Emerging Glory….!!! SAGITTARIUS, 2017

Happy Birth Anniversary, dear Sagittarius!

There is very little that can faze your indomitable spirit, but something had indeed disturbed you a year or two ago. You had handled it to the best of your ability,and most of you will admit to having done a fairly decent job. However, you had felt out of your depth and could hardly make sense as to the whys and wherefores…

Good news….!

That time has passed. Hopefully, lessons have been learnt, pieces have been fished out and put back together, and enthusiasm has been pulled up by the boot-straps, by now. Moving forward, the year that is starting on your birthday, will now provide you with an opportunity to be your best self, to shine your own light, and bring closure to certain loose ends. There is, however, a caveat… though it is for the better.

You will need to understand that whatever you did to stay afloat the past few years, was because that was what your conditioning had brought up from within you. Your efforts, though effective, were not ground-breaking news, and you had acted in self-defense. It is NOT a bad thing. It is just to let you know that you can now lower your guards and understand that, firstly, that time is past, and you don’t have to carry its stories forward… and secondly, there could have been other, equally effective, ways to have handled those circumstances.

In any case, you can now let bygones be, as you are wiser, and more abundant in this moment.

Isn’t that awesome?

For those born on or between 23rd November and 2nd December:
You have been trusting and faithful to your ideal, over and above your acceptance. You can relax now. Though things are eased out, and will continue to relax, you might feel the occasional alertness crop up. There isn’t a need for that, so express yourself through decluttering your physical space and perhaps, journalling, to ease any possible tension. Health will be more aligned with your nature and you will be able to take steps to improve, if you need to. Finances will be good and investment opportunities will present themselves.

For those born on or between 3rd December and 12th December:
You were very deeply engaged in the battles you have been fighting for the past couple of years. It might take some considerable effort to disengage from that mentality, but disengage you must… because that time is now past. It will be a good idea to now start focussing on the future in small steps and plans for a few days at a time.

Health will benefit from increasing physical activities that you enjoy. Finances will see a rise in expenditure, which you can easily turn to investments.

For those born on or between 13th December and 21st December:
This is a major year coming up, for you! Of course, the recent past has been put to a deserved rest. What is coming up is an opportunity to create life just the way you want. While this is a time of great potential, its expression is completely dependent on how well you understand yourself. So, now onwards, please make a very conscious and focussed attempt to wish for ways to achieve your dreams… and not just for your dreams to be fulfilled! Doing-ness, you see!

Health will benefit from taking good care of diet and timely rest. Finances will be within your control, so take the opportunity to think and plan.

How does it get better than this!!!


Pilgrims’ Progress….. SAGITTARIUS!!!

Sagittarius-symbolMundane Tarot update for the year ahead for Sagittarius…







Happy Birth Anniversary!

New beginnings up ahead!

Especially in matters in which you had to put your nose to the grind for the past couple of years… New beginnings!

Having said that, this is your alert.
Your past few years of hard work should have taught you all that you need to know when you now set out to begin anew. You can now create what you have wanted to create, with the understanding that whether they are your own dreams or you are working for somebody else’s, there is always work.

As they say… before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water….

So, have a goal, a plan to reach the goal, steps in the plan that you can undertake… in order to make sense of your new beginnings.

For those born on or between 23rd November and 2nd December:

You probably have struggled with the role you have been playing as part of your life drama, up until now. There were times when you have found a mismatch between your intelligence and capabilities, and the duties you were called upon to perform. Moving ahead now, you are going to find more amenable situations and circumstances, even if you are not making a dramatic strike out on your own. Just remember the lesson you have learned about hard work over the past few years. That is going to come in handy, whatever be the goal you now set for yourself.
Finances will need planning and allocating, for savings, expenses and entertainment… everything. Health will benefit from new regimes that you in your wisdom can put together for yourself, based on your experiences.

For those born on or between 3rd December and 12th December:

You have gathered a humongous amount of experience in hard work, or necessary work, in the past few years. Now, albeit it being the time for new beginnings, you have to know which beginning to make! Go for the ones that call to your sense of self, that you have a fondness for, that help you see yourself in the manner you desire. However, never for a single moment allow yourself to slip into ways that pretend that hard work matters less than creativity… because it doesn’t. In the forest, there is need for both the hare and the tortoise. Do your stuff, and do it with the diligence you have recently learnt.
Finances will be a tad challenging, but can stay totally under control through applying wisdom learnt. Health will be good with a disciplined and steady routine, from experience of what works for you.

For those born on or between 13th December and 21st December:

You, of all Sagittarians, will understand well that every journey starts with the first step, which need to be followed up with the consecutive steps. You have learnt well over the past few years. Now apply everything you have learnt with the discipline inherent in your nature. You are in a good place to brush up anything you need through taking short courses or apprenticeships. And if you are not starting anything new, treat what you have been working at as something that has just now received a paradigm shift…
Finances will be good if you are true to your nature. Health will be good when you have a routine for both exercising and fun.


What a wonderful year ahead!!

“The Winners Never Quit..!” SAGITTARIUS

736797-bigthumbnailMundane Tarot Update for the year ahead for Sagittarius: 

Happy Birth Anniversary, dear Sagittarians! Sagittarius-symbol

And here is a year to which you can justifiably look forward!

In the recent past, there was one particular issue you were battling. It is not quite over, and perhaps, you have occasionally felt daunted by it. Particularly, you have been feeling that you should have proved more than a match for it, but something nebulous always seemed to be hanging just outside your vision.

This year, you are going to be able to step back and see that very issue for iceberg it represents. And to your great advantage, you will understand exactly what was wrong with the underlying concept that had shown up this issue, in the precise context of your own life. Then, you will be able to begin again…
Does that mean you will be going through the same battle all over again?
Yes, and no.
Yes, because it is about the same issue, though in a wider, multi-dimensional and wholistic way.
No, because now you will be playing to win.
How does it get better than that!

For those born on or between 23rd November and 2nd December:

Your recent struggle has left you feeling bruised and agitated, and you have had to put a lid on it. You have not been able to understand why it had to be this way, at all. But now, your situation is going to improve particularly in the matter with which you have been wrestling. You will be able to make more sense of it, and also develop a kind of detachment. You will understand that it is a battle not of your choosing, but now that you are in it, you can find effective ways to exit, again, if you choose.
Health will stabilise, before it takes a turn for the better. Finances, too, will be on the side of high expenditure, but predictable. You are readying for the upswing.

For those born on or between 3rd December and 12th December:

For all the abrasion and near-exhaustion you could be feeling from your recent unfruitful exertions, you are probably the best equipped of all Sagittarians to ‘feel’ your way out of this situation, now. Your innate wisdom is eventually going to bring you into a wider and more inclusive understanding of the ways of the world, through your own travails, but you need not wait for the light to come on before you feel better. You can start feeling better right away, starting on your birthday, by choosing to stay focussed on your immediate environment and what feels good in it. A universal formula, which is going to pay you very rich dividends, this year! Health will need care, and if you are focussing on feeling good, you will be able to give yourself whatever care you need. Finances will be stable; you need to worry less!

For those born on or between 13th December and 21st December:

There is a streak of discipline in you which has helped you through your recent grind. Now, it will help you more, as you decide to step back and look at the larger picture… of your tribulations and your beliefs about life which had manifested as such. You will show very little inclination to hang on to any belief that is not working for you any longer. Even if you don’t quite understand something, if you figure it is good for you, it is going to receive all your diligent attention. Use this ability of yours to accept what is important to you and why… as your starting point. This year will then lead you down a more profitable path.
Your health will benefit from that same diligence, and a sudden improvement in six months will lift your spirits. Finance is stable, and you may even be able to make some savings.

How does it get better than that!!!

“The Ultimate Measure….” is SAGITTARIUS!!!

SagittariusHappy Birth Anniversary, dear Sagittarians!Sagittarius-symbol






Good times come in many shapes and sizes, and it does not always have to be a trigger-happy birthday, now, does it! The year ahead is awesome in its opportunities to stabilise that ground you would ride out upon for your adventures, so let’s get crackin’!

There is a place within each one of us where we appreciate the ‘just so’… Externally, it is expressed as various things for various people, but the underlying need is to have certain things unchanging so that we can deal with the changing by basing ourselves on those unchanged things. You may have a very faint idea or appreciation of this factor called ‘stability’… but consider this: how would you gallop around on your horse if you couldn’t give it a hard ground on which to gallop? Or even, trot.

So, let’s discuss that hard ground, shall we? Much like me, the year ahead for you is also going to occasionally encourage this discussion!

You are endowed with dynamic energy, innate wisdom, and a brilliant ability to understand closures. You are extremely well-appointed in the intelligence sector and there is perhaps none other who can see a spade for a spade as well as you. The year ahead offers you an opportunity to consolidate everything that can and does already help you be yourself. Do look at the steady handles in your life that make it easy for you to be the way you are… your horse’s good health, the ground you ride upon, the never-failing sun! And this year, you absolutely must contribute your energy to your own stability. It does not mean you have to suddenly stop what you are doing and start plodding at humdrum… but (and this is important) if you do not pay attention as and when your opportunities for stabilisation arise, your personal Guardian Angel is going to yank you back from your latest adventure and make sure you complete your homework.
So here is a short list on how you can do the right thing by yourself, this year…
1) Identify the particular things which have consistently stood by you and supported you through your life. It could be your job, your mother, your boss’s habit on relying on your wisdom, you beat-up car, anything… It could also be qualities that invariably charge you up, such as a good belly-laugh, or your good health, or the crisp sunlight… Identify them. List them down.
2) Identify how you can enhance and ensure the presence of each one of those things on your list. In other words, what can you do, practically speaking, to support those energies that have been supporting you? For example, your old, beat-up car; you could give it a good servicing. Or sunlight… you could put a potted plant as an offering, where it slants into your room, or gift somebody an awareness of how sunlight is helping them! (Be creative!!)
3) And then do it. Take the steps, and take them regularly… that help you help your help. Consistently. Like clock-work. If you have decided to honour your belly-laughs, set up a time where you can invoke it (sit-coms on TV!), and kindred brethren with whom you can intensify the appreciation offered (your beer-buddies to howl with you!). You will find many things to be grateful about, if you put your mind to it, and thus you can fill up the whole year with these ‘rampages of appreciation’!

And the point of it all? You are in a very good place to launch your next phase of life. However, you are not the kind of person who would naturally do the kind of things that are now required to be done to ensure a good manifestation of that next phase. So, take a page out of the plodders’ manual and do things in this new way.
Want a new car/ book/ oven/ pen? Budget, save, acquire.
Want to remain healthy? Identify your good health habits and add to them… such as transforming your bad health habits.
Want to have an awesome year ahead? Identify your already-awesome and keep doing them!!
How does it get better than that!!!

(Please note: The dates are according to Tarot calendar. There are no cusps)
If your birthday falls on or between

23rd November and 2nd December:
You, of all Sagittarians, will ‘get’ what the above rant o’ rampage is all about! Likely, you will find ways to follow the path of appreciative building, with a very good idea that it opens out into meadows of free gallops! Your health will be as good as you keep it. Have a great year!
3rd December and 12th December:
You may need to work on that restlessness which would make stabilising difficult. However, since nothing is impossible for you, I advise that whenever following a routine as mentioned above triggers more of that restlessness, change your focus on to something else that falls in the same category of appreciation! You will have utilised your energy well. J
Your health will tend to the bilious and you can be responsible about your welfare, so be responsible!
13th December and 21st December:
You are well able to do the right thing. Shift out of thinking that this particular right thing we are speaking about may curtail your adventures, and focus on the fact that we are working on preparing your ground… how cool is that! If you feel fidgety with all these regulations, delve into yourself for your creativity and enhance the experience of regulating your life with it. Your well-being will be directly proportional with your calm acceptance of your needs.

Have a great year ahead, dear Sagittarians!!!