GEMINI: The Harvest Is In…!

The Year Ahead For Gemini…

Happy Birth Anniversary!!!

A super interesting year ahead awaits you, dear Gemini!

Generally speaking, this is a year of results…. so if you have been working on projects of any type, professional or personal, this year, you will see the measure of them!
How does it get more interesting than that!

Here is what you must know, and keep in mind, going in….
As an ancient Sanskrit saying goes, you know the tree by its fruit.
Thus, when you are handed the result of your past efforts, take a good, long, hard look at ’em. You are going to be face-to-face with exactly what went in. However, if you think it could have been better, please remind yourself to check whether your expectations were grounded enough, to begin with. Else, what you get will be exactly what you have worked for, in real terms!

For those born on or between 21st May and 31st May:
You will spend a lot of time trying to justify what you see turning up, as results. While it is entertaining for you as a mental exercise, there is not much value in it, unless you are specifically a research student! Instead, look for little holes through which you will be able to enhance your knowledge, and move forward. Now is good, and the future, better!
Health will benefit from occasional short breaks with loving company, and from regular, moderate exercise.
Monetarily, restraint in spending and moderation in savings will go a long, helpful way.

For those born on or between 1st June and 10th June:
Much of what you will experience, will feel as though it would be simple to handle or change or reverse. A gentle reminder… you don’t need to try to change what you receive. It is not bad at all, and if you think you could do better, you certainly can, but this is done for now. Your betterment is a good plan for the future, and note it down as such. Enjoy what you have now, and move on.
Health will benefit hugely from a regular, moderate, supervised routine, such as training with a professional trainer, or making dietary changes in consultation with a dietitian.
Money will be fairly balanced, with a few moments of stress, for fun!

For those born on or between 11th June and 20th June:
Life is good! You have a fantastic ability to analyse everything, but please park it for now. What you see as the outcome of previous efforts is what it is. What you analyse from this experience is better as information going forward. Everything right now is good enough, and probably better than expected. Enjoy it for what it is! The future will unfold in many more opportunities to try many other ideas, as always.
Health will benefit from recalibrating to a new you. Have a check-up, decide what you need and tweak your lifestyle accordingly. Please stay away from unsubstantiated fads.
Money will be balanced, even stable. There is not much leeway for experimentation, and that is a safe situation.

How does it get better than that!


TAURUS: A Year To Love And Be Loved!


Happy Birth Anniversary, dear Taurus!

The year promises to present wonderful and significant opportunities to discover how deeply your feelings guide your life! Most times when you have acted out of a sense of normalcy, it has been a complex weave of accepted responsibility, expectations from the world, and an awareness of who you think you are. For the whole year starting on your birthday, you will find numerously available occasions when you will want to add to the weave how you feel about the situation. You won’t take all the opportunities, but there will be enough building up of some unknown melody in the recesses of your mind… and eventually, you will include your preferences into the matrix of your activities.

How splendid is that!

For those born on or between 21st April and 30th April:
You might get caught up in the debate of right and wrong. The only way to solve this debate at the moment would be to choose what feels comfortable for you in the present. Know that you can correct your course as you go along. It is not necessary to lag just because the jury is out. Trust yourself and surge ahead. Relationships are important now.
Health will be good by taking many mini-breaks and tiny bites of indulgences, whether physical or mental. Finances will be fair, with opportunities to explore in that sector.

For those born on or between 1st May and 10th May:
If you will allow yourself to notice how charming it is when you include your enjoyment in the matrix of your actions, this year holds magical and uplifting opportunities for you! This is your moment in the sun, to realize how significant you are in the bigger picture. A wonderful year to be actively engaged in improving all your relationships….
Health will be good with inclusion of bite-size surprises into your regular exercise and diet routine. Finances will be good in predictable and welcome ways.

For those born on or between 11th May and 20th May:
Allow yourself to enjoy, even if it is a structured, rationed, contained manner. If you have been driving yourself towards your goal, know that the goal is moving towards you, too. So it will be OK to stop and smell the roses, or wines, perhaps. You are much appreciated; now it is your turn to appreciate both yourself and others in your life. Relationships also make you who you are.
Health will be good with you including relaxation and mindfulness routines from the word go. Finances are good, and will maintain status quo.

How wonderful is it all!!!

ARIES: A Year To Remember!


(21ST March-20th April)

Happy birthday, Aries!
Your year ahead promises introspection, and sometimes, even for your highly proactive selves, this can be the best idea! It will benefit you to stop every so often and ask yourself whether you think/feel you are on the path you had originally envisaged for yourself. If yes, you may still need some recalibrating. If not, take careful measures to move back and redo what you can. If you are not sure, drop the question for now and come back to it in a few days.

For those born on or between 21st March and 30th March:
You would be in a good space of recalibration, if you take small steps forward and check where you are, as a regular exercise. Relationships can now teach you a lot you may not know. Health will benefit from trying a few new kinds of exercises. Stick to your regular diet. Financially, the year will be more or less on an even keel.

For those born on or between 31st March and 10th April:
You might find it surprisingly simple to exercise the discipline you will need to. You will hardly have self-doubts, and this is splendid for your confidence. Your existing relationships can benefit from your perseverance. Health will be good when you include self-awareness in your wellness programmes. Financially, this is a good year for sowing seeds of investments.

For those born on or between 11th April and 20th April:
Please take as much help as you can from reliable and expert sources, in order to keep your path ahead clear and free from confusion. It is good for you to increase your knowledge base in this manner. Relationships will offer you challenges to improve yourself. Health will be good and can be better. Finances will see both incoming and outgoing, so make every penny count!

Have a happy year ahead!

Mundane Tarot Update for the month of October, 2018…

Mundane Tarot Update for the month of October, 2018…

The month of October has started with some introspection creeping into status quo. Not an easy place for most. What seems inevitable becomes burdensome if we harbour a nagging thought that it could have been different. Especially if different seems better! 
As we progress through the days, then, Grace allows for changes. Inspired, sudden opportunities, unanticipated leeways…. Shall we step into them bravely? Or would we hesitate?
No matter. It would seem that most of us are presently geared to adapt and evolve, at least for the time being. And as we willingly shift gears, our activities seem to flow more smoothly, and purposefully. By the time October ends, some of us will feel that we are moving towards a better denouement of our earlier plans. Good for us!
If we want, there are additional resources we could draw upon, as always. It is a revisit of our original ideas… It will help us recalibrate our motion towards our goals.

And for those of you who have your birthday this month…
Happy Birth Anniversary!!!

For October Libra (1st to 22nd of October)…

The year ahead will ask the difficult of you, but if you do respond with your best attitude of proactivity, you are in for a very rewarding time. The difficult part is to attend personally to all small details of every plan of yours, to act upon all leads that present themselves, to learn every aspect as though you are responsible for it. The reward is the building of such a solid foundation that the next few years will be happy you did this hard work this year. 
Health will benefit from regular and moderate diet and exercise routines.
Finances will need extra care and thought over expenditures.

For October Scorpio (23rd to 31st October)…

The year ahead holds lovely promises of gentle love… in all relationships! Romantic love is just one relationship we have in life. And perhaps the most ignored of all relationships is the single most important one… who you are to yourself. While some movements will challenge your deep-rooted apprehensions, overall, you now have the opportunity to fill your life with love… of work, people, ideas, life… with yourself at the centre of all. 
Health will benefit from moderation and discipline in expressing balance; don’t go overboard in either exercise or diet.
Finances will flow well, with both income and expenditure enriching your life. Savings will need an extra push.

How does it get better than that!!!

Mundane Tarot Guidance for the week 23rd to 29th September, 2018…

Mundane Tarot Guidance for the week 23rd to 29th September, 2018…

“Just as much and in the direction your efforts have been, will be the results you see now. Hence, what you now experience this week will show you the pure fact of your efforts, not your expectations or wishful thinking. This has the potential for a great surge forward, if we are honest with ourselves. Are we…?”

And if it is your birthday on or between 23rd and 29th September….
Happy Birth Anniversary! 

“This year, step up and take charge of everything in which you hold an interest. Engage, be proactive, and don’t hesitate to show up where you feel you are involved. Of course, be aware and stick within your boundaries, but do not step back from owning your feelings.
Health will benefit from moderation in all things, and bringing some frugality if there are excesses.
Finances will be good, and very good, with wise application and care.”

How does it get better than that!!!

Mundane Tarot Guidance for the week of 16th to 22nd September,2018…

Mundane Tarot Guidance for the week of 16th to 22nd September, 2018… 

“Sometimes, even though we feel the urge to move on, and on… we must stop and reconsider the ground we have already covered. It is now likely that we will find some niggling doubts about our choices, that we are wont to suppress. Even, we may want to change the choices we have already made. Or, we may feel deeply confused… and perhaps, this is what we were trying to avoid by moving on.
Don’t avoid anything, else it will catch up with you later. Look at everything around you right now. Acknowledge, and then move on.”

And if it is your birthday this week, on or between 16th and 22nd September…..
Happy Birth Anniversary!
“Your year  ahead is of new beginnings in active engagement with your plans. Everything you have wanted and worked upon up till now is ready to see some proactive energy from you. Want something? Think about what you can do to acquire it, and then go ahead and do it. If you make mistakes, correct them, and they won’t remain mistakes…
Health will benefit from marginally increasing your physical activity, and mindfulness practices.
Finances will be fair, responsive in proportion to your effort.”

How does it get better than that!!!

Mundane Tarot Guidance for the week of 2nd to 8th September, 2018…..

Mundane Tarot Guidance for the week of 2nd to 8th September, 2018… 

“A good time to begin planning and organising, designing and setting up the channels for your idea to now be manifested in its real and relevant form.
The cue is in “Begin”…. the end-product is yet some way away. Patience, observation, learning, willingness to go the way…. are all going to be your companions now. Welcome them, take their help and blossom.

And if it is your birthday on or between 2nd and 8th September….

Happy Birth Anniversary! 
“The coming year is a good time to reconnect with your root of guidance, learning and ideating. Possibly, you will enjoy looking up mentors, guides and wayshowers from your past. It is also likely that you will want to redo some of your ongoing projects. It will not be necessary to redo them completely; your urge is just to refresh your connection with your original intention behind starting the project.
Health will benefit from balance and pacing yourself with your inner rhythm. Redo your regular diet to match your most comfortable lifestyle.
Finance will be better with meticulous planning around expenditure and regular saving.”

How does it get better than that!!!

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