Personally Awesome!….. LEO, 2017

Happy Birth Anniversary, dear Leo! 

You are moving into a period of doing well for and by yourself, and does anything seem better than that!

Specifically, for most mature Leos, you have been going through a period of making well-planned and strategic moves with an end-goal in mind. Perhaps, you have identified the house you want for your family, and you are doing and planning in all manners to make that a reality. Or perhaps you have decided to marry, and you are making the lifestyle changes this commitment would require…
In all of this, you are also discovering yourself anew. At least, you have had the chance to. While this sounds very elevated, in reality you are far more conscious of the amount of effort that has gone in since the past couple of years or so, than focusing on something as generic as self-discovery.

The good news is that, in very real terms, you will now have opportunities to check every move of yours for what it personally means to you, and how you are thus impacted by it. For example, you have been arranging to let go of some habits in order to please the one you will marry… and now you will have a checkpoint to find out whether letting go looks like denial, and pleasing a loved one looks like catering to whims. While this could be tough exercise for some, you are going to find the process very invigorating and powerful.

So, more power to you!

For those born on or between 22nd July and 1st August:
You naturally have an endowment of discipline, and so, any need that will arise of cross-checking your earlier premises will be wrapped up in a bit of drama. You are sure of yourself, so you might assume that you knew everything you needed to, when you had started on this particular path. However, be patient, for what you will come to know now can empower you in a very deep and subtle manner. For good health, keep moving and allow no congestion to build up. Finances will be good.

For those born on or between 2nd August and 11th August:
You have an inherent ability to take charge of things, whether for others or for your own life. This ability will now stand you in very good stead. In the next twelve months, you will be able to make very constructive and fruitful corrections in your course. With this understanding operative, do cut yourself some slack in allowing the need for correction when it does occur. You will be elated with the results. Good health will require you to now identify and encourage only those habits that you already know are beneficial for you, and change the ones that are not. Finances will be good, with an increase in expenditure.

For those born on or between 12th August and 22nd August:
You, of all your Leo brethren, are the most motivated. This year, you will discover, learn and train yourself in new ways of using your motivated self. There are very specific ways in which you will do this, and they include taking into account those very factors that you would generally have ignored. You will discover that some of them will make unexpected changes in your opinions. Broadly speaking, expect the hitherto unexpected. Good health will need you to now seriously develop a mindfulness practice as routine. Finances will be good, with increased expenses.

Have a radiant year ahead!


“It’s A New Way….!”…. LEO


MundaneLeo Tarot update for the year ahead for Leo!happy-birthday-picture-wallpaper

Happy Birth Anniversary, dear Leonis!

Hey, this you should know upfront, that life is going to feel, or seem, or appear to be rather different…. once you have started your year ahead! Is that good or bad, you ask? Well, good, I say, because…. Read on!

Certain things in your life have reached a level of static. Kind of plateau. It doesn’t seem to be a bad thing at all, as the returns from them are quite high. And now, things are about to change, but not those things! How wonderful is that!

At least, those parts of your life that are already moving on well-oiled wheels, including those that have you work hard to keep them that way, will keep moving the way you have come to expect. For the most part. That’s a relief. 

And now a few changes are going to blow in that will energise you and have some of you become rather active. It would generally suit you to have your level of activity raised. It would be as though your future is sending you enough energy for you to hurry upnand be there already! Some of the changes will present themselves as intellectual newness, perhaps challenges… And for some Leos, it will be a year-long engagement. In all, it will be quite more exciting than the past few months. For details, see below….

For those born on or between 22nd July and 1st August:

Of course, there will be a surprising and sudden rush of energy in your system when you have crossed your birthday. Good for you, as any strain and chaffing you may have felt for some time past, will now leave. You will have just the right amount of intellectual fun that you would enjoy, and for some time…. hopefully, for a long enough time before the nest change arrives, you will remain happily conscious of your own brightness, dynamism and charisma. Need for physical activity may increase, so allow your health to keep pace with that. Finances will not grow, but can remain stable and can also have very fruitful expenses. Overall, a year you will vastly enjoy and feel vindicated.

For those born on or between 2nd August and 11th August:

The breath of fresh energy that is now coming towards you will cause two major changes in your life this year. Firstly, you will need to take charge of yourself far more than earlier. So, if you were dependent on another for anything, you will now find yourself doing those things, and rather well, at that. Secondly, this change may encourage your competitive feelings. It would do you good to also remember that  healthy competition is exciting and fun, but not necessary to validate yourself. Occasionally, stop and take stock of your own awesome self. Health will benefit from specifically health-oriented activity, and not just hard work! Expenses will increase, but not too much.

For those born on or between 12th August and 22nd August:

The new energy influencing you this year will demand your creative abilities come out to the fore, whether at play or at work. Earlier, you have had a good run of supportive understanding from most people around you. Now, you may feel you are running on your own, in a good, strong way. And while you do, you may need to come up with clever strategies to win the day. If you perchance don’t enjoy these challenges, remind yourself of what you have already learnt in the past, and utilise that wisdom. If you do enjoy these moments of challenge, then I am already feeling very glad for you, as they will hold surprising victories for you! Some amount of calming and grounding exercises need to be now included in your healthcare. Expenses mount, so make them happy for you.

All is so very well!!!

LEO, “… and the dots connecting… in the future!”

Mundane Tarot update for the year ahead for Leo! Leo

happybirthday3Happy Birth Anniversary, dear Leos!

You know you are dynamic, you know you are attractive… and you also suspect that it would be pretty good to be loved and appreciated. And if I tell you, you are… much loved and appreciated for what you are, and that what you are is unique… you are also going to go into a spin, wanting to believe, knowing it is true, and yet wondering whether I am offering platitudes and beatitudes.
So, here is an invitation…

I invite you to stop doubting, and for a moment, choose to step into believing. And this is what you will get when you believe…

The year ahead, starting on your birthday, is one that promises to bring you to that which you exactly need to delight your heart. The only gateway is “believe”. If you can believe that appreciation exists… you will see that it is happily given for your being, and what you are doing in the moment could change in another moment, but your being remains the way it is, full of divine potential.

So, for some time past, you have been dealing with issues from your past that seem to be dampening your efforts to move forward. And yet, those issues by themselves were no big deal. If you were to describe them, they certainly seem too small or insignificant to splinter your splendour. On the other hand, and this you have tried, if you were to push ahead in spite of those issues, it feels weighted and effortful.
Now, you are standing at the brink of clarity. And this is where it starts….
It is not in those issues that the weight exists. It is in the impact they have had on you. It is in the way they have made you feel about yourself… whether good, or doubting. It yet drags you down because you could not be sure. And you would love to be SURE, wouldn’t you!

So, this is your way forward… Of all the things in your recent past, choose those which made you feel good about yourself. Never mind if it is just one amongst many, or one aspect in a multi-faceted situation or person. Just choose that which had made you feel good in the past, and stay with that feeling.
What will happen, then?
As promised, this year, then, will show up for you everything that will agree with that feeling of yours. Everything that will happen will validate, in all manner, just how awesome you are. You will be surprised at its insidiousness… it will practically permeate your life! And it will promise to grow much, much more!
Caveat? Yes. Catch hold of your feel-good, as mentioned earlier, and keep your hold on it. Don’t let go of it, all through the year. If it is small, even tiny… it is Tinker-Bell! It will grow, as surely as the next day arrives. If it is relatively larger, then dear Leo, you are on your way to your personal superstardom!

How does it get better than that!!!

For those born on or between 22nd July and 1st August:
Your natural tendency to be very active within a certain set of rules may have made you feel chaffed and raw when those rules have not cracked up as all that supportive of you, in the recent past. Your feelings were hurt, and if so, it all stands to change, right now. You will, this year, receive just the validation you need to restore pride and dignity for your feelings. You will actually fare the best among all the other king cats, so here’s to you! Just a word of advice to hold your rudder steady… it is your own “feeling” on which you need to keep your focus. Don’t try to wrestle with ideas or with yes-folks, however benign they seem.
Health will respond very well to lots of tender, loving care. Finances will find a way to grow, though you need to be patient.

For those born on or between 2nd August and 11th August:
Your natural tendency to grow all of your good ideas would have had some hiccups in the recent past, but this you have better than all your brother Leos… You have a pretty good idea of what works and what does not. In fact, your understanding has developed by leaps and bounds because of the obstacles you have faced earlier. From this moment onwards, however, there are two key things you have to make a part of your game plan of progress. Firstly, those who are unwilling to go along with you are not your enemies; they are just folks of a different understanding. And secondly, there is far more profit for you in pleasing others, than there is in trying to establish your correctness. Don’t try to convert others to your fellowship. Instead, use your immense talent to serve them such that they yearn for your fellowship. How is that for a winning stroke!!
Health will be good if you focus on identifying what pleases you for yourself, and not on what pleases you to have the world believe. Finances will see a moderate improvement, mainly because this is a skill-building year.

For those born on or between 12th August and 22nd August:
Your natural tendency to take action through responding to situations have landed you in unpleasant soups in the past. This year, be prepared to see an improvement. You will need to work for that improvement, simply because you find a lot of blessings in the effort you are capable of putting in. If you decide to work smart, rather than working hard, here is your year’s best tip… Use as stimulus for action those behaviours of others which make you happy, and conscientiously, ignore those behaviours that stir you to anger. This is not to keep you away from exercising your morality, but to set you upon the path that will profit you, and take you out of precisely those messes for which you have no further use. Cheers!
Health will benefit from applying experts’ advice tailored to you. Finances will be moderately even… no surprises, there.

Things just got a smashing lot better!!!

The Wonderful Wizard of LEOs!!!











The year ahead for Leo (July 22- August 22)…

Imagine this scenario…
Gandalf stands at the edge of Middle Earth, wondering how in all magic’s name would his desire for supremacy conjure up something like the Dark Lord!
Get it? If you want to be strong, you will need something to be strong about… else what use strength! So, it is really, really important to understand what it is that you desire and why you desire it so… my dear Leos!
Many things in your life have reached completion, whether in the exact way you have wanted, or not… and all through this year, you will come to encounter this fact. Along with acknowledging completion, this year also encourages you to be absolutely clear about what you want and why you want it, so that when you get it, it is easier for you to understand how energy works. I hope you notice that I say “when you get it..” not “if…”; this would mean that you are on the way of getting everything you have wanted or are now wanting. How you would get stuff is already taken care of, so just trust. It is possible that you may get into analysing what trust means, so also look at the possibility that trust is about the self. Do look after your health, where the good news is that you will respond fabulously to healing if the need has arisen. Additionally, a lot of your unwell may stem from finding yourself ungrounded, and emotional in ways you are not comfortable. The way for you to handle this is to try to rationalise any overwhelm that you may feel. When you sit down and think things through, you will find that all is well.

For those born on and between July 22nd and August 1:
Of course, as with all Leos, you are going to encounter your wishes being fulfilled. This seems like a fairy tale to everybody… only, some believe and some don’t and yet others vacillate. It will be a struggle for you to see that what you now hold in your hand is something that you had earlier asked for. However, the point will not be that you have been delivered a mistaken gift. The point will be to ascertain how you have changed in the time it took for your desire to manifest. Or more to the point, check to see what you had earlier not accounted for, that has shown up. All this exercise is for a very, very awesome reason, if you can be patient enough. It is so that you can utilise the universal process with increasing exactitude… and be able to enjoy what you get, instead of becoming frustrated.
Watch out for that last one… frustration. The time is now for you to use that emotion as a tool to research into the nature of that which causes it in you.
Health will be as good as you take care of it. The Divine has your back, so do return the favour!

For those born on and between August 2nd and August 11th:
You, perhaps, of all Leos are best equipped to deal with this year’s energies. You are likely to understand the potential awesomeness behind scenes. Have patience and calm down if you feel disturbed by events, because you are divinely supported in grasping the ramifications and turning the situation around to suit your personality. And, when you have done that, you would feel and be seen as a hero… even though there aren’t those victory laps visible in all contexts. Honestly, you have the chance to crack some such serious manifestations, that you could become matter for future examples. All that you have to remember, consistently, repeatedly… is most often, what you get and what you see are veils for what really is. If you are equipped to be great, what’s stopping you?
Your health will be fairly good, and you will prove to be resilient.

For those born on and between August 12th and August 22nd:
As with your brethren Leos, a promising year and a delivering year… only, I implore you to take any aggression you may feel down by a notch or six! You see, not all things are accomplished by force. And your force is actually your power, in misdemeanour mode. Why would you be inventing a complicated tool to flip the fry in your pan, when you can learn to just flick your wrist? Bring your great energy and enthusiasm to work for you, instead, on actually manifesting with precision and speed, whatever it is that you now want. And the most effective way to succeed now is, yes, as the elders say, learn from your mistakes. If you do, the very least that is promised to you is a landmark year ahead. So look beyond trials and see the opportunity they present you with to up your shine!
Health will be fairly good, more out of your determination than for a lack of bugs around… but that, too, is great!

Have a very fulfilling year ahead, my dear Leos!

Happy Birth Anniversary, Dear AUGUST-Borns!!!



                                                                               The August Ones…!!! Happy Birth Anniversary! happy-birthday-todd-lowe-L-i2MGNR

The year ahead for you promises to be vastly different from where you have been up until now, unless of course, you are doing the same things over and over again, and are pretty sure that this is where you would like to be! Even under such circumstances, you are going to feel little twinges that would pull you towards newness… but, there you are, then!

This year is of your signature emotional bonding in everything that you do. You can do things because you like the way you feel when you are doing them. Or you could be doing them because your feelings prod you into doing them. If you keep your awareness open, you will see that your activities are being led by your feelings. And this is a strong aspect.
Thus, feelings of well-being can help you focus on taking the action that ensures that well-being. Feelings that are not so good for you, can help you decide to follow those that are better for you. Good going, eh?
Now, the shadow…
Beware of ignoring the feelings of others to amplify your own. It will not give you your desired result, simply because the other is a reflection of the self. If you are in a situation where your feelings are in contradiction to those of others in the same space, it is time to stop and ponder. It is time to discuss the contradiction and understand it, rather than express your feeling in a surge of force. Do not feel challenged that you will be undermined and you will lose. You won’t… if you exercise patience. According to Universal Laws, all paradoxes reconcile. So, if you experience conflict, stop, wait, observe the conflict and you will be able to discern the direction of the flow of energy.

This was the tone of the experience your year coming up may hold for you. Other than that, you can have as much fun as you want to. The going is good. Finances may be better in spending, and spending consciously, rather than either saving or splurging. For the career-conscious, the key to betterment will lie in maintaining relationships with honour. And in the domain of personal relationships, you could roll in the flow, if you keep a close watch that you do not lose your grip on being considerate.

As you can see, dear August-borns, you are going to have yourselves an awesome year ahead! Enjoy yourselves!!!