for the week of 26th August to 1st September, 2018…

Mundane Tarot Guidance for the week 26th August to 1st September, 2018… 

“It is good to want to do your own thing. It is better to sometimes study what others have already established before you, concerning the same idea, so that you can be empowered and better educated. There is no shame in standing on the shoulders of giants…
Let your movement be about a collective forward surge, rather than an individual rebelliousness.”

And if it is your birthday this week, on or between 26th August and 1st September….
Happy Birth Anniversary! 

“Your year ahead is of new beginnings…. of the gentle, subliminal, surreptitious kind! Think relationships, think relating and understanding at the level of feelings, passions and emotions… You may start new relationships, be it with your long-standing, existing significant others, or brand new people, or be it with your work and study, and perhaps with yourself. The bottom line is being sure of what you want, and then build as though new, from there onwards. Remain aware that this is a beginning, so it will be nebulous, sometimes delicate and unsure, and at other times, tentative. 
Health will benefit from treating it anew in terms of exercise, diet and relaxation. 
Finances are set to improve.”

How does it get better than that!!!!



A Renewed Victory…. Pisces!!!

piscesHappy Birth Anniversary, dear Pisces! (19th February to 20th March)   daffodil-pisces

Universally, you are going through a deep change of life, so foremost, much blessings, good wishes and God-speed to you!

For some years now, and especially for the past couple of them, you have been developing a sense of who you are. Many of you may have experienced a lack of clarity when you have attempted to express yourselves; most of you may have even decided that it is redundant to even make that attempt… And you are all right with simply going with the flow. Perhaps, you have made your energies available to whoever needed you, your good wishes and calming presence. In the bargain, some of you have come to the conclusion that there is not much significant about who you are, unless it is in reflection or in service to others who are rather unlike you. In essence, what you have discovered about yourself is there is nothing much there that is different or separated from everybody else…

And this is your beauty, dear Pisceans; you make everybody feel accepted for who they are.
Has this come at a cost?
From here onwards, particularly this year of your solar return, you are going on an inward journey. For better or for worse… though it is certainly going to be for the better! You are going to coalesce all that you have learnt about yourself, your world and your feelings, and make an attempt to utilise this learning as a blue-print to plan your future. Though you are a person who would rather go with whatever flow you find yourself in, from this moment, you are going to try and get a grip on your world.
It is a very good thing!
For many, health, and jobs, will stabilise. For some, relationships will develop depth. For others, you may uncover new abilities within yourself. For all of you, however, the magic that will be yours this year is self-discovery… and a way to hang on to that sense of self, if you so want.

For Pisceans born on or between February 19th and 29th:
You, amongst all Pisceans, will have a clearly lit path ahead of you. That on which you have developed focus over the past couple of years is your current light. Follow it through, step by step. Go from what you already know to perfecting that knowledge… irrespective of what it is. Not only will this attitude give you a sense of stability, you will also see success externally even with your focus turned inwards. And your health will also improve. I would also throw finances into the mix, if you are interested!

For Pisceans born on or between March 1st and 10th:
You have a good going, too, so keep your focus on that which has already grabbed your attention over the past two years. For you, there will be revealed a need to bring about a change in your approach. The exact change will be in terms of developing a creative outlook to even the most predictable path, in order to tap into invisible potentials. You will have tremendous support from your guardian angels, so you can go ahead and explore all of yourself, fearlessly! Health and finances will be stable.

For Pisceans born on or between March 11th and 20th:
You may not have as well-lit a path as other Pisceans, but your gift is different. You have developed over a few years an uncanny ability to pursue a goal. In fact, you have learnt it from others and have now brought it close to perfection. So, even if the path is not clear, your ability should tell you what you can already use to your benefit. Just keep at it and after a few months, you will feel the going getting easier and smoother. Your health and finances will improve over the year.

Have a very happy birth anniversary, all of you!!!

“The Ultimate Measure….” is SAGITTARIUS!!!

SagittariusHappy Birth Anniversary, dear Sagittarians!Sagittarius-symbol






Good times come in many shapes and sizes, and it does not always have to be a trigger-happy birthday, now, does it! The year ahead is awesome in its opportunities to stabilise that ground you would ride out upon for your adventures, so let’s get crackin’!

There is a place within each one of us where we appreciate the ‘just so’… Externally, it is expressed as various things for various people, but the underlying need is to have certain things unchanging so that we can deal with the changing by basing ourselves on those unchanged things. You may have a very faint idea or appreciation of this factor called ‘stability’… but consider this: how would you gallop around on your horse if you couldn’t give it a hard ground on which to gallop? Or even, trot.

So, let’s discuss that hard ground, shall we? Much like me, the year ahead for you is also going to occasionally encourage this discussion!

You are endowed with dynamic energy, innate wisdom, and a brilliant ability to understand closures. You are extremely well-appointed in the intelligence sector and there is perhaps none other who can see a spade for a spade as well as you. The year ahead offers you an opportunity to consolidate everything that can and does already help you be yourself. Do look at the steady handles in your life that make it easy for you to be the way you are… your horse’s good health, the ground you ride upon, the never-failing sun! And this year, you absolutely must contribute your energy to your own stability. It does not mean you have to suddenly stop what you are doing and start plodding at humdrum… but (and this is important) if you do not pay attention as and when your opportunities for stabilisation arise, your personal Guardian Angel is going to yank you back from your latest adventure and make sure you complete your homework.
So here is a short list on how you can do the right thing by yourself, this year…
1) Identify the particular things which have consistently stood by you and supported you through your life. It could be your job, your mother, your boss’s habit on relying on your wisdom, you beat-up car, anything… It could also be qualities that invariably charge you up, such as a good belly-laugh, or your good health, or the crisp sunlight… Identify them. List them down.
2) Identify how you can enhance and ensure the presence of each one of those things on your list. In other words, what can you do, practically speaking, to support those energies that have been supporting you? For example, your old, beat-up car; you could give it a good servicing. Or sunlight… you could put a potted plant as an offering, where it slants into your room, or gift somebody an awareness of how sunlight is helping them! (Be creative!!)
3) And then do it. Take the steps, and take them regularly… that help you help your help. Consistently. Like clock-work. If you have decided to honour your belly-laughs, set up a time where you can invoke it (sit-coms on TV!), and kindred brethren with whom you can intensify the appreciation offered (your beer-buddies to howl with you!). You will find many things to be grateful about, if you put your mind to it, and thus you can fill up the whole year with these ‘rampages of appreciation’!

And the point of it all? You are in a very good place to launch your next phase of life. However, you are not the kind of person who would naturally do the kind of things that are now required to be done to ensure a good manifestation of that next phase. So, take a page out of the plodders’ manual and do things in this new way.
Want a new car/ book/ oven/ pen? Budget, save, acquire.
Want to remain healthy? Identify your good health habits and add to them… such as transforming your bad health habits.
Want to have an awesome year ahead? Identify your already-awesome and keep doing them!!
How does it get better than that!!!

(Please note: The dates are according to Tarot calendar. There are no cusps)
If your birthday falls on or between

23rd November and 2nd December:
You, of all Sagittarians, will ‘get’ what the above rant o’ rampage is all about! Likely, you will find ways to follow the path of appreciative building, with a very good idea that it opens out into meadows of free gallops! Your health will be as good as you keep it. Have a great year!
3rd December and 12th December:
You may need to work on that restlessness which would make stabilising difficult. However, since nothing is impossible for you, I advise that whenever following a routine as mentioned above triggers more of that restlessness, change your focus on to something else that falls in the same category of appreciation! You will have utilised your energy well. J
Your health will tend to the bilious and you can be responsible about your welfare, so be responsible!
13th December and 21st December:
You are well able to do the right thing. Shift out of thinking that this particular right thing we are speaking about may curtail your adventures, and focus on the fact that we are working on preparing your ground… how cool is that! If you feel fidgety with all these regulations, delve into yourself for your creativity and enhance the experience of regulating your life with it. Your well-being will be directly proportional with your calm acceptance of your needs.

Have a great year ahead, dear Sagittarians!!!

The Wonderful Wizard…… Scorpio!

Peonies_ScorpioHappy Birth Anniversary, dear Scorpios! scorpio_symbol

And have you a fantastic year ahead of you, say! You do!

First off, this is the one line you need to keep in your sight, all year, this year…

“Move to the next level of that which you have already conquered!”
So how does it get better than that!
You have come through some deepening and broadening experiences. All of them, whether good, bad or plain mediocre, had one thing in common. They challenged you, pushed you and brought you to an edge. Turns out, it is the leading edge! If you stop to take stock of your life right now, you will find at least one area where you have struggled and won, especially by virtue of efforts you have made. Now, don’t stop here to rest on your laurels. This year, you have a splendid opportunity to take your achievement to the next level and perhaps, also involve a larger area of life in those energies. So, if you have acquired a degree, immediately identify a specialisation. If you have been courting, decide on the next level. If you have earned yourself a difficult promotion, design a new project. If you have won a battle, design a diplomatic take-over…
You get the picture!
You are now in the perfect place to start your new world, from the window already created by the success of your earlier efforts, whatever they are.

If you are born on and between 23rd October and 1st November, it will be difficult for you to understand the preciseness of the message mentioned above. You have certain areas of your life which have not afforded you much satisfaction yet, and you are going to want to push against that dissatisfaction for some more time. Your logic would be that if there are good things available, they should be available everywhere, and you should be able to utilise them to take care of the bad things, instead of making the good things better. That as may be, but that is not what this energy is about. It is momentum gathered through effective action, and it will serve only that area which has turned up well from the recent past. If you can attempt to focus on that, you will do very well, and eventually, the time to better the bad will also come about. If you still keep focussing on the not-quite-there-yet, you are likely to influence your health a tad negatively. The good news is that the good can’t be kept too much at bay, and will surge forward anyway… only, not at the brisk pace it deserves. How about you think over this for a while? Good luck…!

If you are born on and between 2nd November and 12th November, you will do the best of all Scorpios, as you will be able to tune into the potential of improvement at the precise level it has occurred, and rush ahead, in spite of also wanting to have all areas of your life improve equally. You will understand that growth does not have to be set on a graphic equaliser and it is all right to attend to different things at different times. This attitude will also help you to open up more as you consciously move to the next level, thus helping yourself to that special synchronicity that appears for people who encourage it! The only bit of concern, which can be easily assuaged, is that your health may be susceptible to infections. Remember, it can be easily handled by whichever method is convenient to you.

If you are born on and between 13th November and 22nd November, you are likely to over-think the opportunity for growth, by viewing it as limited in scope, rather than as focussed in opportunity. It would be a shame, actually, as however sumptuous a banquet is, it is possible to eat only a mouthful at a time! So, make an attempt to accept what you get. As you build on what you have already achieved, it is possible that you become such an expert that developing the underachieving parts afterwards will be a snap! Your main problem seems to be confusion, so to resolve that, understand that confusion results from comparing end results perceived from the starting-point. Looking at things from the point of view of how you feel about them results in clarity. Think of this, and take care of the effects of tension and stress on your health.

Have an awesome year ahead!!!

And The Award Goes To….. LIBRA!!!

Bluebells-LibraHAPPY BIRTH ANNIVERSARY!!! libra-symbol

Happy Birth Anniversary, dear Librans! 

Get ready to have an awesome year ahead!


All people everywhere, in all walks of life have lives which are multi-dimensional. There are aspects in everybody’s life in which people feel in control, and other aspects in which they need help. What people experience is universal, and how they experience it is personal.

In your Solar year coming up, dear Librans, you are going to get on top of all the aspects that have bothered your mental peace… and how does it get better than that!

So, think of that part of your life where you have had a tough time finding balance, establishing harmony and being calm. You would have spent a lot of mental energy in those matters, and would have struggled to establish your point of view. Sometimes, you would have been misunderstood. At other times, you would have been frustrated. Some of you may have kept on at unravelling the knots at the very places they were occurring, without much discernible success. And far worse, you may have experienced some alienation.

Know what the gift was in all of that…?
That you have the ability to stand up for your convictions and persevere.

And now, you are about to enter a time of fruitful culmination… and especially in the aspects of life that had troubled you.
Through the year, you are going to experience a burgeoning sense of stability and fullness… a kind of now coming to rest after a turbulent race. Whatever your issue was, now it will stabilise and show the results of whatever efforts you had put in to make it so. This also means that the result will be commensurate with your effort. If some of you Librans think you had not been able to be very focussed back then when… here’s some good news for you, too. Start now. A year is a whole year, twelve months, three hundred and sixty five days… Your effort now will also show up fruitful at its correct time.
Also, with your marvellous mental faculties, be realistic. That will feel rewarding. If you stretch your fancy, real rewards will not be able to match that stretch.
And truly, deeply, really… stop worrying. It is over.

How does it get better than that!!!

If you were born between September 23rd and October 2nd, inclusive, then you, of all Librans, are likely to feel relief the deepest. Whatever had troubled you earlier and made you anxious, had done so with very noticeable effect on your psyche. It would be good for you to grasp firmly the growing sense of stability now, but also keep in mind that all of your experience is a part of the evolution your soul has determined. So throw nothing away out of fear. Let go of things only when you are ready to let go, not in a bid to escape the past.
Your health will get a little worse before getting better, and then, it will be a lot better.

If you were born between October 3rd and October 12th, inclusive, then you, of all Librans, are likely to be the most observant of how exactly the changes are taking place, and deeply appreciative of the improvement. You will also be the ones to remember that this change will be noticeable in only those portions of your life that were already troubled. So allow yourself now to be appreciative of the good things that are already present… and there are quite a few. You have had taken a few quick and apparently rash decisions in the near past. Now you can start to relax. They will turn out all right, or at least, you will get reliable opportunities for course-correction.
Health can steadily improve if you insist on practising calmness.

If you were born between October 13th and October 22nd, inclusive, you are starting your new year with a very good idea of why things were the way they were… so you are, of all Librans, the calmest. The only rub could be if you are uneasy in retrospect, which is a completely unnecessary exercise. If you already can see the logic behind the way things had turned out, then you are empowered to use that knowledge to your benefit… something you were not, earlier. And the deepening sense of stabilisation as the year passes can only enhance that empowerment. However, if you are thinking that having understood things is enough, then the year ahead may sometimes frustrate you with its apparent slowness and rigidity. Do, then, recall this word, “apparent”. If the paradigm that All is Well, is correct, then this slowness is not random, and perhaps more necessary than you can fathom right now. So, expand your consciousness when you become aware of wanting to speed up, and check what it is in your life that is asking for time to grow. Health will be as good as you treat yourself.

Have a totally awesome year, dear Librans, of gentle being!!!

The Law of Attraction and Cancerians!!!


139639Happy Birth Anniversary, Cancerians!!!   Cancer





The year ahead for you is filled with the possibilities of gentleness, grace and kindness… and how does it get better than that! It would be practical to notice that these possibilities are qualitative in nature, and thus, need to be applied to be received. Your relationships, whether personal, work-related, or with issues, will be in the spotlight, and you will be able to do wonders with them. Actually, and amazingly, you are entering a phase where you can simply love your cantankerous food-blender back into gently purring action! And this is not tongue-in-cheek. You, dear Cancerians, are at a zone where you will be able to see the Law of Attraction in action.
Romance is also in the air. If you are already in a relationship, you will experience the changeover period into the next stage with much clarity and feeling. If you are not seeing anyone, you will likely find interesting people hovering in your vicinity. And if you are committed, then you might even want challenging things to happen in your interaction! Passion is low, but romance is high.
Monetarily, you will be rather interested in the things that money can buy and how good they can make you feel. So expenditure is certainly a climbing possibility! It can be a very good thing if what you are spending on has some long-lasting value to you, as well.
If you are born between June 21st and July 1st, inclusive, the year ahead is especially good for you. You will find your own nature encouraged to be and much endearing response from people when you are your natural self. Beware of letting it get to your head, though, and allow this grace to flood your heart, instead. Encourage yourself to play with numbers, to sharpen your memory and to practise kindness without a reason. Much blessings will shower on you.
If you are born between July 2nd and July 11th, inclusive, then you are going to have an advantage over others in managing groups and people-oriented activities through your powers of relating, understanding and graciousness. If it in not at work, then extended families at home will love you for your particular brand of charm, this year. Perhaps you could study up a bit on group and community psychology to enhance your natural abilities.
If you are born between July 12th and July 21st, inclusive, then you are most likely to encounter romantic liaisons. The idea of romance carries a subliminal text of commitment, so know that you are not ready for it, yet. You could be attached, unattached or committed, and each of these states carry their own conditions within, which have to be reconciled with Romance, then. The most relaxed way for all of you to enjoy this energy, then, is to fall in love with yourself… and what a beautiful potential that is!

On the flip side, watch out for wanting to be self-centred at the cost of close relationships, wanting to indulge at the cost of health, and insisting on damming the flow of energy. Be alert, and the going is good.

Much blessings and happiness come your way!!!