On Your Way To Your New Kingdom! CANCER, 2017

Happy Birth Anniversary, dear Cancerian! 

If in the past few years, or even one, you have made a start for a new level… such as training for a new job, or setting out to buy property, or planning for a baby… anything that has needed you to break out of your earlier mould in order to build a new one… you are in luck! As your solar year rolls by, you will find that your movements towards that new stage, goal or level are relevant and potentially fruitful. And to make matters better, you are going to develop far more positivity about the outcome of your venture than you had expected!

How does it get better than that!

Know that the final outcome is still a while away. Walk your path with faith that you have the experience to deal with whatever comes up. Let your desire for the goal show you the steps you need to take. All is well-being.

For those born on or between 21st June and 1st July:
Travelling the path to reach your goal may appear to be difficult, or at least not what you had imagined it would be. But don’t be fooled. It is not destiny’s effort to keep you away or to hate you. Instead, it is a clever manoeuvre on fate’s part to teach you far more than you had expected. In the end, you will be richer for your experience.

Rely on your time-tested routine in order to maintain good health. Similarly, stay within your known boundaries in financial matters. 

For those born on or between 2nd July and 11th July:
Gather up all that you have already learnt about life thus far, because you are going to need every little bit of wisdom and skill now as you move along the year. And the most important skill you will hone now is to keep learning. If this sounds tiresome now, do hold on to your patience, because the fruits of your labour will far exceed your expectations.

You may try new ways to look after your health, but take advice from only the experts, which includes your own body. Finances will remain stable, though you may need to keep a close eye on your need to spend.

For those born on or between 12th July and 21st July:
Make all the effort you can this year to know thyself, and then some more. Because, as you carve out your path towards your goal, you are going to discover that you are as unique an individual as you thought all those who taught you were. This self-discovery will stand you in very good stead. So, for everything you do, also make a note of what else could be possible.

Health will be good if you pay closer attention to how you are feeling at the moment, than jumping into learnt conclusions. Finances will be challenging in new ways, though you are cared for by the universe.

All is Well-being!!!



GEMINIANS! A Blast Of A Year Ahead!







The forecast is divided into three segments, according to dates. Read on…!

The year ahead for Geminians born on and between 21st May and 31st May….

A time of much excitement lies ahead of you. If you are aligned with your thoughts, desires and emotions, you are up next. Manifestation could be your word for this year! And how does it get better than that! However, if you have some thoughts and/or emotions that don’t sit so well with you, overall, then situations could make you feel out of control. Notice, that I don’t put your desires into this category, and that means something. Irrespective of what you have been through earlier, this year could be your threshold into validation of your life, and your desires are your calling card to the Universe. So, understand your keenly intelligent nature, and use it as your happy tool to make clear what you want. Refrain from indulging in the build-up of emotions you would rather not feel… because if you do, that is what you are going to get.
Watch your digestion. Step back if relationships seem out of your zone of control. Make time to breathe and relax, occasionally. And you are good!
Have an awesome year ahead!

The year ahead for Geminis born on and between 1st June and 10th June….

You have a very good year ahead of you, and here are pointers how to make it a load more super!
Cut yourself some slack. You have it good, and you don’t need to push any more; just go with most of the flow.
Be sure you don’t try to change something mid-way. Once it has started, let it reach its logical end. Try what you want before you start anything.
Focus, focus, focus. Choose something that will arrest your attention and hold it, and keep choosing it. Do not indulge in restlessness.
Enough of instructions… here is what is likely to be available for you this year!
Travel will be more likely impromptu, or free-ranging. Interesting new people will be very interesting. New bonds of passion could be short-lived. Even if you are not likely to travel or meet people, there will be other ways of dramatically increasing your frontiers. If you are even the slightest bit spiritually adventurous, this year could turn out to be the one you were waiting for. Your epiphanies will not be of the predictable types, however, and you can allow yourself to be amazed!
Watch your health. More importantly, watch your health consciously. Make the effort to understand your body, and you will have made a very sincere friend this year.
Have an awesome year!

The year ahead for Geminis born on and between 11th June and 20th June…

Your year ahead is awesome in exact proportion to your will power that you can exert on your sense of discipline. You are inherently powerful, and the energies for this year support your power in a direct feed. This means that, if you use your abilities in a planned and steady manner, you will have energy for planned and steady (and exponential and profitable) progress. If you are not too sure about what you are doing, then the available energy will be not too sure a lot, and all over the place. It would be as though you have at readiness a laser beam of immense intensity which you can’t control according to your will, but which will mimic what you do with yourself with your will! How amazing is that!
Whatever you do this year, be kind to yourself and become aware of things you don’t already like about yourself… and don’t pay attention to them. Instead focus on what you think makes you amazing, and utilise that aspect of yourself to approach everything you would. Also, and importantly, make a note right away about control issues… give up on them this year; your days will be better than you imagined. Make a not to self thus: I am going to do things I like and focus on being the person I like.
You, as with other Geminis, also need to watch your health this year. If you use your tremendous will-power on shaping up your physical habits, you are in for a good decade of healthy and energetic life. Most of all, find a hobby that can absorb your temper. And oh, yes… don’t expect too much out of anything romantic that starts now. All is well.
Have an awesome year ahead!

Happy Birth Anniversary, dear JUNE-borns!!!

The year ahead for those born in JUNE… งาน-Part-Time-รายได้ดี-ประจำเดือนมิถุนายน


Amazingly, you are already on your next leg, dear June-borns!

You have come through some tough negotiations with life, and you have, in the past year, seen some closures, some endings and some moving away… and you are in an undeniably better place than a couple of years ago. Understandably, you want this year to take you to your pinnacle, and yesterday!
If I now told you that everything happens in its own season, you are not particularly in the mood to agree! You want to get on, and get moving with the good stuff pouring in!

I appreciate your feelings. I am also here to tell you the hard with the soft. So, your yesterday-already also smacks of impatience, Junarians…
So let’s do it this way.
You have some fantastic ideas and plans already made and good to go. To see them fructify, you must factor out that impatience. You have made all the requisite corrections that your past experience has taught you. You have shown exemplary intelligence in bringing together the wisdom of your experience and the plan for the path forward. Now, as the gardener of your own paradise, please allow for the seed and the soil to do their work, as well. You absolutely must, in fact. Your impatience will prod you to keep turning the soil over and poking out the seed to check whether it has sprouted. And in that, you will do more harm than good. So, as you know you are better-equipped, also know that you must trust the natural flow. Things take their own season to sprout, not a couple of seasons!

You may be troubled by a sense of time passing you by. Remind yourself that it is not. That is Divine assurance. Then take the time to acknowledge that what actually is chasing you is a fear that the past will repeat itself and make you slip up again. No, it will not. Get a grip on yourself and you will realise that you are actually in a far better place to succeed than earlier.
And yes, making an effort to learn a few new skills can help you feel better and less anxious.

Financially, you are worrying more than you need to. Stop, stop, stop looking at the past and projecting it onto the future.
Relationships can suffer if you push them away as unimportant in the scheme of things right now. On the other hand, you can utilise the wonderful energy you now have to work on bettering communication in your relationships. And communication is a two-way process, expressing and listening. Do listen.

Assuredly, things are turning for the better. Please curb your anxiety and hurriedness, and you will be able to enjoy your own growth. The blessing you can look for and find, in every situation you now encounter… is a sudden, greater understanding of the workings behind the scenes.

In all, a very powerful year for June-borns, and I hope you can relax yourself sufficiently to enjoy your growth!!!

And The Winner Is….. APRIL-arians!!!!

feature_april-month-featureTHE YEAR AHEAD FOR THOSE BORN IN APRIL…





You have come a long way… and you know it already. And the energies around the day of your birth anniversary this year will likely remind you of it. You are a wonderful expression of stardust… so do hold on to that sparkle! 305-happy_birthday_balloon.jpg-JPEG-Image-350x350-pixelsExperiences, however tough they may have been, are not things that can dull your shine. In fact, I shall let you into a secret now…
Whatever you have been through that has seemed tough and debilitating is now under your feet. This is a two-dimensional metaphor. The first is that the worst is over and you are stronger, and in control of the situation once again… even though you seem to not realise it! The second is that those things you have experienced that pulled you down, have now congealed into the precise stepping stone that can boost you up to your next level.

When one has gone through uneasy times, it is easy to become negative and resort to playing the game of blame. However, this is not the end of your story, not by a long page! So why don’t you, instead, flip the lens around and build a different perspective? After all, lessons learnt through tough times are easier remembered and applied! And also, there is the bonus… of developing compassion!

Financially, the year will more likely throw up challenging opportunities for prosperity, rather than the actual moolah. You are being asked by your own Spirit to rise up to the challenge and decide once and for all what your identified integrity is going to be. Are you going to compromise on your values to ease out of the situation? Are you going to indulge in superiority over having money? Are you going to understand interdependence? These questions will need to be answered by you, for yourself, and will set the tenor for some time to come.
Relationships will need you to be the strong one, even when you need some support. That is the point… you are being asked to understand that you are your own best support. Once you have grasped and assimilated exactly how strong you are, you will be able to enjoy yourself.
At work, you are likely to put in a lot of effort. If you are willing to wait for your returns, then they will be manifold of what you can now put in.
If you are considering any long-term commitment, for which you would need to show a considerable amount of dedication, such as a college course, a skill-based learning, or a committed relationship… the time is ideal and promising. Your efforts will yield stupendous results when the season for fruits comes around!

What an empowering year ahead!



A wonderful and enlightening year ahead awaits you, dear November-borns…!
You have come thus far having gathered a huge lot of experience. With that has come knowledge and you are pretty sure you know all you need to know of the ways of the world. And there is no doubt that you do…
However, all this knowledge distils into wisdom by a very special process, and that process is your own nature. What you do with your experience and knowledge gained from it is uniquely yours this year, dear Novemberians. And the process you will witness within yourself is this…

Every time you observe a repeat of a pattern from earlier on, you will also observe a quietude within your soul, that will ask you whether you want to behave according to a pattern any more, or whether you now want to explore other options. You are likely to ponder over those other options, and in doing so, you will discover another great threshold. Some of what you may choose will ensure your victorious survival, for sure… yet other choices will offer you a creative power over your destiny. You will discover that you can find ways to be inspired and motivated from within yourself… and that you no more have a need to defend your stance because you can now create new worlds with your knowledge…!!

There is, alas, a downside of this gift. It is the call to be that great hero who creates the new in the face of opposition from those who would not relinquish their hold on the old and familiar. However, the gift is with you, this year, and may you use it to your benefit.

Overall, with appreciation of what you have already achieved, you will be able to achieve more. Don’t run yourself down as it will not get you anywhere. Delve deep into patience and you will see surprisingly large results. Long-term projects over which you have slogged will start to bear fruit. Relationships could be intense, or bring out the more intense shades in you. Gains will be more than material, and you may need to be open to that option. You may also need to occasionally check your temper, ego flares and the digestion. If you do keep a tab, you will have a wonderfully soaring year.

Here’s wishing you a great year ahead!!!