Day 29 of 40….!!!


Day 29 of 40:

Saturday, July 06, 2013
Given that I am beginning to view my life as in love with me, and thus bringing me goodies in its basket, I have, today… started trying out yes.
So when my massage therapist called out of the blue and offered to share her time right away, I said, “Yes!”
When she advised me to consider scheduling her treatment regularly, I said, “Yes!”
Then, when I wanted to snack and thought of concocting a quick something for myself, I said, “Yes!”
And then that made me want to cook a meal, too, and I stuck my neck out, “Yes!”
As you can see, I am having me some yes-fun.
It has been pretty good thus far…

Sonelina is walking this way, too… here…

Kim is here….

Tracie is here….

“In the flow of infinite grace, everything is in the allowing… the flow goes downstream. You do not have to wade back to get what you have missed. It, too, is flowing downstream. Reach out when you want. You have everything.”


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