And Now, It’s All Worth It!….. TAURUS








Happy Birth Anniversary, dear Taurus! 

I am delighted to say that you have a very fruitful year coming up, starting on your birthday, and this is exactly how…

In the recent past, you have started down a new path, not entirely of your own bidding. Though the path did seem like a good idea to you, based on your observation of other travellers… you were hesitant to behave differently than usual, and step out of your proverbial comfort zone. But you had done it anyway, and with that tiny flame of hope lighting up in your heart, guess what?

It is entirely likely that you will experience the whole path just turn around and weave you right back into your comfort zone, and your zone is going to look far more stable and bountiful. Is that awesome news or what!!!

For those born on or between 21st April and 30th April:

You had stepped up to what you had considered to be an idea that was in some way greater than your understanding. Now, as the year unfolds and settles with its gifts for you, one among them will be a broader understanding of the ways of the world, and you will be happy to have taken the chance that you did!
Finances will be excellent. A good time to reinvest in property comes up. Health will benefit if you welcome movement of the body, in any manner that seems welcome to you.

For those born on or between 1st May and 10th May:

When you had commenced this new venture, you were pretty sure you were doing the right thing, because you have a great trust in wise people gone before, showing the path. In fact, your faith in people who have been there, done that and lived to tell the tale, is immense. To make matters better, then, this year will unfold for you to be proved right over and over again. In little ways, you have to start leaving your own mark, and you will manage to do that fairly well.
Finances will be excellent. Do consider enlarging your investment portfolio. Health will benefit from careful consideration and suitable lifestyle measures.

For those born on or between 11th May and 20th May:

You, out of all Taureans, were probably the most apprehensive about the new step you have taken. You were keeping a close watch on it, and monitoring it according to your own past experiences. This wonderful year will help you relax and acknowledge that you have made some right choices along the way and things are turning out just fine. Relax, and make friends with this new you. It is not very different from the old you!
Finances will be excellent, and you will do very well to rearrange your current investment portfolio. Health will benefit hugely from some friendly tweaks made in your usual routine, to increase physical activity.

How does it get better than that!!

“Come What May…..!!”…. Shine On, PISCES!!!

Mundane Tarot update for the year ahead for Pisces… pisces-2017

Happy Birth Anniversary, dear Pisces!

The year coming up for you is, as they call it, a “game-changer”…! How does it get better than that!!!

In the past year or two, you have been devoting your energies to being a person of the world, and you have done a very good job, it must be said! You have worked with people and you have found spaces in yourself where worldly wisdom mattered. Some of you may have felt a bit skittish, along the way, but all in all, you have shown to be exemplary…

Now, however, times… they are a-changing…!

This year, you are going to use your experience from the recent past to understand yourself better, and to make the shift away from what does not suit you, towards what you feel defines you. This is a big thing, and most of it will be internalised. Know that the Universe has got your back. And I know that you are a very courageous people…!

For those born on or between February 19th and February 29th:
If you feel the past year or so have not been easy on you, this is your opportunity to identify exactly what bothers you… for you will now be able to make a shift away from it. However, be alert that you don’t confuse your personal dislike with a quality judgement. Let those who do like things differently be with what they choose. You will be well served to make choices only for yourself.

Health will benefit from becoming focussed about your exercise, rest and eating habits. This is a good year to become healthier. Finances will improve with a systematic approach to both spending and saving.

For those born on or between March 1st and March 10th:
The past year or so has been full of activity, but it has been a time you could tide well over. Things were well enough handled all around. You may not be quite as keenly aware of anything to eschew, as would be the other Pisceans. So, all that you need to focus on is to increase your engagement with things that you personally like, be they work or relationships.

Health will benefit from trying out some new activities and foods. You may surprise yourself. Finance will be generally good.

For those born on or between March 11th and March 20th:
The past year or so have been well-handled by you, but it is likely that you have developed some stress along your fault-lines! This year will offer you the opportunity to explore those very fault-lines in your personality and acknowledge them as what makes you unique. Do not try to correct yourself. Instead, focus on building a life around your personal preferences.

Health will benefit from choosing quieter and more reflective activities and more wholesome foods. Finances may feel challenging, but the going will be fairly good, so stay calm.

piscesWhat a beautiful world!!!

Hello, Sweet NOVEMBER…!!!

november16Mundane Tarot Update for November, 2016…

As we move into a different season, we are coming upon energies which are asking us to look deep within ourselves with the kind of honesty which is only honourable for us to hold….

The month of November holds for us the possibility that we can move from a stable place to a better place for ourselves.
However, for most of us, preconceived notions about what life is disallow us from exploring what life can be. This means that we struggle for so long and with such intensity to get life to appear a certain way, that we forget to discover what way we would like. Or, even more challenging… we assume we don’t know what is good for us.

Anyhow, resources are always available to us. So if we can look around us and discover for ourselves what we already know as defining stability in our lives, we can perhaps apply that discovery to other areas and begin to acknowledge that we do know that we are living a good life.  
Eventually, by the end of November, we will find a need to reconnect with what remains undone or incomplete in our lives, simply because we don’t like that incompleteness … and not because it is somehow right or wrong!

Health is a mixed bag. What will help most of us is to stick to our own tried and tested methods of self-care… but certainly, to take that care.

Finances are in the flow, with expenditure and income, more or less, balancing each other out. However, chances of unnecessary spending is high, calling for us to operate out of higher levels of awareness.

It is productive month for people who are engaged in studying, research-work, or teaching/dealing in logic-based subjects.
All of us need to be patient in matters of relationships… nothing conclusive will happen.

Here’s looking at a wonderful new season!

AUGUST…. My Old Friend….!

Mundane Tarot update for the month of August, 2016…IMG_20160801_223711

The beatific August offers us a chance to understand our place in the grander scheme of life…. Our specific, unique place that needs just us and not another, and our specific nature as the resource to brighten up the world. This, however, also needs us to allow for everyone and everything around us as perfection. We bring ourselves to the design, as does everybody else….
And how is that going to work out for us?
Most of us will feel unsure of adopting the above-mentioned as a working principle. We would feel somewhat sure of ourselves, and perhaps about others we know…. But about those who we don’t know? Trusting them with our personal progress would be difficult. Quite difficult. This would seem to be one of those ideas that seem good in theory and very doubtful in practice!

And additionally, we have all of our past experience alive and kicking in our memory bank. For as much agreement we can drum up for trusting each unique individual to do their number, we can spill out many and much more reasons to not do so. We would want to hang on to the tried and tested…. and nothing is wrong with that.

As the end of August will show us clearly, that we can only get what we are prepared to receive. As the adage goes, as we sow, so we shall reap. In how many ways can you look at that saying, then? What do you want to reap…. and how are you sowing its seeds?

August August!!! 😉

CANCER!!! On the home stretch…!!!!


The year ahead for Cancerians..… CancerDelphiniums

Happy Birth Anniversary!

Times, they are a-changing! This year is going to convince you that the world is not exactly clued in to who you are, even though it is basically a nice place, with nice people…

Make this interesting for yourself; do not use this as an excuse to feel left out. You, of all people, understand tides. So in the ebb and flow of time, your rule will definitely come around.

Currently, you are doing something that is not entirely comfortable for you, though you may be doing it rather well. Since some time past, you have been engaged in utilising your analytical and reasoning abilities to make certain things happen. Likely, it is a Very Important Thing…. for example, your job, if you are employed, or your networking and people skills, if you are moulding a start-up, or matters of your toddler’s growth, if you are bringing up a child. At this moment in your flow, you are focussed on doing everything the correct way, and you are learning a lot as you go along. However, this part of the journey has not exactly been inclusive of your great emotional capacities, and chances are that you are feeling a burn-out. Now comes this year’s good news…. This run fuelled on goals, ambitions and not much else is into the home stretch! This means that through the year ahead, you will see those matters on which you were working so hard reach a stable point, and allow you a much needed breather. Of course, you will need to maintain your engagement in its successful run, but it can be far less draining than earlier. In fact, if your project also has other people involved in it, you will have a good time sitting back and watching them do their stuff, while you maintain your stance and catch a breather.

On a more general note, relationships can turn committed, student Cancerians can progress to the next level, there can be a sudden realisation of practical and profitable ideas and also a good chance of finding solace in the midst of turbulence.

Everything is working out just right for you!

For those born on or between 21st June and 1st July:

It seems likely that particular ideas of yours are now set to find grounding and will grow into manifestation over the next few years. You need to be on the alert that you are personally very fond of those ideas to imbue them with the energy they need. Yes, make your own pleasure an important idea, this year! Health issues, if any, will now start resolving. Find routines you can like. Finances will open up to investments and savings.

For those born on or between 2nd July and 11th July:

You will need to identify where, when and how you are ready to slow down and change tracks, else inertia can keep you moving till you burn out. Having said that, knowing that communication is your forte, do allow yourself to understand what you are about. Rules and principles can help you make a quick reality check. Health will benefit from improving diet and choosing exercises that de-stress and relax you. Finances will see expenditure, so make your spending count. You can also choose very long-term investments.

For those born on or between 12th July and 21st July:

You will sense slow-down a mile off, so be ready to change your mode of engagement accordingly. Shift your energies to other things you like, as what you will move away from is now ready to run on its own. Keep an eye on it, by all means, but be alert to wanting to micromanage. Your energies will be better used in other things that attract you. Relationships will become more significant. Health will improve with care given to diet and lightness of energy. Finances will be more or less as usual, and stable, for the most part.

How does it get any better than that!!!!



JANUARY 2016…”We Live As We Believe!”




Mundane Tarot update for the month of January, 2016: 

Happy New Year, everybody, and welcome to a new set of energies, fresh off the anvil!

The month of January brings with it the energies that enable us to live as we believe.
Of course, when we look at our lives, we find many things we would rather not have the way they are. In such cases, we have to change what we believe about life, so that life can then change into what we now believe about it!
So basically, the time is now to see our life as the manifestation of all that we have believed about it, in relation to us.
We start the month with one of the most fecund resources of all… the desire to make life the way we want, of such intensity that we are willing to step out of our comfort zones and encounter chaos in an effort to better ourselves.
And with this desire, we couple our perspective… that all wisdom should be practically applicable, else it is no wisdom to live by, at all. Here, we need to be aware of what we mean by ‘practically applicable’, because with this perspective, we have imposed a condition on Wisdom!

And so, by the end of the month, we will have taken a lot of action, done a lot of things, moved a lot of mountains…
And were we successful?
That will depend… on whether we have trivialised wisdom into being linear formulae meant to achieve goals or we have been able to see the multidimensional role we play in the whole picture.

On a secondary note, this month, we must be alert to the fact that intellectualisation invites a drain to emotions and a loss of connection with practical reality. Any individual faculty helps us only as far as it can go. Eventually, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Things are getting better and better all the time!

And here is “All JUNE In The Garden”….!!!

Mundane Tarot update for the month of JUNE, 2015: June2015

The theme of the month of June is integrating with our own selves the wisdom we have acquired as we experience relating with ‘the other’. And this can be only an upward graph…! Every time we perceive of ‘the other’, whether in a person, event or object, we have an opportunity to gaze into a mirror reflecting ourselves. What is your image telling you about yourself?

So, to begin our journey into the centre of our being, from wherever we are, we have available grounding and real energies that can give us an anchor or a sense of rootedness to prevent us from flying off…the handle? Hallelujah! We just have to occasionally remind ourselves to use these energies and ground ourselves.

Through the weeks, the energies that present themselves to us in order to help us achieve our integration are…

From 1st to 8th of June, 2015:
We would want to be very active about our integration. It would not be very effective most of the time, given that looking into the mirror requires more observing, than taking action. But at other, better managed times, we would put the horse at the right side of the apple-cart, and do what our observation informs us about doing. Let’s just take ourselves with a large pinch of salt.

From 9th to 15th of June, 2015:
Now we are talking… however, to our inner children! There is a host of beliefs and postulates we hold on to very firmly, that forms the grid into which we weave our existence. This week, we may have to decide whether we want to be right or we want to be happy. The problem is not of right/wrong or happy/sad. The problem is that we might have to admit to ourselves that we have had our inner connections mixed up for a long time, and some conscientious inner housekeeping is now necessary. Time for some discernment, folks!

From 16th to 23rd June, 2015:
Folks, this is big! This week, we have at our disposal all possible help to align ourselves precisely towards which we have been striving. This means that we have available for our use the precise energy we need to set matters of all relationships into the form or appearance we wish to see. When we know that all things are two things… ‘it’self, and the lack of ‘it’, we are responsible for choosing which end of the stick we want to be ‘it’. So this week is a good time to ponder whether there is love/lack of love or hate/lack of hate… or light/lack of light or darkness/lack of darkness… or even more crucial, joy/lack of joy or sadness/lack of sadness. One way or the other, you are ready now to proceed towards applying your garnered wisdom.

From 24th to 30th June, 2015:
Eventually, everything changes, evolves, grows, shifts, moves, flows… from one point to the next and then, on to the next. This week invites us to take our relationships with everything and everyone in our lives to the next level. Given that we have been at applying wisdom to our relating with ‘the other’ all through the past three weeks, what are we going to show for it? A new chapter… whatever be its appearance.

And the month ends on a not of grave repose. In our attempt to change our world, we have changed. We have challenged and upended some of our beliefs, and we have faced some of our demons. June’s gift to us as we arrive at its end is that “there is no Other”.

Now, how does it get better than that!!!

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