Day 28 of 40…!!!



Day 28 of 40:

Friday, July 05, 2013
Today, I suddenly came upon the passage of time. And I realized that I don’t go through days… Instead, days are spreads laid out before me, every time I am ready. They are there, for me to do or not, pick up or not, leave or not, change or not….
So, I looked at every possibility presented to me by today, and picked and chose what I wanted to engage in, and at my ease. Some things I let be, and they fell away. Some of them may come up again, if they need to help me complete my story… and I will engage when I am ready.
My love for me showed me the distinction between avoiding, being pressured… and being ready and willing.
Ready, and willing. Great way to be!

Tracie shares her wisdom, here….

Kim and Kelly, share here….

“In the flow of infinite grace, there is ease and allowing. Even as water slips around the stone, the stone embraces the moving water… all, and everything is in the flow. When you allow, you are in your own flow. When you resist, you wait for yourself. In the flow of grace, infinite, all is.”


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