Mundane Tarot Guidance for the week 27th May to 2nd June, 2018….

Mundane Tarot Guidance for the week 27th May to 2nd June, 2018…. 

“With the over-emphasis currently popularised about being charitable and giving, a lot of you have forgotten to gauge your own depletion. Giving can only be possible when you receive what you need…. when you are sure you have received. Control your emotional expenses. Check why you want to give your colleague that loan. Check whether you are doing what is necessary to maintain good health.”

And if it is your birthday this week, on or between 27th May and 2nd June…. 

Happy Birth Anniversary!
“The time is now ripe to push forward in the most dynamic manner that you can summon up, about everything that is important to you. Whether new or old, personal or professional….. all projects will benefit this year from your conscious engagement and pro-activity.
Health will be better with upping your physical exercise routines and exploring more wholesome diet options than earlier.
Finances will progressively improve through the year.”

How does it get better than that!!!



What else can I say, folks, but that the Divine has surely got our back!!!  Free-Falling-4f6b73a73fafb

We put in three components into all of our engagements… thought, feeling and action. The ratios vary, with our individual and unique nature, background, context… the permutations, as you can see, are numerous. However, at any given moment, each one of us has at least one particular complete alignment, which puts in our hands the manifestation of our efforts.

This week, then, is about digging out that ratio for our own selves! Cheers!

This week will not feel good to you, be warned. However much I may natter on that there is immense good happening in the background, unless you see it upfront and staring in your face, you are mostly determined to feel uneasy. You need not, of course, but that is another matter. You see, you are going to look at the three visible components of thought, feeling and action and feel miserable when they do not seem to gel. You are going to miss the invisible component, yourself, which is the Divine component. Well, you may remember having read this and catch yourself at odd moments… in which case, you will also spy a wonderful change-over moment in the middle of the week, where you will have an opportunity to think and do things differently. It will be a fair enough start to getting different results. But the ‘feeling’ part will still have to be dealt with, as it will likely appear pretty random to you. Though there are no major upsets, really, there is a call for you to understand for yourself what sustains you, and what is a mere illusion.

Honestly, of all the categories I draw, you are the folks who will have it relatively easier this week. Since you will not feel any threat, you are going to be game about all the situations in which you find yourself. There may be times when the higher ups may frustrate you, and a robust session of jawing out with your colleagues may relieve your stress. Back to the grind will seem almost refreshing. However, and please make note of this… mid-week, the energies swirling around may ask you to express your unique opinion. If such a situation comes up, do not show off. Resist and desist. Curb your creative tendencies and fit them into what bosses want. This will stand you in very good stead. Considering your context in life, the contribution of an employer is at least equal, if not more than that of your buddies. Just before you head off for your weekend, remember to be grateful to have the platform for self-exploration that a job offers you. Even if the week has not been worth it, say a kind word to your boss. It will work as a talisman in the weeks to come.

The week looks a little shaky for you. The good news is that it is only slightly shaky, and that too, because your thoughts are just not going to stay to heel. Even though you may have some good times with your folks, and you are also going to ensure that everything you are responsible for runs smoothly, you will feel unsure about the focus of the collective. Most uncomfortable will be when you feel let down or taken for granted. This is where this update should come in useful. Recall that you read it here, that everybody has their own vision to pursue, and understanding to base their premises on, and there is nothing wrong with that. Do not allow your thoughts to convince you that others do not care for you. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, even you could not be further from the truth. Try to relax and take good care of yourself. The calmer you remain, the better is the chance of you realising that difference of opinions never harmed anybody.

This is the week when you have the chance to get the formula right… whether of alchemy or of the divine ratio in your creation of your life. Loosen your hold on being a victim. Understand that belonging is pleasurable when you start with yourself. Remember that the joy of work is when you are doing what you love. And there…! You are ready to launch on to your rainbow path! Faith is in trusting the feeling, feeling the thought, thinking of actions that embed joy. Mid-week, when you sense yourself thrumming to be re-born, remember that you will need to set clear intentions. Whatever the level of euphoria you feel, you cannot thrust it upon others. In trying to do so, you are in a danger of draining away your own energies. There is no singular formula. There are only the components. To each his own, no matter how spectacular your results.

Oh, ye of little faith! Pull it up to big!!!

Your Map to the Treasure… Your Mirror!


For the week 22nd-28th July, 2013: Happy Girl Looking in Side Mirror

We can hardly imagine ourselves without the other. While the other can be anything… event, situation, person, memory, feeling… most often, we are looking at a differentiation. “That” is separate, distinct from “us”. And again, often enough, this leads us to focus only on that difference.
Yet, what the “other” actually does is offer us a mirror. We have always had this opportunity. It is part of our context. Wherever we go, we have this “mirror”. So this week, let us get to work on what we are seeing reflected in this mirror.

We know we ought to nurture ourselves. That seems selfish.
We know we ought to be our best. That, too, seems selfish.
We know we need clarity. That makes us feel stupid, which we are not… (getting into a room full of mirrors, here…)
We know we should stop making decisions based on knee-jerk reactions. That is making ourselves wrong all along.
We know we need to work hard. Hard work is such a burden!
And then nobody shows us the way. Life is tough and lonely.
Things are not fair. Fortune favours the fortunate.

Is all?

Just suppose you indeed looked at the actual reflection, and let go of that knee-jerk (darn!)… and begin again.
Let us nurture ourselves. Take such good care of our physical, mental and emotional health that we are always on the peak of our power. Let us understand our own thought processes, and learn to separate conditionings from the creative strands. Let us find in our emotions the directions to our own happiness. Let us understand our own nature and be responsible for it, its effects and consequences. With this sense of responsibility, let us map our path by our own understanding of it. And let us, certainly, live in awareness of our own sense of correctitude.

There! Better? Now, go rock your show!!

  • For the self-employed, the dominant theme of this week will be to put right or rectify things that had skidded out. In doing so, you will likely discover parts of yourself that are a little rusty or unknown, and may make you feel as though you have less time on hand than you would like. Not true. Take a deep breath and look again. Time is the same as anybody else’s. Sift and prioritise.
  • For the employed, a hectic week, and possibly busy, as well. Sometimes, your boss may trip you up, and you may feel caught on the back-foot. Steady on. You are doing a good job. Deep breath, rethink and start again. Your weekend will bring you some much deserved rest.
  • For those who consider themselves dependent, this will be a “people” week, and much of it with relatives, and friends… There will be occasions to delve into your own thought processes, though they may come up through harsh interactions. No hard feelings will be harboured, but it will be an extremely worthy exercise for you to reconsider your measure of right and wrong.
  • For the voluntary care-givers, an interesting week, as much unattended and pushed-aside stuff will resurface for you to work on. You are going to feel very keenly every little shift of energy. The key will be to look for your core and grab on to it… and try to enjoy the ride. All is well.

Three cheers to change! Enjoy!

Finding Never-Never Land…!!!

For the week 8th-14th July, 2013…  peter-pan-disney-32501933-1365-1024

A maze is not a maze…
A dream is wakefulness…
A straight path is blind…
A known is redundant…

With such a set of directions, it is normal to be… confused?
No. You are not meant to be confused. You are meant to find out what works, through the path of what does not… specifically for you. No two paths are ever going to be the same, so here is the way you will go down yours, this week.

  • For the self-employed, the whole idea is being in control. Well, the energies this week start with slipping out of your control. Deep-seated fears can surface and leave you feeling more terrified than usual, because you would likely be thinking that you had been done with them, so where, why, how, now…? Stop and breathe… it is a gift. You have the opportunity to understand now that feelings are not supposed to be repressed, suppressed, push away for later, denied, jumped over… anything at all. Feelings are supposed to be felt. Then you would see that they rise, reign and subside. The residue they leave can show you why they came up in the first place. It is the reason for those feelings that you need to understand as your triggers and sort them out, such that you can move on to create a new behaviour. For a while, this going may seem tough, but the moment you understand that the fruit is the end of one cycle and you can choose the seeds for the next… you will start to regain control over your life.
  • For the employed, it is all about relating. You are going to have numerous experiences this week that will show you your fixed behaviour patterns and where they do NOT work. It will make you unsure, till you realise that there is a gift. Relating is about flowing with the current energies, and the current can be ever-changing. This is your opportunity to practise changing with the currents, then. In doing so, for a couple of days, you may feel drained, but that will soon pass. Remind yourself that adapting to variables is the power of those who choose to relate to others. This will lead you, by the end of the week, to finding those behaviours that serve you. All good.
  • For those who consider themselves dependent, a significant idea that crops up now is that of having. While the week starts with a reiteration of what you have and do not have, which has been pretty stable for the past few months, and still is… you will likely feel nervous and slightly disillusioned about certain aspects of your relationships. However, mid-week will help you come back to your plumb-line, and as the week rolls to a close, you will rediscover all your folks in a new and happy way. This ‘new’ bit is debatable, and keep that in mind. You may not like ‘new’ ways of old folks, so make the effort for yourself to bring your viewpoint around to what still seems familiar. By the end of the week, though you may feel you need to put in a lot of effort, and it will fetch you happy results.
  • For the voluntary care-givers, it is all about letting blossom whatever you are capable of. This week, just as a few earlier, is awesome in its proportions… of letting you discover just how rich your field of dreams is, just how prolific you can be. Understand your feelings are finger-posts. They do not guide you. They point you to what guides you. So, working with feelings is not as necessary as is acknowledging and integrating them. Your point of creation is in thought, and the feelings surrounding any thought will determine the nature of what is manifesting. This week, you will have the opportunity of experiencing this Law, up close and very personal!

Go, rock, you self-believers, you!!!!

The Image In The Mirror…. Simply Awesome!!!

For the week 1st-7th June, 2013:

Simple, really.
At certain moments, we are happy enough to be completely satisfied with life. And then we don’t want to let go of that moment. Yet, it is inevitable that moments pass. So, where is that happiness? BoyCheflight-top
We attempt to enlarge our scope, then… working towards our greater image of ourselves. Occasionally, we glimpse the greatness of our own power… and we then want to have everything we can conceive of.
At this point, we need to be reminded that we have the resources to be whatever we want to be in our own blue-print. However hard we try, we cannot be what others are. Thus, even though we are continuously staring into a reflection and trying to work in a mirror-image… with focus and repetition, there is an indelible pathway created. We can indeed work our way up our understanding to completeness.

The rest, dear brethren, is, as always, up to the universe.

* For the self-employed, this is a crucial week, albeit, internally. You know you have to follow processes and work hard, so what is keeping you still from doing all of that for what you believe in and makes you happy? Money being earned is a by-product. Since you are going to make money anyway, why not now make it while enjoying the work?

For the employed, a very productive week at work and one that will also make you feel worthy. There are hardly times that are usually this elevating, so dig into the plate… You will enjoy it.

* For the dependent, you certainly have had a stable run thus far. It still is stable and heart-warming enough. However, you might occasionally wonder this week whether you actually are not far more powerful than you seem to be. The question is not whether you are or are not… it is what you mean by being powerful, and how it applies to you.

*For the voluntary care-givers… here is your week. Whatever happens, it is trying to show you how awesome you are. Would you sit up and take notice of yourself, please?

Who do you see in the mirror!!!?

What Do You See When You Look Back…?

FOR THE WEEK 10th-16th JUNE, 2013…

I have had a sneak creep up on me and tell me something we had been missing… and now we are up this week to meet it full on.
It is called the ‘past’. cristiano-ronaldo-461-steve-nash-looking-behind-a-phoenix-suns-nba-game-2012
No matter how focussed we are on living in the present, we are the products of our past. And we have left windows open…
This is how…
There were times back there, then, when… when we had surely done what we had known and understood to be in form, and yet, over time, we have regretted our action. We have wondered whether it could have been done any differently. And for most of us, this feeling is a brick-bat aimed straight at our self-image. Thus, in an effort to preserve that image, we ignore and try to move on.
Well, it is knocking at the door now.
Now is the time. Let your past in. Acknowledge what you have experienced. Know for sure that all people do what they understand to be the best at any given time. Also acknowledge that you are in a different place now, so you could have a different view-point, which is just as valid… given who you are today. And this is the moment for the marvel hidden in this re-visitation… Discover your intent.

What was your intent at that time in the past? Does the intent still hold good for you? Do you resonate with it? Is it the one that you are still working on, perhaps, only in a different way? If yes, then make that past moment a stepping-stone for where you have now reached. Quit disowning it. Instead, own it, be responsible, acknowledge that it is what has brought you here. Then open up to having your resources link up and be enlarged, as you still have with you all that you have had in the past. Work at improving all the tools that you implement, and in that, too, learn from your past. You have arrived at a great moment… when something that you had perceived as a blot on your landscape turns out to be your own helping hand.

And if you do not resonate with that intent any more, you will find a way to say goodbye to it and lay it to rest forever…
Either way, you can begin again with renewed resources and consciousness of having integrated with more parts of yourself.

Remember, if a shadow has been cast, there must be light behind it.

  • For the self-employed, a portentously difficult week. When the stakes are up and you are already playing, of course, it is going to be difficult to deal with the past, and especially with those things that look like mistakes. Also, you have already decided to be a leader, and this interferes with the well-laid plans! However, you have to do it. And the tougher it is, the surer you can be of that lump of coal turning to diamond. Swallow, chin up and plunge right in. The promise is that you will come out the other side, shining.
  • For the employed, you may not feel confident of yourself at all down the week. On the contrary, you may have a bout of wondering whether your employers have ever considered you worth anything at all. Yet, hunch up and push away at what you know you do well, and you will come through. Your accolades will be on hold, but you sure will be in a much better place than when you went in. And yes, don’t get emotional!
  • For those who consider themselves dependent, a marvellous week of reunions and meeting up with loved ones in many different ways. Since a number of weeks, you have been finding validity in your life choices. The going is still good, and rather emotional, too. Make time for some nostalgic entertainment early in the week; you will enjoy it. Towards the end of the week, you may find yourself pondering over your own identity as expressed by your life-circumstances. That is not frightening, so welcome your thoughts.
  • For the voluntary care-givers, you have been conscious since a few months of the great shift happening. It still is. In indefinably deep ways. And facing the deep dark within yourself will help you re-discover resources that you may have had given up on. You have not been intimidated earlier by more obvious scares… and this is a call of your own deep. So don’t be scared. Plunge in. The end of the week will be enlightening. Then you can resume chopping wood, carrying water!

What is within you, is yours! Make it a treasure!

“A Bit Of Better Butter!”

FOR THE WEEK 3rd-9th JUNE, 2013…

Out of plain milk can be churned butter, with the help of two ropes, a stick and some ingenuity.
Of course, the ingenuity comes from you, the creator. image-563
The stick is your point of action.
This week, it is those two ropes that we talk about….
In one hand you have the rope of way you behave, and in the other hand, the rope of why you behave the way you behave. One feeds and validates the other, and wrapped around your stick of action, you churn out butter.

The week begins with a call to be aware that we are creatures of habit. Our behaviour is bound by a pattern. We have learnt the pattern before we have learnt anything else. It is based on conditioning, understanding and context… of which we become aware few days down. We can see the perfection of the context and the pattern working in tandem, to present us with the platform our actions need.
So how does this take us to Tipperrary, you may well ask…
And the answer is, through the short way… by understanding your emotional guidance system.
Open up and be unafraid of your own spirit of giving. Just where you are, the way you are, give what you want to give… no holds barred. True, we cannot move away from our instinctual drive. Truer, that we cannot deny our heredity. What is not so unchangeable is our ability to give and make our own the grace of being received.
Note that we are not discussing getting, taking or receiving here, along with giving. It does not exist on the same axis, however neat it may sound coupling ‘giving’ with any one of the other three. What does belong to the same plane is innate trust in the goodness of life. Opening up our hearts to allow giving to pour forth also creates the Utopia we have ever dreamt of. Imagine how much richer our collective consciousness would be if we knew that good would always be present for us somewhere close by!
However, we have not forgotten our current point of focus, in our everyday action. Living and dreaming of living in the perfection of generosity does not make everything bountiful, does it… I hear you point out. Well, try it, I jab back at you… and you’d be surprised at how swiftly you encounter satisfactory fulfilment at whatever step of action in which you are engaged. First, you see it for your self. Then you find your corner of the collective steeping in it. And then, maybe, you will believe that the perfect life is not somewhere out there, to be attained through mastery over faceless fears. Your perfect life is right there in your own backyard, waiting for you to activate the one switch that can connect you to it.
And if you have made that beginning, it is just the beginning of winning!

  • For the self-employed, the week is overly sensitive. You have been functioning on a paradigm that keeps emotional orientation out of the context. Yet, the week promises gain through such allowance. On the other hand, you cannot exactly open up your stock-rooms to a free-for-all. However, you need to get a grip on yourself and find out that this is not what is being talked about. The discovery of Utopia in your backyard applies to you, as well… only, it is in the form of allowing your work to enjoy your generosity, of happy caring.
  • For the employed, the week can be pretty happy-making if you can take a good look around your work-place and acknowledge that what looks like differences is only superficial. Underneath the mask of different departments, all of your colleagues are exactly like you… loving, caring, wanting to be happy and make others happy. This could be your moment of integration into your life.
  • For those who consider themselves dependent, you have been feeling pretty validated in your chosen roles since quite some time. You continue your good roll, and are likely to experience very loving interactions with your folks. Try to not dig too much into people’s motivations. Accepting them at face-value often make people behave open-heartedly, too.
  • For the voluntary care-givers, the fun and games start. When particles were discovered to be molecules and molecules to be atoms and atoms to be electrons… indeed, the world was opening up to newer and more expanded understanding, and it was all very exciting. But none of it changed the appearance of things. You still chop wood and carry water. This is your threshold. You know the change has been internal. Do not attempt to prove anything to disbelievers. You are of the creed that life is a uniquely individual experience. Be aware that you must not attempt to look for any proof, yourself, either. The jar is visible, the water having changed into wine, is not.

Churn away, butter-masters! Life has begun!!!

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