Mundane Tarot Guidance for the week of 19th to 25th August, 2018…

Mundane Tarot Guidance for the week of 19th to 25th August, 2018….. 

“Sometimes, we are able to choose a path right at the inception, and go down it towards our goal as envisaged. This is such a week, when we can choose, from our experience, through our understanding, the path we think is suitable to reach us to the goal we are aiming for… 
All we need to do is…. Surrender.
Do you have the faith?”

And for those born on or between 19th August and 25th August….
Happy Birth Anniversary! 

“This year promises much excitement and goodness. Be sure of your commitment to projects, any project, whether personal or professional. That surety will help you make easy the inevitable travails of bringing anything to completion. You will have much fun along the way, so be consistent. 
Health will benefit from all kinds of moderation, whether practised manifestly, or emotionally.
Finances will see growth, as well as spending, so spend on things and experiences that are meaningful to you.”

How does it get better than that!!!


Mundane Tarot Guidance for the week 29th July to 4th August, 2018…

Mundane Tarot Guidance for the week 29th July to 4th August, 2018…

“If you hurry, you will reach late… 
It is significant now to ask yourself why you are nurturing this sense of urgency….
Where do you want to reach? Where you now are is a step along the way, so why hurry?
Who do you want to defeat? If you want what another has, you will get your own… why that one?
And certainly, if you want to have the last say… did you know? You actually want to unburden yourself of a pain by casting it elsewhere. Will speaking sharply relieve you?
Slow down, ask, question… only your own self.”

And if it is your birthday this week, on or between 29th July and 4th August….
Happy Birth Anniversary!!! 

“This year will be exciting, and yet reminding you to occasionally step back and make sure you have completed laying your building blocks correctly. Often, you will have opportunities to check your faith. Your health will benefit hugely from starting a health-care routine with expert counsel and advice. And this will reflect in every sphere of your life…. The more open you are to accepting advice from those who really know better, the more you will be able to hold centre-stage, this year! Financially, you will be stable enough, though surprises will happen. Nothing to worry about, though.”

How does it get better than that!

Heroes Come Home….!!! AUGUST, 2017

Mundane Tarot update for the month of August, 2017… 

This August is starting with a lot of things happening already. So, if your nerves are frazzled, so are others’. Take a deep breath, and one more, and get cracking at it. Life is just another day in a tea-cup, yep, and we will get past this, too. On a hopeful note, nothing will be beyond the pale. We will be able to wrap our head around most issues. And for others, we have our attitude to pull us through.

Deep down, we know and are ready to activate our Doer archetype. Basically, it is the archetype with whom we generally hangout. However, now, we can operate it out of experience. So, when in doubt, do what your experience has taught you is a wise action.

For additional help, we have all those examples when we try to be right. If we recognise that we actually are attempting to establish balance when we push and tug at situations, then we would know that it is Balance that we are aiming for. And that is a worthy goal, short or long-term.

By the end of the month, most of us would have come through potentially tough patches, possibly a tad bruised, hopefully more confident, and certainly raring to move ahead. And that, my dear fellows, is A Very Good Thing, indeed!

Happy adventures, all!!!

“AUGUST rushes by like desert rainfall….!!”

Mundane Tarot update for the month of AUGUST, 2015… August2015

You are as you think you are…
And nowhere will this show up with as much clarity in our lives, as in this month of August, good folks!

The theme of this month, or if you prefer, the lesson we have set up for ourselves to learn… is about idealism.
It is easy to beat it up as contrary to being practical, or laugh it off as pipe-dreams, and that is exactly what makes it a tough formula to apply.
Often we get mixed up between the perfect and the ideal. If we encourage ourselves towards clarity, we would see that ‘perfect’ fits the existing perception, while ‘ideal’ could be a gateway to another perception. Which means, dear folks, your ideal world could just be asking you to change your perception! After all, your current perception of the way things are, may not have the structure to support the way you want things to be!

So, we start the month with a very firm idea of what we can do, what we cannot, what is right and what is possibly unthinkable. This is clarifying the idea that we can’t build that ideal world by imagining ourselves subject to our perceptions of ourselves.

Through the weeks, this is what pans out…

For the 1st to 8th of August, 2015:
We get the opportunity to understand what we ‘feel’ about the things we ‘think’. So, if you think you can’t and it makes you feel bad, there you have a two-pronged prod to help you make the change. Would imagining that you can, instead, make you feel better? How about trying it out for size? If we can consistently honour our ‘feelings’ in this manner… by encouraging ourselves to imagine life as makes us feel good, who knows…!!!

For the 9th to 16th of August, 2015:
This week will made good all attempts to ground and stabilise ourselves before all that thinking and imagining gets out of hand. However, we still have the opportunity going… so observing our situations already manifest around us will give us a pretty good idea (there’s that word again!) of where we stand in our own opinion. Sometimes we are givers and sometimes, receivers… and most things already balance out as we need. So where is the need to run after what we want? This is a very grounding and real situation, indeed. Most of us will experience life events rather keenly, and we can utilise this opportunity to make the connection of ‘as within, so outside of ourselves’.

For the 17th to 24th of August, 2015:
This is a week when we may feel overwhelmed and unsure of ourselves. The amalgamation of feeling good about our little worlds with perceiving our world as a good place can stress us out to the point where we may suspect a conspiracy theory out there, just beyond the fringes of our sight. It is certainly not the way things are, but it is the way we are wired, to keep us safe from what we don’t yet know… by assuming its potential as dangerous, unless proved friendly. The stress can make us tired, or we can cut ourselves some slack from needing to react immediately to all stimuli. Definitely a week for some tender loving care…

For the 25th to 31st of August, 2015:
And the fresh winds rise…. We are now in for some change. Whether that change brings something better than before, worse than before, or just more of the same depends upon our outlook, really. However, big shifts have happened tectonically, and it won’t be too far in the future that we suddenly see that we are already where we had dreamt of being. (This is as big a prod as any to start dreaming right now, then!) We may see things around us as much the same, but not for long…

By the time August rounds off and away around the corner, we are likely to reach a happily stable place of being happy with what we are doing in the moment, knowing that this is a great vision of the world we already have! Plug away… it is its own reward!

Things are getting better all the time!!! ❤


The Wonderful Wizard of LEOs!!!











The year ahead for Leo (July 22- August 22)…

Imagine this scenario…
Gandalf stands at the edge of Middle Earth, wondering how in all magic’s name would his desire for supremacy conjure up something like the Dark Lord!
Get it? If you want to be strong, you will need something to be strong about… else what use strength! So, it is really, really important to understand what it is that you desire and why you desire it so… my dear Leos!
Many things in your life have reached completion, whether in the exact way you have wanted, or not… and all through this year, you will come to encounter this fact. Along with acknowledging completion, this year also encourages you to be absolutely clear about what you want and why you want it, so that when you get it, it is easier for you to understand how energy works. I hope you notice that I say “when you get it..” not “if…”; this would mean that you are on the way of getting everything you have wanted or are now wanting. How you would get stuff is already taken care of, so just trust. It is possible that you may get into analysing what trust means, so also look at the possibility that trust is about the self. Do look after your health, where the good news is that you will respond fabulously to healing if the need has arisen. Additionally, a lot of your unwell may stem from finding yourself ungrounded, and emotional in ways you are not comfortable. The way for you to handle this is to try to rationalise any overwhelm that you may feel. When you sit down and think things through, you will find that all is well.

For those born on and between July 22nd and August 1:
Of course, as with all Leos, you are going to encounter your wishes being fulfilled. This seems like a fairy tale to everybody… only, some believe and some don’t and yet others vacillate. It will be a struggle for you to see that what you now hold in your hand is something that you had earlier asked for. However, the point will not be that you have been delivered a mistaken gift. The point will be to ascertain how you have changed in the time it took for your desire to manifest. Or more to the point, check to see what you had earlier not accounted for, that has shown up. All this exercise is for a very, very awesome reason, if you can be patient enough. It is so that you can utilise the universal process with increasing exactitude… and be able to enjoy what you get, instead of becoming frustrated.
Watch out for that last one… frustration. The time is now for you to use that emotion as a tool to research into the nature of that which causes it in you.
Health will be as good as you take care of it. The Divine has your back, so do return the favour!

For those born on and between August 2nd and August 11th:
You, perhaps, of all Leos are best equipped to deal with this year’s energies. You are likely to understand the potential awesomeness behind scenes. Have patience and calm down if you feel disturbed by events, because you are divinely supported in grasping the ramifications and turning the situation around to suit your personality. And, when you have done that, you would feel and be seen as a hero… even though there aren’t those victory laps visible in all contexts. Honestly, you have the chance to crack some such serious manifestations, that you could become matter for future examples. All that you have to remember, consistently, repeatedly… is most often, what you get and what you see are veils for what really is. If you are equipped to be great, what’s stopping you?
Your health will be fairly good, and you will prove to be resilient.

For those born on and between August 12th and August 22nd:
As with your brethren Leos, a promising year and a delivering year… only, I implore you to take any aggression you may feel down by a notch or six! You see, not all things are accomplished by force. And your force is actually your power, in misdemeanour mode. Why would you be inventing a complicated tool to flip the fry in your pan, when you can learn to just flick your wrist? Bring your great energy and enthusiasm to work for you, instead, on actually manifesting with precision and speed, whatever it is that you now want. And the most effective way to succeed now is, yes, as the elders say, learn from your mistakes. If you do, the very least that is promised to you is a landmark year ahead. So look beyond trials and see the opportunity they present you with to up your shine!
Health will be fairly good, more out of your determination than for a lack of bugs around… but that, too, is great!

Have a very fulfilling year ahead, my dear Leos!

Happy Birth Anniversary, Dear AUGUST-Borns!!!



                                                                               The August Ones…!!! Happy Birth Anniversary! happy-birthday-todd-lowe-L-i2MGNR

The year ahead for you promises to be vastly different from where you have been up until now, unless of course, you are doing the same things over and over again, and are pretty sure that this is where you would like to be! Even under such circumstances, you are going to feel little twinges that would pull you towards newness… but, there you are, then!

This year is of your signature emotional bonding in everything that you do. You can do things because you like the way you feel when you are doing them. Or you could be doing them because your feelings prod you into doing them. If you keep your awareness open, you will see that your activities are being led by your feelings. And this is a strong aspect.
Thus, feelings of well-being can help you focus on taking the action that ensures that well-being. Feelings that are not so good for you, can help you decide to follow those that are better for you. Good going, eh?
Now, the shadow…
Beware of ignoring the feelings of others to amplify your own. It will not give you your desired result, simply because the other is a reflection of the self. If you are in a situation where your feelings are in contradiction to those of others in the same space, it is time to stop and ponder. It is time to discuss the contradiction and understand it, rather than express your feeling in a surge of force. Do not feel challenged that you will be undermined and you will lose. You won’t… if you exercise patience. According to Universal Laws, all paradoxes reconcile. So, if you experience conflict, stop, wait, observe the conflict and you will be able to discern the direction of the flow of energy.

This was the tone of the experience your year coming up may hold for you. Other than that, you can have as much fun as you want to. The going is good. Finances may be better in spending, and spending consciously, rather than either saving or splurging. For the career-conscious, the key to betterment will lie in maintaining relationships with honour. And in the domain of personal relationships, you could roll in the flow, if you keep a close watch that you do not lose your grip on being considerate.

As you can see, dear August-borns, you are going to have yourselves an awesome year ahead! Enjoy yourselves!!!

TIME FOR THE THREE Rs….. Rest, Recalibrate, Restart!!!

For the week 6th-12th August, 2012….

After the previous few weeks, you are entitled to a break… so grab all the rest and recuperation you can this week, folks. However, let’s also change our perspective about a ‘break’. It does not have to mean that we stop doing whatever we are doing for a while. Let us make it mean that we step away and re-evaluate where we are and whether we are happy being there.

First off, step back at observe all that you have done and accomplished in the past few weeks. This one is important, because often we keep staring at the distance that still needs to be covered to reach a particular goal and we forget to be aware of the distance we already have covered. True, accomplishing the goal will define our sense of achievement, but the experience and identity we are gathering on the way are enriching us. We are developing ourselves as our truest resource. So, yes, step and take a good, long look of appreciation at what you have already achieved. For a couple of days, stay with this feeling, and allow yourself to realise that in doing all the hard work that you were, you have actually fulfilled your sense of self. A burden of doubt and feeling unsure about yourself can now lift, and you can feel glad of the person you are. If you allow yourself to experience how good you are proving to be, you will also let in at the door new desires and possibilities. Dreams are good to go, again… if you understand that you are all the resources your dreams need to manifest!

Mid-week, the Tarot energies offer you an understanding. It is possible to attain the world… it is only as probable as you make it. So, turn back and look again at the past few weeks or months. It is never a desire or dream that is unattainable. It is always the effort that falls short in planning or enthusiasm. This is the centre of gravity this week. Identify what you love. Put your energies and enthusiasm in it. Have a plan of action and a process to reach your goals. Achievement is the blending of feelings, passions, discernment and utilisation of resources. In the mix that is proper for you, nothing can keep you from success. The Lord of Karma has been trying to tell you that all along…!

However, being generally unclear, we might tend to look at all future action as obstacles which might turn unpredictable and insurmountable at any moment. This is the time to remind ourselves that firstly, we are never alone, and secondly, love for what we are doing provides the energy… nothing else can do what love does. So, towards the close of the week, we will have to actively step towards activities, processes, attitudes… anything that connects us to our passion for life. Our love. We may discover that we need to juggle some commitments, moonlight at jobs, take on more… before we can drop a few and retain what we want. An attitude of playful enthusiasm and a sportsman’s spirit will help us through this transition.

*For people dealing in money, a good period with adventures under control, and with past experiences proving to be assets for future judgements.
*For people involved in creativity, a period of rest and recalibration, while connecting again to your original motivation.
*For people who are dependent on others, a good time to build on your own sense of independence.
*For people who are policy makers, there is no direct energy this week to enhance your activity, but all energies can help you re-evaluate your life thus far.
*For people engaged in caring for others, the energies will validate your original motivations, and just might prod you to the threshold which you will eventually cross… integrating care for your self.

What a marvellous week ahead, folks! Get ready for the upsurge…!!!

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