PISCES: The Winner Takes It All!

Mundane Tarot update for the year ahead for Pisces…

Happy Birth Anniversary!

The theme of this year for you is about changes… sometimes ushering them in on your own steam, and other times, being receptive to the shifts in circumstances. It will be particularly helpful if you have been mulling over different options. There will be a sure road taking you in the direction of the most likely choice. Of course, it will help you to be open and real. Idealising that option which is not clear or which has less information about it will not necessarily make it the best choice. So keep your senses alert enough, and your sense of self firmly in place, too.
Have an exciting year ahead!

For those born on or between 19th February and 29th February:
This year promises to answer many of your questions and puzzles. On that good note, you must also remember that patience is a virtue that will come especially handy now, as you allow the answers to unfold through your life’s circumstances. You are already capable of holding visions for your future and moving towards them. Make your efforts count by taking those actions that are informed and inclusive, whether you are trying them for the first time, or not. Relationships will thrive with as much change you can sustainably introduce.
Health will benefit from motivated building of speed, in all activities, within your reasonable limits.
Finances may be surprising, but responsive to cautious habits and care.

For those born on or between 1st March and 10th March:
This year’s plethora of changes will be surprisingly amenable to your will. For this blessing to be fully effective, do make sure you know what you want and also inform yourself about indirect approaches. Will does not mean stubbornness. Sometimes, it will be alright to consult with or take advice from subject matter experts… knowing that the decision of action is still yours. Of course, take action on everything that is awaiting your attention. Immediacy is the name of the game this year, for you.
Health will benefit from routine physical workouts and moderation in diet.
Finances will be exciting, though easily controlled by you.

For those born on or between 11th March and 20th March:
This year offers you much active and assertive energy. All that you have learned about yourself these past few years will form the basis of all the action you shall take. So, take time to think and plan, as well, as you go along from one activity peak to the next. There is a lot that you will be able to accomplish, especially in matters that have already showed up on your radar some time ago. Be kind to others through your personal blitz.
Health will benefit from moderation in all aspects of your life.
Finances will be only slightly fluctuating, though well within your control.

How does it get better than that!

AQUARIUS: Surrender To Peace!!!

Mundane Tarot update for the year ahead for Aquarius…

Happy Birth Anniversary!!

This year will bring to you a strange and miraculous opportunity… and as with all miracles, this, too, will slide in and rearrange your life while you would be busy living it! Of course, the tone of life is different for different age-groups, however… most Aquarius people will experience the reset button being pressed, whether they are aware of it or not. Especially in aspects of your life where you have been working towards achieving something and things are still not panning out according to your ideation, you will experience a stop and a change of direction which is completely new. Be open, hold your ideas lightly, and don’t resist surprise adjustments, because these adjustments are meant to take you to your goals, eventually. Sometimes, we are not the person we imagine ourselves to be. And in order to become so, this year, allow the universe to respond to what you have asked for a long time ago!

For those born on or between 20th January and 29th January:
This year promises to teach you about trust, openness to learning and true self-love. You are significant and important just by virtue of being born. You do not have to impose ideals, goals and perfections on yourself, simply because you are all of them, anyway. Your year ahead will show you in many, many ways that your individuality is a key component in the larger picture. Along with that, you will also see that you are not supposed to be on top of everything that is going on in your life. You will see that other people have as much a role to play, and perhaps, all our roles are interlaced! Practically speaking, not much will be very different than usual, but those small things that will shift and reorder themselves will change the whole picture for you, going forward.
Health will benefit from care that is deeply familiar to you, possibly inherited practices.
Finances will be fair and correct, even if you occasionally feel troubled.

For those born on or between 30th January and 8th February:
This year foretells much interesting shifts and adjustments in your life. You will become aware of them after they have settled in, which means that you will not be intending to make any major changes. If you do, you might succeed, but then again, you might not, as life has other, bigger, better plans for you. You do have the strength to endure much intensity, but you won’t need to bring that into play, as things will navigate themselves invisibly, most of the time. If you want, you can consciously focus on bringing in or restarting some kind of spiritual practice, one that you can rely on and surrender into… In fact, this could be something that you would retrospect gratefully about, in the years to come.
Health will benefit from bringing focus and containment into your self-care practices.
Finances will be reliable and fair.

For those born on or between 9th February and 18th February:
This year will offer you golden opportunities to plan for long-term goals, and will also make sure you have enough time and space to figure out whether you genuinely desire those goals or they are knee-jerks from the life you have been living since the past few years. In short, you will have plenty of time. If you can understand time as a resource, you will be able to then shift your gaze from short-term activities than do not seem to be successful. If so, learn to drop them and pull your energy back into yourself, and utilise what you have to know yourself better and better. Outwardly, things would look slow and uninteresting… but inwardly, it is time for you to prepare the map for the next stage of your life. You need this time of reflection.
Health will benefit from practising self-care routines which are familiar and including variety in them.
Finances are fairly stable.

How does life get better than that!!!

CAPRICORN: Magick Of Effort!

Mundane Tarot update for the year ahead for Capricorn….

Happy Birth Anniversary!!!

Just a little further on… carry on, dear Capricorn! You have been working on a few things for some time now. What you are expecting to be on their last stage may yet need a few more moments of your dedicated attention. It is worth noting that what seems about to complete is generally good enough, but for you, it may not be as such. Put in a little more of your energy and you will have invested your unique signature into it. And additionally, with some tweaking, you will be better pleased with the outcome of your protracted labour!

For those born on or between 22nd December and 30th December:
This promises to be an interesting year for you. For each bit of wisdom you have garnered for yourself in your life, you will now encounter a counter-rationale, which can be your stepping stone to a higher purpose, if you so choose. Sometimes, you may need to check the veracity of that higher purpose, but most times, you can roll with this new learning, and be elevated. Not everything will be immediately applicable. Use your discernment, not your sense of humbleness.
Health will benefit from following established and evaluated practices of exercise, diet and relaxation that personally fit you.
Finances will be correct, fair and responsive to your efforts.

For those born on or between 31st December and 9th January:
This year will offer you much and more in terms of learning how to deal with yourself in the most unexpected of situations. It is a marvellous opportunity to experience your authenticity as your compass. It is not always that the brightest light on the horizon is the sun, but it is always that the truest feeling within you is your own spirit. The point of obstacles is in overcoming them, and how well-placed you indeed are to do such work this year!
Health will benefit from acting upon repressed dreams and forgotten symphonies. Remember to connect with your breath.
Finances will be responsive to new and logical efforts, as well as to old pathways.

For those born on or between 10th January and 19th January:
This year will bring you loads of opportunities for correcting everything that you think needs it. Not everything is a mistake, and yet, there may be better ways of approach on your mind. That is entirely valid. Do watch out for unnecessary activities, though, as your energy and dedication are precious resources. If you have new ideas you wish to now try out, market research will be far more helpful at this time, than ever before. Eventually, you must learn to trust yourself as a part of the whole.
Healthwise, buckling down into a tried and tested routine will be very effective.
Finances will be fluctuating, but good, overall.

How does it get better than that!!!

SAGITTARIUS: On Being Human!!!

Mundane Tarot update for the year ahead for Sagittarius…

Happy Birth Anniversary!

This year promises for you an active and dynamic reconnection with your tangible and palpable resources and everything that you know matters to you! Sometimes, this may appear like correcting of course, or paying attention to minutiae. More often, though, grace will flow to make you aware of what offers you the energy to go on and ahead, as well as awareness of the lineage of energy you represent at your current time. In your quest to look for your personal grail, this year is about all that supports you and makes your journey possible. You will also be able to experiment with pacing yourself, for the better.

For those born on or between 23rd November and 2nd December:
A marvellous year to sift and sort through all plans that you have made for your future, and to put into motion those that are ripe and sensible! As all good gardeners know, then, to prune and discard the insensible would augment the resources that are available for you. Be alert that you don’t discard those ideas that are merely long-term, because not every tree is ready yet. However, for those ideas whose time has come, commune with them to gather what they need in order to become fruitful for you.
Your health will benefit from deciding to experiment less and follow the predictable routine more diligently, with a gentle slowing down of pace.
Finances will be good. Invest and save what you can, however little.

For those born on or between 3rd December and 12th December:
A year that offers you a sustained and sustainable opportunity to experiment with unexplored facets of your personality! For example, it would be quite happily surprising for you to discover what could happen if you stop leading, and instead follow, stop warring, and instead surrender, stop pushing ahead, and instead ask for help. It may even delight you to discover treasures along paths you had earlier refused. Of course, be discerning in what you try. Yet, try the untried, in all your wisdom. You may find that you don’t win any longer, but you gain!
Your health will benefit from trying gentle and sustainable changes that suit your general self-care routine. Lower your pace.
Finances will be on an even keel, and you can easily invest in your self-improvement plans.

For those born on or between 13th December and 21st December:
A year that will nudge you to relinquish what is not yours to carry, and further to walk free and unencumbered, for a while! What happens if you break down your larger plans into smaller actions? There will still be enough to do. Additionally, you will find helping hands along the way, just to tide you over the current part of your journey. And in this allowing, you are going to make some new, worthy and fast friends. Allow this to happen, and some years later, you will look back at this time and revel in the way your life changed!
Your health will benefit from consciously decreasing overall physical activity and focussing on genuine feel-good factors.
Finances will be stable. Invest in your self-improvement relevant to the present times.

How does it get better than that!

SCORPIO: Ride The Wave!!!

Mundane Tarot update for the year ahead for Scorpio…

Happy Birth Anniversary!

A special year, if ever there was one! Dear Scorpios, be prepared, if you can, for a surge of energy that is going to push into squarely into paths you would have been contemplating since a few years. It would be a great idea to go with the flow as has been arranged by the Universe. Of course, there will be hitches and turns that displease you, but please remember that the plan for you holds the larger picture of your life, and so, some short-term irritants can well be tided over. The journey from contemplation to productive action is bound to hold some drama!

For those born on or between 23rd October and 1st November:
This year is likely to hold you in a space of being fearlessly authentic. That means there will be very little that can intimidate you, and make you defensive. On the flip side, you might feel the need to get on the offensive. However, those would be fleeting and temporary moments, and it will be beneficial for you to consider whether the battle is worth the effort. Since this year also offers you the possibility of transforming your life itself, that could be a better and long-term effort with which you would prefer to engage. Get into the action. There is nothing to fear!
Your health will benefit from both intense physical exercises, as well as prolonged contemplative meditation. Do strike a suitable balance.
Finances will be responsive to your proactive streak. Decide wisely.

For those born on or between 2nd November and 12th November:
This year offers you a wonderful rush of opportunities as well as suitable energy within you to meet every one of them. It is alright to pick and choose; however, the older among you will not need to spend much time in choosing. You know what you have wanted for quite some time, and now is the time to go for them. Perhaps, every single one of them! Why hold yourself back? There will be enough time to rest and recover once things are on their way. For now, step into the commitment necessary and lead your life along the channels that show up to success!
Your health will benefit from moderation in every aspect of self-care. Exercise, eat well, rest, take holidays, learn new things… all at a moderate pace.
Finances will be fair, and responsive to long-term vision. A good year to build savings.

For those born on or between 13th November and 22nd November:
This year offers you much and many adventures through opportunities that can and will take you by surprise. If you are ready to make changes in your life, take some time to ponder on the opportunities that will present themselves. Some may not make sense, and some certainly will. It is alright to pick and choose with what you would engage. However, make sure you take as little time as possible for you, for this evaluation. It is not that you would miss a chance and need to hurry… but it is such that there would be so many paths and journeys to consider that you may want to take them all! Try and be fearless, but also honour your intrinsic sense of caution.
Your health will benefit from trying out small doses of self-care you have never tried before. Do continue with your routine, though.
Finances will be good. A good year to invest, save and spend on yourself.

How does it get better than that!!!

LIBRA: Progress Is Yours!

Mundane Tarot update for Libra for the year ahead…

Happy Birth Anniversary!

The year ahead promises to bring to you ventures that are collaborative and part of a larger picture. So, those of you who are already contemplating saving the world, perhaps your time has come! This is not really sarcasm… who wouldn’t want to be a hero, after all! If we need opportunity, then dear Libra, you are going to have opportunities by the gallons! Is there a caveat? Yes. How much you can believe in the worth of what you are doing, and how present you are to the ground reality of your engagement will be crucial in making movements forward. Keep going…

For those born on or between 23rd September and 2nd October:
This year, you will accomplish as much as you allow yourself to. Sometimes, you will need to surrender to other people’s practicality. At other times, you will wonder whether you are on the right track. Through all these times, you would do well to remember that there is indeed a larger picture behind all smaller pictures. Look for meaning in your exact scope of action, and don’t worry or fret over what others are doing. Even if you are responsible for a team. Eventually, it will all come together.
Your health will benefit from short and regular intense exercises, and long breaks when possible.
Finances are fair and just. There is no cause for long-term worry.

For those born on or between 3rd October and 12th October:
This year will show you ways in which you can focus on doing the right thing. Be prepared that sometimes, the right thing to do may seem too small to be effective, or too grand to be sensible. However, in the surrender mode, you will find how meaningful everything can be, once you allow it. You don’t have to have all the answers, and learning from others is also elevating. Try to consider that your zone of control is limited to what you are capable of doing. Allow for differences… in knowledge, approach, talents. As you are needed by life, so is everybody else. It would be nice for you if you could consider relaxing your attitude to as much amiability as is possible for you.
Your health will benefit from adopting a few diet and exercise routines which are effective, but you haven’t been allowing into your life.
Finances are on an even keel. There is enough.

For those born on or between 13th October and 22nd October:
This year will offer you chances to step back and view others making great progress in ways you had not imagined possible. Let this phenomenon inspire you to believe that you, like everybody else, are the gatekeeper of your own uniqueness. What you bring to the table is wholly and fully valid as your way… not the only way. Do wait for results to show whether anybody is mistaken, and then you stand to be surprised how little of life is a mistake. You are excellent at what you do, so keep your focus on just that. This is also a good habit to develop.
Your health will benefit from some serious regularisation of your diet and exercise routine. They don’t have to be intense, prolonged or goal-oriented. They just need to be regular. As clockwork.
Finances are visibly effective. You will get what you aim to get.

How does it get better than that!!!

VIRGO: Raise the Bar!

Mundane Tarot update for the year ahead for Virgo…

Happy Birth Anniversary!

You have a lot to which you can look forward, this year, dear Virgo! As you begin your year on your birthday, sometimes slowly, but certainly, and surely, you will see distinct improvements in your life, especially in those areas and aspects where you decide to be proactive. You love order and harmony, and you are willing to contribute your bit to it, if everybody else will, too…. Now, you have an opportunity to lead by example, and yes, you are going to do a marvellous job of it! Do set your goals and plan out your action steps as soon as you can, dear Virgo. You are about to start a year full of achievements, once the steps are taken!

For those born on or between 23rd August and 1st September:
You can be assured of just as much success as you put in effort, this year. The best part is that your effort itself will be inspired, uplifted and quite on the verge of genius! Make sure you take enough time to set correct and informed action plans for every goal that you set your sights on… whether long-term or short. This approach is set to prove exemplary for you. As you will see when the year rolls out, success will become your trademark. Good luck!
Health will benefit from dedicated time-out in a regular and patient manner, along with good care to diet.
Finances will be stable, and now is a good time to invest in your future.

For those born on or between 2nd September and 11th September:
Since your year ahead is filled with so much energy of success, it would be a good idea for you to take time and set goals that are personally and deeply relevant to you. You do not need to get diverted by ideals as an ideal life is a process and your living it is the making of it. Instead, assume that what you want for yourself to make your life more fulfilling for you, will inevitably bring improvement to all who are connected to you, and so on. Aim for what you hold dearest, without inhibition. And then set your plan of action for those goals. It is alright to take your time; when you are sure, you will be quick.
Health will benefit from planned and regular physical activities, along with active time-out phases. Don’t malinger.
Finances will be good, stable and progressing. If you want to invest, look for short-term ideas.

For those born on or between 12th September and 22nd September:
Due to specific and startling good energy, your usual attitude of making the best of what you have, has just now received a booster shot! What are you going to do, if all that you have is already the best that is there? Become a leading light, that is what. Whether you live in the limelight, or you are a recluse out of choice, habit or heredity… whatever you do this year is going to set an example of how things need to be done, for all who would be watching you. You don’t have to try at all; it will come naturally to you. What you can do to enhance and circulate the good vibe is to be aware and present in all the moments you live through. Be easy on yourself and you can’t go wrong.
Health will benefit from moderation and from having a care regimen that is familiar to you.
Finances will be stable, and promising to increase in savings, if you work at it.

How does it get better than that!

LEO: The Year of Grace!

Mundane Tarot update for the year ahead for Leo…

Happy Birth Anniversary!

Should we say, be prepared for surprises!
This year is going to hold open doors of opportunities for you, especially in places where you would not think of looking. The best way to be prepared, then, is to hold your own peace and keep your senses primed. If you have had a secret desire for a few years, something that you would dearly love to experience in your life… whether a new project, or a secondary income, or a new skill or relationship… now, here is the time! There is not much you need to do for it, except be present and willing to engage when things do start to move. Perhaps, a maxim to guide you through the next twelve months would be “Trust, and surrender!”

For those born on or between 22nd July and 1st August:
A good year. It will be easy for you to learn that not everything needs to be in your control, and when you show up with a beginner’s mind, there is some bounty waiting to enrich you. Certain new engagements, at work or personal, will be interesting. Not all require you to take charge, so just hang around and watch how things develop. If you have a particular goal you would like to achieve, be prepared to work at the nuts and bolts right from the word go. However, do wait for the correct indicators to show up before you start working on it.
Health will benefit from stepping back into a slower pace of life, and more of cardio exercises.
Finances will be fair and more or less predictable.

For those born on or between 2nd August and 11th August:
A year of grace. Often, you may balk at what you could be going through, and you may think you could have done it better, if only… This year, good things happen in surrendering, especially to the apparently mundane and humdrum. You will be glad of this year in retrospect, so now knowing that up ahead, make a noble attempt to allow things to flow as they are wont. It would help you proceed if you take up learning a skill, this year. In general, be present and observant, but decide to not engage until you are asked. You will have enough on your plate, anyway. And you will be gladder and merrier as time passes down the year!
Health will benefit from introducing conscious moderation at both work and play. Cultivate listening, as a healthful practice.
Finances will occasionally appear challenging but will work itself out without much effort.

For those born on or between 12th August and 22nd August:
A year of opportunities. You are able to hold many varieties of opinions of your world in you, simultaneously. To this end, you generate awesome amounts of energy. This year, you will encounter invitations to put some of your battles down. And there will be other invitations of learning to look at things in a new, possibly more pleasurable or easy way. Also, there will be opportunities to recognise your ability to slow down and pace yourself. In retrospect, you will find this year to be the one where you found new meaning to your life. In progression, all you have to bring to the table is the willingness to put down arms and relax. Much of the other things will take care of themselves.
Health will benefit from scaling down all activities to a pleasurable level, and scaling up anything in which you develop an interest or curiosity.
Finances will be easier than expected. Expenditures and income will match, provided you help with being circumspect.

How does it get better than that!!!

CANCER: As The Wheel Turns…!!!

Mundane Tarot update for Cancerians for the year ahead…

Happy Birth Anniversary!

It is fair time that now you get to look forward to the coming days! Perhaps, you have been waiting for this turn of tide, in which case, you are happily served. If you have been cruising along well enough, you would still be gifted with increasing stability in the coming days.
Stability is a concept dear to the human understanding. However you define it in your personal space, this coming year will offer you opportunities to clarify for yourself the stability that you want in your life.

For those born on or between 21st June and 1st July:
You have very certain notions of what you want in your life. This trait is excellent so far as you set out to achieve them. However, it is possible that these past few years have been showing you that not all of what you want has lasting worth. And this year, you are in the perfect place to understand what is worthy of your continued attention and how you can find the perfect alignment of desire and value. Be patient. It is a growing business!
Health will benefit from understanding and aligning with your body’s needs, whether rest, activity or dietary changes.
Finances will be good, with money-making opportunities popping up.

For those born on or between 2nd July and 11th July:
Your ability to build meaningful connections ensures that you have a lot of people in your life. Now is the time that you look into how each person has enriched and added value to your journey. All have, in a manner of speaking. However, at this time, there is need for you to choose to develop consistency and acceptance as hallmarks of those relationships that will endure and enhance your life experience. It would be a good idea to make this year about yourself. Focus on your own nourishment, and trust that this is not an act of selfishness.
Health will benefit from slowing down your pace to have and do only what you need; this is something that you decide for yourself.
Finances will be good; there is benefit in increasing savings.

For those born on or between 12th July and 21st July:
You are blessed with the ability to achieve. However, for a few turns, you might have noticed that achieving has become a slippery slope. This year, from your birthday onwards, you will have opportunities to change your perspective in such a manner that what you now aim for will change quite noticeably. There may even be some dramatic movements that you will make. It will be as though you are a different person, for yourself and for those close to you. Most significantly, you will be able to make each of your steps count. It is important that you relax your mind and entertain new ideas.
Health will benefit from brisk physical activities of choice, and from learning new things.
Finance will be good; lessening whimsical expenditure will be an added benefit.

How does it get better than that!!!

GEMINI: Your New Tango!!

Mundane Tarot update for Gemini for the year ahead…

Happy Birth Anniversary, dear Gemini!

Such a wise, helpful year you have to look forward to experiencing! Surely, somebody up there loves you…
The special promise for you this year is that you will be able to, consciously or unknowingly, move towards restoring an ideal state to every aspect of your life. If you are feeling paralysed, you will be able to unfreeze and get back up. If you are feeling challenged, you will be able to fall back upon your ability to achieve. If you are rushing too fast, even for your speedy mind, you will be able to summon a slower phase. Resources, as well as guidance will be available for you in the more conventional manners and places, and will be helpful. Would you be open to receiving? I wager, yes!

For those born on or between 21st May and 31st May:
On the one hand, you will keep up your attempts at surging forward in your life. On the other hand, some things will just not move. This is a benefit, for you must step out of your understanding for a while to reorient your action according to time-tested wisdom. Consult experts. It is alright to make mistakes now, because a better way will come up in trying to resolve.
Health will be good when you look after yourself through ways that you already know that work for you.
Finances will be good when you stay conventional.

For those born on or between 1st June and 10th June:
Your desire for activity and your need to be active will become distinct and separate, this year. It means that you will find certain situations require you to do nothing, and yet you will itch to jump in and get involved. This is a good time to ask yourself why… because your engagement may have a better opportunity to be productive elsewhere. So choose your battles, based on what is important in the long-term, not only on what moves you now.
Health will benefit from moderate and regular physical exercises with variety… Dance, skip ropes, run, cycle, swim…!
Finances will be good with conventional, safe approaches.

For those born on or between 11th June and 20th June:
Course correction is a marvelous thing: not only does it set you back on track, it also exponentially increases your knowledge. So this year, however much you know, be open to little (or big) tweaks that shift, or even change your course, because the time is now ripe for you to increase your knowledge base. Employing the wait-and-watch tactic will be very helpful now, in moments where your first reaction would be to correct things with what you already know. So breathe deeply and open up your observing powers, and have the best year so far!
Health will benefit from starting the workout routine you have been meaning to try for a while. Go with it for this entire year.
Finances will be good when you let it be.

How does it get better than that!!!

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