“Got It Where I See It!” …… ARIES!!!

Mundane Tarot update for Aries…

Happy Birth Anniversary, dear Aries! 

And much good wishes to keep your vibrant energies up and running!

Over the past couple of years, some of you have been in the process of incorporating a mainstream change in certain aspect of your lives. Perhaps you were enhancing the scope of your established career. Or maybe, you were setting up house. Basically, you were attempting to do whatever needed to be done to raise the bar of that particular something in your life. Good going, so far.
However, it could have felt like all effort and not much to show for it, thus far.

This year, starting on your birthday, your efforts in that very aspect of your life is going to begin showing fruit. Results. Manifestation. Yes, it is a beginning… but the beginning of a state of tangible being.

How does it get better than that!

For those born on or between 21st March and 30th March:

It seems likely that this past year had made great demands on your patience. Perhaps, you had also felt irked with mistakes and roundabouts. So, it will be now a year of seeing some positive results. However, be aware that you will not get everything in one go. The advantage to this is that your fruits will turn up over a long period of time, directly proportional to the amount of patience you have developed.
Health will improve. Keep up with your regular exercise and diet routine. Finances will either stabilize or show signs of developing the savings arm.

For those born on or between 31st March and 10th April:

In the past couple of years, you have had to show some ingenuous ways of saving blows to your ego. Things have been a mixed bag. You know you have gained quite much, but not as much as you should have. At least, you have had a fine display of your mettle. Sometimes, you have even won minor skirmishes with fate. The year that starts of your birthday brings about a slowing of pace. Do try to adjust to it because along with this slowing down is going to turn up the beginnings of positive results.
Health will benefit from giving your body and mind the exact nourishment and activity you require, as a routine. Finances will improve, and it will be a good idea to start saving as a long-term plan.

For those born on or between 11th April and 20th April:

The past couple of years has seen you go through some trying and confusing times. Keeping your wits about you was not as difficult as enduring some of the things that you have had to experience. However, starting on your birthday, you are going to walk down the path that suddenly makes everything worth the earlier effort. Surely, albeit slowly, you will start to make sense of everything and even get some very good results flow towards you. And this is a beginning. Good luck.
Health will benefit hugely from any tried and tested routine that you decide to set up and follow. Do follow! Finances will stabilise, steadily, not speedily. You may begin long-term plans.

Have a super year ahead!!!

Marching Onward….! MARCH 2017

Mundane Tarot update for the month of March, 2017…

Here comes March! march2017

Interestingly, the month offers us opportunities to understand our sense of stability better, and through people who interact with us. This is a healthy change of seasons, I dare say!

However, for the most part, we will be holding on to the view that we are a mere cog in a big wheel, and unstated in this view is the assumption that the power to turn the wheel lies outside of ourselves. So, there will be only a few who would actually grasp that stability is a personal perception.

Additionally, we would be caught up in our striving to become our best possible cog in the wheel… yep! Still a cog. Thus, for whatever progress we make, it would be rather unilateral.

By the end of the month, we would feel a sense of “not enough”… but following on our own footsteps, we would be going back to our mental drawing boards to figure out what we can “do” better. All this striving does make an expert out of us, which is kinda cool… ummm… but then, it could also raise our bars if we sometimes consider that we are already unique perfections, being just the way we need to be… 😀

Onward, ho!

Magic On The Periphery…! FEBRUARY 2017…

FEBRUARY 2017: Mundane Tarot update…february2017

And here is 2017 zipping past us… as had done 2016!

We are into February already. I know some of us are feeling a sense of waiting and watching, with bated breath…. Breathe, dear ones. February is here to tell us about oneness, and no, we do not understand it in its fullness as yet.

So, some of us can’t hear the song. Some of us can feel its vibration and thus can gauge something is afoot in nature… but still can’t hear the song. A few of us can feel the murmurings of future deep inside their hearts, and a desire bubbling up to give voice to dreams… but darn! Even they can’t hear the song!

What gives? We know how ideal and perfect oneness is, then why can’t we jump into it straightaway?

Because we have stories… those that we recount to help us keep alive our collective isolation. So, in February, is our demeanour of focussed activity in the present moment, with which we are bringing to an end our previous chapters, before we continue the next…
Much like the new year which is already trotting along at a tremendous speed. Our previous years are over, and we are getting results of the past in the present and planning for the future.
And helping us, as always, that much-misunderstood, scarcely accepted natural principle… of attraction.

So? All is well, isn’t it? It is. All is well-being.

By the end of the month, we will see ourselves progress into our next chapter, the next level, the next logical action, step, plan…
And the portal of oneness will be veiled once more.

All is absolutely and resoundingly well-being!

LIBRA….. “It’s a new day, it’s a new way!”

Mundane Tarot update for Libra…libra-symbol

Happy Birth Anniversary!

Things are about to look up and this calls for the three big cheers, dear Libra!
For some time past, perhaps a year or two, you were working away at a labour of love in manners quite different from your usual. And if truth be told, you are a tad bit overwhelmed by it, by now. It is not like you to linger and ponder, or even having to…over matters that keep you spiralling in the same space. You would dearly love to get going with it, and get to the next level in a reasonable and logical amount of time. What has happened, has kept you mired in a situation of so much love that feels so burdensome that you could have felt on the brink of danger for a few weeks or months past. It has been as though this baby needed far too much lovin’ and nurturin’ than you had signed up for! libra-2016

Don’t worry! Whether it is a relationship, a work project or your home renovation… you don’t have to give up on it! Times, they are a-changing!

The good news is that you will gain sudden clarity on exactly what needs to be done to make it about that labour of love, and bring it back to love. And such amazing clarity was not to be had earlier, so you can’t even beat yourself up about it… 🙂

The better news is that this lighting up of your path forward will be in just the area of your life that needs it. So, if you have not really been overwhelmed by anything at all, there will be some minor tweaks and adjustments which will light up your life, anyway… But if you have been amongst those Librans who were praying for divine intervention, your birthday brings it around, and how! Just on that bit of thing which was so bothersome!

For those born on or between 23rd September and 2nd October:

You would do well to remind yourself that external peace does not necessarily indicate internal peace. So, while you are doing the right thing by your labour of love, you must also be just and fair to your own self. You need to be reminded of this, now. Health will be better with a careful diet and grounding, meditative exercises added to what you usually do. Expenditure may rise, but you have the opportunity to make every penny count.

For those born on or between 3rd October and 12th October:

You have an inherent streak of good sense running through you that cannot be toppled, so take your time about moving forward on good ideas. Don’t rush, and this is important. You will want to rush forward when you see the path having cleared, so please remind yourself to walk steadily, instead. Good health will mean being conservative and consistent with practices that already work for you. Expenses will rise, so make the most of them.

For those born on or between 13 October and 22nd October:

You, perhaps of all Librans, will see the best year ahead! Your intrinsic ability to expand on any idea will help you to make the best of an already awesome situation coming up. And, if you are planning such, do have a baby, or launch a new project dear to you, or make a life-affirming change to your living… or at least give it a good, going-ahead thought… this year! Health will benefit from being conservative and also upping the walk/jog/run practice. Finances will be active so keep a watchful eye.

What an awesome year ahead!!!

TAURUS… Choosing Great Endings and Better Beginnings!

5431287-happy-birthday-with-colored-letters-and-rainbowMundane Tarot update for the year ahead for TAURUS!!!
Happy Birth Anniversary, dear Taureans!taurus
This year holds for you a strange new beginning…
Whatever it is that you had thought was coming to a head will now need to be re-worked… and this is the good news.
The better news is that when you start the re-working, you will pass through a period of evolution that will make you a better person.
So if you have a big plan about to actualise, or a relationship about to change levels, or a long-term project about to culminate… rein your horse in, and do what it takes now to move to a completion much, much more worthy of your salt.
For some of you, this may sound like a coating of sugar on a probable bitter pill, but not so fast, dear Taurean!
Think of it this way… that which you want to reach to a culmination is carrying your energies; and doing what it needs to take you to a better place is something that you will be thankful about for the next decade or so!
How does it get better than that!
Action-wise, you will find the necessity to bring in wisdom and practical application, though rather low-key. So the going will be smooth and unobtrusive, for you.
Emotionally, this year promises you getting over heart-breaks, moving forward, and perhaps, finding authentic relationships. This is an excellent year for those who are already in stable relationships… everything promises to get just better and better.
Health will be good if you pay attention to keeping your metabolic activity at requisite high levels. Be aware of wanting or needing to over-indulge yourself; it is a story that now can be over.
Finances are likely to hold good and improve through the year.
All in all, a splendid time awaits the Taurean!

“Crossing Thresholds…!” FEBRUARY 2016

Mundane Tarot update for the month of February, 2016:  February2016

February invites us to some creative introspection… check the ideas we have about ourselves and others and figure out how far they could be true. It should not come as a surprise that they need not be true. All that holds our ideas in place is our belief in them, and this is a very good understanding to have to ignite that creativity bit. We can actually recreate the garden we have come to visit!

Now, the resources we have with us in order to enjoy a fulfilling journey are things we have manifested with our idea of what resources need to be… and here comes that opportunity for introspection. If we are about to change our ideas, would those resources hold their usefulness?
Here is a hint: we could re-ideate those resources as well…
Having said that, it will be a threshold which only a few of us will have crossed this month. For these folks, the old era can end and a new era present itself for creating a-further. For the rest of us, we will probably discover many ways of how not to do things!

Thus, by the end of the month, there will be two distinct kinds of people around us… one, who would be giddy and excited at the possibilities unfurling in spring, and the other, who would find it necessary to trouble-shoot and save the day all the days.

And the group you find yourself in is the best possible outcome for you!
Things are always working out for us!


OCTOBER…”applying the best of ourselves..!!”

Mundane Tarot update for the month of October, 2015:

October 2015The month of October has a lot going for all. Thematically, we are being asked to consider what it is that we want to achieve, whether we have formed a clear picture of it in our mind, as yet… and also, whether it is practically applicable to our life as it already is. In short, dude, are you sure you want to do this?

So, are you?

At the beginning of the month, we could be raring to go crack the ultimate game right way… and honestly, without much resources to back us up. Or you could be simply frustrated at the current pace of things. “Are we there yet?”… Most steps forwards will need a recheck, and if you are listening to me, it is another of those Very Good Things for which we find eternal thankfulness later on. Else, we can just be happy that this, too, shall pass.
And when it does change, we will be in a space where we need to apply and employ all of that learning, with near-immediate results. (I told you it would be good!) For some of us, the shift of energies from restlessness to dedicated effort may be too much of a jump. You may feel a lingering sense of malcontent, though you will not be able to deny the growing better times. For others who were more conscientious in the first half, this phase will push you into very productive work. However, this is an output oriented phase, so relationships do need to merge with the background for now.
Eventually, towards the end of the month, we will be ready to ride on into the sunset… towards another sunrise. The hard work you have done will amp up your grade, with, ummm… harder work for some, and a raising the bar for others. Relationships will show you exactly how supportive they are of you. And you, too, may discover yourself to be your own champion!

Things are always getting better and better for all!

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