What I Want To Say Is….



What I Want To Say Is….


What I Want To Say Is….


What I Want To Say Is….


What I Want To Say Is….


What I Want To Say Is….


As some of you have pointed out, you must have noticed that I have not been writing Mundane Tarot updates for a while….
Thank you for noticing.
I will write them again, soon….
Meanwhile, here is a quote that inspires me.
Hope it is of significance to you, too!


Mundane Tarot Update for the month of October, 2018…

Mundane Tarot Update for the month of October, 2018…

The month of October has started with some introspection creeping into status quo. Not an easy place for most. What seems inevitable becomes burdensome if we harbour a nagging thought that it could have been different. Especially if different seems better! 
As we progress through the days, then, Grace allows for changes. Inspired, sudden opportunities, unanticipated leeways…. Shall we step into them bravely? Or would we hesitate?
No matter. It would seem that most of us are presently geared to adapt and evolve, at least for the time being. And as we willingly shift gears, our activities seem to flow more smoothly, and purposefully. By the time October ends, some of us will feel that we are moving towards a better denouement of our earlier plans. Good for us!
If we want, there are additional resources we could draw upon, as always. It is a revisit of our original ideas… It will help us recalibrate our motion towards our goals.

And for those of you who have your birthday this month…
Happy Birth Anniversary!!!

For October Libra (1st to 22nd of October)…

The year ahead will ask the difficult of you, but if you do respond with your best attitude of proactivity, you are in for a very rewarding time. The difficult part is to attend personally to all small details of every plan of yours, to act upon all leads that present themselves, to learn every aspect as though you are responsible for it. The reward is the building of such a solid foundation that the next few years will be happy you did this hard work this year. 
Health will benefit from regular and moderate diet and exercise routines.
Finances will need extra care and thought over expenditures.

For October Scorpio (23rd to 31st October)…

The year ahead holds lovely promises of gentle love… in all relationships! Romantic love is just one relationship we have in life. And perhaps the most ignored of all relationships is the single most important one… who you are to yourself. While some movements will challenge your deep-rooted apprehensions, overall, you now have the opportunity to fill your life with love… of work, people, ideas, life… with yourself at the centre of all. 
Health will benefit from moderation and discipline in expressing balance; don’t go overboard in either exercise or diet.
Finances will flow well, with both income and expenditure enriching your life. Savings will need an extra push.

How does it get better than that!!!

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