Mundane Tarot Guidance for the week 8th to 14th July, 2018…

Mundane Tarot Guidance for the week 8th to 14th July, 2018… 

“The fight is internal, in you mind… it is most certainly not outside of you…
Of course, you have your justifications that things are not the way they should be.
Pause, and check. Who is doing that comparative analysis? You are…
So, yes, things are not the way you want them to be…
So, yes, now it is up to you… You still have things you like…. go and engage with them.”

And if it is your birthday this week, on or between 8th and 14th July….
Happy Birth Anniversary! 

“For exactly one year, you have a doorway…. moving through which will enable you to move from redoing, and rebuilding and rethinking everything, to getting it just right. Of course, the key is that rightness is what you consider to be so. It is not about getting what you want… It is about getting what you know is rightfully yours. This also means that what you get is what is right for you, whether you recognise it that way or not…
Health will benefit from any practice that will lighten your mood around health issues!
Finances are fair; you need to put into action everything you think should be done about finances.”

How does it get better than that!!!


Upcycle! Recycle! Renew….! JULY 2017

Mundane Tarot Update For The Month Of July, 2017…

The call to action seems real and loud, oh! So loud! And most of us are brave-hearts enough to launch headlong into trajectory. This is good, indeed. And what could then, be better?

Awareness, surely. Because in our rush to get things done, we are not going to be very aware of the old stories that we would be repeating. Unless we fail. Even then, we would try to keep going with whatever we have at hand. Are we ready to look at things in a different way? To consider that what we already know to do will give us the results that we already know to get?
The good part is that we will make so much effort at getting things done, that sometimes we may stretch ourselves too thin… The better part is that when the fabric wears thin, light may filter through.
Additionally, we have everything we refute, reject, and abandon as a wealth of resources. What new way could they be showing us that would change the course of our path?

You can do it. You can do it differently, as well.
You know what to do. You may find new ways to do the same things, too.
You really, really know it all. You may find more knowledge where you didn’t expect.

Eventually, at the end of the month, some of us will be on the path to making things happen with far more gusto than is warranted.
It is good to watch Hope at play, buddy!!!

All is Well-Being!!!

The Wonderful Wizard of LEOs!!!











The year ahead for Leo (July 22- August 22)…

Imagine this scenario…
Gandalf stands at the edge of Middle Earth, wondering how in all magic’s name would his desire for supremacy conjure up something like the Dark Lord!
Get it? If you want to be strong, you will need something to be strong about… else what use strength! So, it is really, really important to understand what it is that you desire and why you desire it so… my dear Leos!
Many things in your life have reached completion, whether in the exact way you have wanted, or not… and all through this year, you will come to encounter this fact. Along with acknowledging completion, this year also encourages you to be absolutely clear about what you want and why you want it, so that when you get it, it is easier for you to understand how energy works. I hope you notice that I say “when you get it..” not “if…”; this would mean that you are on the way of getting everything you have wanted or are now wanting. How you would get stuff is already taken care of, so just trust. It is possible that you may get into analysing what trust means, so also look at the possibility that trust is about the self. Do look after your health, where the good news is that you will respond fabulously to healing if the need has arisen. Additionally, a lot of your unwell may stem from finding yourself ungrounded, and emotional in ways you are not comfortable. The way for you to handle this is to try to rationalise any overwhelm that you may feel. When you sit down and think things through, you will find that all is well.

For those born on and between July 22nd and August 1:
Of course, as with all Leos, you are going to encounter your wishes being fulfilled. This seems like a fairy tale to everybody… only, some believe and some don’t and yet others vacillate. It will be a struggle for you to see that what you now hold in your hand is something that you had earlier asked for. However, the point will not be that you have been delivered a mistaken gift. The point will be to ascertain how you have changed in the time it took for your desire to manifest. Or more to the point, check to see what you had earlier not accounted for, that has shown up. All this exercise is for a very, very awesome reason, if you can be patient enough. It is so that you can utilise the universal process with increasing exactitude… and be able to enjoy what you get, instead of becoming frustrated.
Watch out for that last one… frustration. The time is now for you to use that emotion as a tool to research into the nature of that which causes it in you.
Health will be as good as you take care of it. The Divine has your back, so do return the favour!

For those born on and between August 2nd and August 11th:
You, perhaps, of all Leos are best equipped to deal with this year’s energies. You are likely to understand the potential awesomeness behind scenes. Have patience and calm down if you feel disturbed by events, because you are divinely supported in grasping the ramifications and turning the situation around to suit your personality. And, when you have done that, you would feel and be seen as a hero… even though there aren’t those victory laps visible in all contexts. Honestly, you have the chance to crack some such serious manifestations, that you could become matter for future examples. All that you have to remember, consistently, repeatedly… is most often, what you get and what you see are veils for what really is. If you are equipped to be great, what’s stopping you?
Your health will be fairly good, and you will prove to be resilient.

For those born on and between August 12th and August 22nd:
As with your brethren Leos, a promising year and a delivering year… only, I implore you to take any aggression you may feel down by a notch or six! You see, not all things are accomplished by force. And your force is actually your power, in misdemeanour mode. Why would you be inventing a complicated tool to flip the fry in your pan, when you can learn to just flick your wrist? Bring your great energy and enthusiasm to work for you, instead, on actually manifesting with precision and speed, whatever it is that you now want. And the most effective way to succeed now is, yes, as the elders say, learn from your mistakes. If you do, the very least that is promised to you is a landmark year ahead. So look beyond trials and see the opportunity they present you with to up your shine!
Health will be fairly good, more out of your determination than for a lack of bugs around… but that, too, is great!

Have a very fulfilling year ahead, my dear Leos!

Today is a special day…. TODAY!!!

Full moons always enchant us. Sometimes, a full moon calls out to the silence in the night of our souls….
At other times, we blend into the silvery juice that seems to be focussed in that great orb in  the sky….
Always, always, we find it beautiful, moving…. touching upon something primordial in our souls.

Today, in India, the full moon is significant as Guru Poornima.
It is when the Moon transits through the zodiac of Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter… also referred to as Guru.

In cosmic mythology all over the world, Jupiter and Moon share a significant relationship.
In Indo-Vedic cosmology, Jupiter and Moon regard each other with utmost respect, as each is capable of negatively affecting the other’s splendour….. each capable of attacking the ego-face of the other. Been there, done that…. now no more, thankfully!
As is learnt in oriental martial art, the purpose of empowerment is neither to attack, nor to defend…. but to build awareness and harmony, first within the self, and then to allow it to vibrate outwards.
This is the core strength of the symbol of Guru Poornima, full moon in Sagittarius… integration of Wisdom.



And as has been posted earlier, Tarot update for the current week, in a new format, is now up on the page MELODY….

Fire, Earth, Water, Air….

We are changing….!

That is all of the time! Not one moment goes by without our having changed in some way.
Of course, we need not be aware of it all of the time…. it might push some of us to sleepless nights!
But sometimes, it could be good to know that you are full of possibilities of which you can be in complete charge….

I am changing the format of weekly updates, too…. 🙂

My Tarot Cards speak to whoever comes here to listen…. the energies apply to all, whatever you may be doing, and however separate you may imagine yourself…. You are not. You are us and we and me and you and one….