#40DaysOfSelfLove…. Day 40

Day 40: Saturday, 09 August 2014: ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Yesterday, by the time I got around to posting and sharing with my virtual world, there was a server connection breakdown… and I immediately spooled back a few years when, if I did not manage to keep a dead-line, the state of upset in which I would wallow for hours. Sometimes, days.
And now, here was I, a tad surprised… and end of story.
I switched off my notebook and went off to bed.

Of course, today is an end. And a beginning.      
I stand in gratitude for having put myself in the space of encouraging my Self to be.
I hope it holds good for all other 40Dayers around the world, virtual or physical (both very real to me!)

Much love, blessings and well-being be where we reside!!


#40DaysOfSelfLove…. Day 39

Day 39: Friday, 08 August 2014: ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Energetically, I have packed in two of my days into one, today.
I skidded around my (newly) usual hour of exercising, and awesomely, I did not feel guilty! I noticed an occasional sharp amusement as I juggled back and forth between various things, and caught myself thinking of not having exercised yet. And still awesomely, I had no emotional charge around what I was engaged with, or what I was not…
I think it can be easily said, today, that I am very happy!
I know that I can choose as I want to.
And that, my dear me, is the whole point!

And here’s being in synchronicity with The Muse!

#40DaysOfselfLove….. Day 38

Day 38: Thursday, 07 August 2014:  Day 38

My hour of exercise has settled in… as has a willingness to take it as it comes. This is not the area of my life which requires me to exert the force of my willpower anymore. It has been done, and it has helped me cross a threshold. Now is the time of allowing…
And this understanding is making me feel at ease with so many aspects of my life! I am beginning to hear the rhythm that animates me, and all other beings. Life is so good!


#40DaysOfselfLove….. Day 37

Day 37: Wednesday, 06 August 2014:  Day 37

Two steps forward, one step back…
Come on, dude! That’s dance!
Today, I take a break as my body readjusts itself to the new ways I am encouraging it to be. All is good.
And better is that I have found a place in me for my new resolve. Perhaps, I have still to understand the good in what had been a difficult experience of losing health. But this much, at least, I understand…
That it would be greatly limiting to view anything as linear. All lines are parts of curves, which are part of circles, which are parts of spheres, which are parts of… I don’t know.
And it doesn’t matter that I don’t know. I may come to know, or I may not. In the here and now, I certainly have come to know more… about myself.

#40DaysOfselfLove…. Day 36

Day 36: Tuesday, 05 August 2014:  Day 36

This day, last year.
This day, the year before…
This day, today. Now.
I am my witness and I am my story…
And I revel in the journey that has been, and in the promise of the journey that will be.
In these 40 Days of Self Love, I learnt to focus, to apply myself. I learnt to show up, somewhere on the platform. I grew in being aware about my Self. I became calmer.
And for all of these and more, I have my own example of life processes at work.
And, also, my back is healing!
So let’s hear it for us, folks! Cheers!
……….. And on the other side of the world, here is The Muse!


#40DaysOfSelflove….. Day 35

Day 35: Monday, 04 August 2014:  Day 35

I have this wonderful teacher whispering in my ear, and as I progress through these 40 days, she keeps up, steadfastly, holding up her part of the bargain. Because I have asked her to stand by and shine the light on anything that I allow to shorten my spikes… she does. So, every time I say “I can’t,” she whispers, “…but you already have!” I wail, “I shouldn’t!”… she asks, “… and the alternative is?” I mutter, “I am scared.” She nods, “Name your fear.”
I change tracks. I say, “I must!”… and wait. “How do you feel about it?” she asks. “This is the right thing!” I exclaim. “And how do you feel about that?” she persists.
So. Here I am, now. Feeling better, because I love moving my body, and yoga is the language I am coaxing my body to speak. Feeling good, because I now know what feeling is. Feeling awesome, as I look forward to every day that dawns…
How, pray tell, does it get better than that?

#40DaysOfSelfLove…. Day 34

Day 34: Sunday, 03 August 2014:  Day 34

Much marvellous balm-ing and tender-ing happening, today…!
As my beacon of light lit this up within me… I drop all explanations and validations. I am retraining myself to understand “… because I want.” It is a whisper now. It will increase in volume till it is spoken aloud in a strong voice, and thus will it be the magic wand of creation.
So, for today, I have done exactly those postures that my body nudged me towards. Just for today, I sat and gaped at the rains and at children playing. Just for today, I spent long hours reading strange, unconnected, unnecessary things. And it is all good, because it is as I want.

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