Knowing Me, Knowing You…! NOVEMBER, 2017

Mundane Tarot update for the month of November, 2017…

People, people, people!

It would seem as though everything in which we engage have people in them. Perhaps, it is about relationships, this month… or about work we simply need to make inclusive. However it shows up, you can be sure that Sweet November is about the people in your life and how they impact you.

To begin with, much seems to be in a state of strong enough flux to make us want to clear the table and start over. Or at least, to get a good grounding, once more. Some of us will experience situations to be utterly chaotic. Others may see in that a marvellous opportunity to create anew…
Deep within ourselves, we have a need for, a desire for and a fear about safety. Much of what we have done up until now has been to get a foothold into life. And suddenly, the breeze that blows now smells of newness. For some of us, it may be unnerving. A few others will scrabble around to get everything back into neat little boxes. For all of us, it is a good time to check our premises.


As we move ahead, it would be of benefit to us to remind ourselves that a large portion of our lives is familiar, comfortable and predictable. What is new would be in very tiny fractions of what is already there. So let us draw on our wisdom of experience of the past, and of people we have in our lives, in order to fashion the best change yet. Let us not forget, even for a moment, that we are the sum total of our experiences, as well as born anew everyday.


By the end of November, however, most of us are going to forget ever being unsure and shaky! That is not a bad attitude to have at all,and yes, do go riding forward into your future… There is a lot of promise of spectacular events. It is up to us to give them necessary definition.

And for those few who are making the effort of growing your awareness of self, yes, you will notice that the more things change, the more they remain the same!


How does it get better than that!!!


Hello, Sweet NOVEMBER…!!!

november16Mundane Tarot Update for November, 2016…

As we move into a different season, we are coming upon energies which are asking us to look deep within ourselves with the kind of honesty which is only honourable for us to hold….

The month of November holds for us the possibility that we can move from a stable place to a better place for ourselves.
However, for most of us, preconceived notions about what life is disallow us from exploring what life can be. This means that we struggle for so long and with such intensity to get life to appear a certain way, that we forget to discover what way we would like. Or, even more challenging… we assume we don’t know what is good for us.

Anyhow, resources are always available to us. So if we can look around us and discover for ourselves what we already know as defining stability in our lives, we can perhaps apply that discovery to other areas and begin to acknowledge that we do know that we are living a good life.  
Eventually, by the end of November, we will find a need to reconnect with what remains undone or incomplete in our lives, simply because we don’t like that incompleteness … and not because it is somehow right or wrong!

Health is a mixed bag. What will help most of us is to stick to our own tried and tested methods of self-care… but certainly, to take that care.

Finances are in the flow, with expenditure and income, more or less, balancing each other out. However, chances of unnecessary spending is high, calling for us to operate out of higher levels of awareness.

It is productive month for people who are engaged in studying, research-work, or teaching/dealing in logic-based subjects.
All of us need to be patient in matters of relationships… nothing conclusive will happen.

Here’s looking at a wonderful new season!

Begging Your Pardon…!!!

For many reasons, I found myself unable to post the Mundane Tarot update for the month of November, 2015, at the correctly useful time… I beg a thousand pardons!
However, here it is, now… for some retrospection and co-relation, if you are interested… Enjoy!


144Mundane Tarot update for the month of November, 2015…

All of us have various kinds of pictures of the future. Some of us plan goals, some dream, some speculate, and some play at certainty. But all of us view that future as a land of hope.

The gift of this month of November is that it will make us stand present and attentive to the deepest faith we have that everything is going to be absolutely great. And so far, so good…

So, at the beginning of the month, we will be pondering the resources we have with us to help us keep on marching. The point is that we indeed always have everything we need… but that flow is controlled by our own ideas, beliefs and thoughts about what the exact resources should be. It is great to be analytical about the merits of what we see as existing, it is greater to be curious about more information, just in case… but it is of awesomeness to understand that however much we know, the universe always knows more! And this is the first lesson of the month…
Let us remind ourselves, at every step, that we always have exactly what we need at every moment to help us along the path to all goals, and eventually, we are the path and the goal!

The way we will go about things may sometimes appear rather intolerant, or intrusive… and yet, on the other hand, may at the same time be a commendable striving to achieve the good. Through the month, with every and all attempts we make to build the right thing, we must remind ourselves that our greatest gift is our uniqueness. It is good advice that we need to always remember that we do what we do because of our own ideas. It is divine love that makes sure we are reminded of what we need to focus on, by hook or by crook!

Eventually, by the end of the month, we stand to gain from another realisation…that what we need to do to achieve our goals is energised by the same love we feel for the goal. Thus, if you are not feeling good on the way, you are not going to feel good when you arrive. Deep, eh?
Some of us will feel generally disappointed when November ends, and a word of caution to them… knowing what does not work is sometimes more important than knowing what works. So, this is your time to rekindle that gift of hope…
And yet others amongst us would have smelt the smoke from the bonfire of celebration!

What a wonderful life!!!

A Master Is Born!!!!

144   The Year Ahead For Those Born In November…

Happy birth anniversary, dear November-borns…!!!!!!!!    happy-birthday-picture-wallpaper

This will be a year you can look forward to… and for some of you, it will bring in growth unparalleled, from inside, outward! Most of you will be going through the year at a slower mental pace than usual. There will be more of peace and breathing space. And there is certainly a call to open up your soul.
You see, it is like this….
You are generally of an observant nature, and you have been keeping a close eye on how life is panning out. If you are below thirty years of age, you are building up within you a dynamo… and whenever you are ready to launch your next big dream, it will be spectacular. If you are above thirty, you have already started to feel the drip of the nectar of wisdom within you, so when you are ready to embark on your next big step, you will be calm, poised and completely in touch with yourself.
All that both of the below- and above thirty need to keep in mind is that all dreams start with a plan of action, and a willingness to make corrections along the way. Some of you may have chosen for yourselves a less trodden path. Others could be quite happy not dreaming big. Wherever in your journey you are at the moment, Novemberians, you are going to have a year of well-paced growth of wisdom and understanding.

And for those in the region of thirty years of age, the time is ripe to understand that your guiding light is your own self. Don’t worry, it won’t be an instantaneous shift. You will slowly and gently ease into trusting yourself… at least, you will have the opportunity to do so!

Financially, the year will not hold any surprises. It will also not destabilise you in any manner. Or, if something has been brewing to upset your financial state from a few years ago, it will now reach its culmination, and put you in a place to recover… albeit slowly.
Relationships can be stable, with a caveat. One or the other in your interactions may tend to become too heavy with telling the other what to do and think and so on… If it is you, be warned. While the going is good, there will still be limited takers for your know-it-all attitude. So also check the context of the relationship. People emotionally invested in you may put up with a lot more of your tendency to dominate, than people who are circumstantially connected to you. If it is the other person trying to be at a upper level to you, allow. There will be a surprising lot of wisdom that can come to you right now.
For people looking to launch new endeavours as business, check your premises, and then, check again. Make yourself very sure of all the processes and systems in place. Do not indulge in impatience. Whereas what you are about to create will have a very, very long life, it also needs extra care to start off from a stable platform.

How does your year get better than that!



A wonderful and enlightening year ahead awaits you, dear November-borns…!
You have come thus far having gathered a huge lot of experience. With that has come knowledge and you are pretty sure you know all you need to know of the ways of the world. And there is no doubt that you do…
However, all this knowledge distils into wisdom by a very special process, and that process is your own nature. What you do with your experience and knowledge gained from it is uniquely yours this year, dear Novemberians. And the process you will witness within yourself is this…

Every time you observe a repeat of a pattern from earlier on, you will also observe a quietude within your soul, that will ask you whether you want to behave according to a pattern any more, or whether you now want to explore other options. You are likely to ponder over those other options, and in doing so, you will discover another great threshold. Some of what you may choose will ensure your victorious survival, for sure… yet other choices will offer you a creative power over your destiny. You will discover that you can find ways to be inspired and motivated from within yourself… and that you no more have a need to defend your stance because you can now create new worlds with your knowledge…!!

There is, alas, a downside of this gift. It is the call to be that great hero who creates the new in the face of opposition from those who would not relinquish their hold on the old and familiar. However, the gift is with you, this year, and may you use it to your benefit.

Overall, with appreciation of what you have already achieved, you will be able to achieve more. Don’t run yourself down as it will not get you anywhere. Delve deep into patience and you will see surprisingly large results. Long-term projects over which you have slogged will start to bear fruit. Relationships could be intense, or bring out the more intense shades in you. Gains will be more than material, and you may need to be open to that option. You may also need to occasionally check your temper, ego flares and the digestion. If you do keep a tab, you will have a wonderfully soaring year.

Here’s wishing you a great year ahead!!!