LEO, “… and the dots connecting… in the future!”

Mundane Tarot update for the year ahead for Leo! Leo

happybirthday3Happy Birth Anniversary, dear Leos!

You know you are dynamic, you know you are attractive… and you also suspect that it would be pretty good to be loved and appreciated. And if I tell you, you are… much loved and appreciated for what you are, and that what you are is unique… you are also going to go into a spin, wanting to believe, knowing it is true, and yet wondering whether I am offering platitudes and beatitudes.
So, here is an invitation…

I invite you to stop doubting, and for a moment, choose to step into believing. And this is what you will get when you believe…

The year ahead, starting on your birthday, is one that promises to bring you to that which you exactly need to delight your heart. The only gateway is “believe”. If you can believe that appreciation exists… you will see that it is happily given for your being, and what you are doing in the moment could change in another moment, but your being remains the way it is, full of divine potential.

So, for some time past, you have been dealing with issues from your past that seem to be dampening your efforts to move forward. And yet, those issues by themselves were no big deal. If you were to describe them, they certainly seem too small or insignificant to splinter your splendour. On the other hand, and this you have tried, if you were to push ahead in spite of those issues, it feels weighted and effortful.
Now, you are standing at the brink of clarity. And this is where it starts….
It is not in those issues that the weight exists. It is in the impact they have had on you. It is in the way they have made you feel about yourself… whether good, or doubting. It yet drags you down because you could not be sure. And you would love to be SURE, wouldn’t you!

So, this is your way forward… Of all the things in your recent past, choose those which made you feel good about yourself. Never mind if it is just one amongst many, or one aspect in a multi-faceted situation or person. Just choose that which had made you feel good in the past, and stay with that feeling.
What will happen, then?
As promised, this year, then, will show up for you everything that will agree with that feeling of yours. Everything that will happen will validate, in all manner, just how awesome you are. You will be surprised at its insidiousness… it will practically permeate your life! And it will promise to grow much, much more!
Caveat? Yes. Catch hold of your feel-good, as mentioned earlier, and keep your hold on it. Don’t let go of it, all through the year. If it is small, even tiny… it is Tinker-Bell! It will grow, as surely as the next day arrives. If it is relatively larger, then dear Leo, you are on your way to your personal superstardom!

How does it get better than that!!!

For those born on or between 22nd July and 1st August:
Your natural tendency to be very active within a certain set of rules may have made you feel chaffed and raw when those rules have not cracked up as all that supportive of you, in the recent past. Your feelings were hurt, and if so, it all stands to change, right now. You will, this year, receive just the validation you need to restore pride and dignity for your feelings. You will actually fare the best among all the other king cats, so here’s to you! Just a word of advice to hold your rudder steady… it is your own “feeling” on which you need to keep your focus. Don’t try to wrestle with ideas or with yes-folks, however benign they seem.
Health will respond very well to lots of tender, loving care. Finances will find a way to grow, though you need to be patient.

For those born on or between 2nd August and 11th August:
Your natural tendency to grow all of your good ideas would have had some hiccups in the recent past, but this you have better than all your brother Leos… You have a pretty good idea of what works and what does not. In fact, your understanding has developed by leaps and bounds because of the obstacles you have faced earlier. From this moment onwards, however, there are two key things you have to make a part of your game plan of progress. Firstly, those who are unwilling to go along with you are not your enemies; they are just folks of a different understanding. And secondly, there is far more profit for you in pleasing others, than there is in trying to establish your correctness. Don’t try to convert others to your fellowship. Instead, use your immense talent to serve them such that they yearn for your fellowship. How is that for a winning stroke!!
Health will be good if you focus on identifying what pleases you for yourself, and not on what pleases you to have the world believe. Finances will see a moderate improvement, mainly because this is a skill-building year.

For those born on or between 12th August and 22nd August:
Your natural tendency to take action through responding to situations have landed you in unpleasant soups in the past. This year, be prepared to see an improvement. You will need to work for that improvement, simply because you find a lot of blessings in the effort you are capable of putting in. If you decide to work smart, rather than working hard, here is your year’s best tip… Use as stimulus for action those behaviours of others which make you happy, and conscientiously, ignore those behaviours that stir you to anger. This is not to keep you away from exercising your morality, but to set you upon the path that will profit you, and take you out of precisely those messes for which you have no further use. Cheers!
Health will benefit from applying experts’ advice tailored to you. Finances will be moderately even… no surprises, there.

Things just got a smashing lot better!!!