This ‘Being Aware’ business….


Grab three minutes… or more. Go on.
Settle down, sit back and slow down your breath…
Then, for three breaths, suggest to yourself that you are satisfied.
Three more breaths… let them flow in and around your body, and suggest to yourself that you are comfortable.
Another three breaths… notice how relaxed you are, and suggest to yourself that you are happy.

There! How does it get better than that!!

Being Aware



The Three-Breath Connector…. with love!

Most of us are under a continuous barrage of opinion that anger is bad and wrong and should be let go off…. immediately.
That as maybe…. but there is still no running away from the fact that we do feel angry.
Sometimes, we also complicate it by feeling guilty about feeling angry… after all, there is that opinion of the majority to consider! 🙂
So, we suffer….
Here is something I do to release myself from that suffering, and eventually, reach a place to deal with this anger-thingy…

Peel away from whatever you are engaged in when you realise you are angry… for a meagre three minutes. Do it. Sit or stand comfortably, ease your neck, shoulders and breathing. Once that is done, take three conscious and aware breaths… comfortably long and deep. Then say aloud, whisper, murmur, repeat in your mind… the following….

Pause. Again, breathe consciously and with awareness, thrice. You might notice that your breath has become longer, easier and calmer. Then repeat aloud, murmur, whisper, in your mind, whatever… the following….

Pause. Once more, breathe three times, with awareness and consciousness. Likely, you are going to start feeling awesome by now. Then again, say the following, aloud, in your mind, in a whisper, or a murmur….

Breathe easily, return to your current surroundings and reconnect.
You are back, as promised!!!




Whenever you feel tired, depressed, out of sorts, run down…. try this.
Breathe deeply and calmly, a couple of times.
Repeat the affirmation aloud, in a whisper or in your mind… a few times.
Breathe deeply, again.

Your personal magic…. watch how relieved you feel!