Heroes Come Home….!!! AUGUST, 2017

Mundane Tarot update for the month of August, 2017… 

This August is starting with a lot of things happening already. So, if your nerves are frazzled, so are others’. Take a deep breath, and one more, and get cracking at it. Life is just another day in a tea-cup, yep, and we will get past this, too. On a hopeful note, nothing will be beyond the pale. We will be able to wrap our head around most issues. And for others, we have our attitude to pull us through.

Deep down, we know and are ready to activate our Doer archetype. Basically, it is the archetype with whom we generally hangout. However, now, we can operate it out of experience. So, when in doubt, do what your experience has taught you is a wise action.

For additional help, we have all those examples when we try to be right. If we recognise that we actually are attempting to establish balance when we push and tug at situations, then we would know that it is Balance that we are aiming for. And that is a worthy goal, short or long-term.

By the end of the month, most of us would have come through potentially tough patches, possibly a tad bruised, hopefully more confident, and certainly raring to move ahead. And that, my dear fellows, is A Very Good Thing, indeed!

Happy adventures, all!!!


The August of All Months!!! (Part 1)

Welcome to AUGUST!! This is the first part of Mundane Tarot update for this month… speaking in terms of the general energies…

Here’s a run-through of what to expect in the august of all months! August2014

Carry-over from July:
A focus on establishing identity. A need to get what you had planned on getting, irrespective of whether you still want it. A lingering attention to seeing yourself through the eyes of others. Strong inertia…

Focus of August:
A bringing-together of awareness, focus and attention to what makes you special. A desire to do what you are already good at, and thus build on expertise. An understanding of how to effectively focus your energy. The lingering effect of July will propel you forward in this matter, if you feel encouraged. Or, if you are looking to please others, you may try to tailor your doing-ness according to what others expect of you. Either way, a positive, building space to be in.

Path through the weeks:
The first week will have you nursing a bit of petulance and hidden sulks concerning your past experiences which tell you how good you are and not really appreciated for your worth. This can motivate you to better yourself or can pull you down into feeling a victim. It will be easier to be motivated than a victim.
The second week should make you more excited about what you are doing, and slightly experimentative. The good news is that you may be able to discern whether you need to include right away the experiments in what you offer to the world, or whether they are a path of your own growth till you are ready to incorporate them into your work.
The third week will show you the result of what you have decided to do with your experiments. So if you have already presented them into the world, you may be asked to re-do them and that will not be to your liking. On the other hand, if you have confined your new thoughts to your self-work, you will suddenly discover new depths and will reach self-revelation that will enrich your work, but not expose your shortcomings for the world to see. However, you may need to take breaks to freshen your mind as all of it can be getting rather heavy.
The fourth week may show you the need to impose restrictions on yourself. You could understand the benefit of restrictions as a method of containing and channelling limited resources to its most effective outcome, or you could chaff and fret away at apparent loss of freedom. Since the world is as you see it, it is really and truly up to you, and the entire month of August holds the opportunity to relearn that “as you believe, so you see”… However, the best part of this week is that the energies will contribute to lessening any heaviness you may have felt being built through the weeks past.

A surprise element of the month, appearing when you least expect it, is a step-over to any knowledge the moment you feel a sincere need for it. Caveat? Yes. Sincere need. So, you may discover the knowledge within yourself, lying dormant till now, or you may receive external help measured exactly to your need.

And by the time August wraps up, you may have lost a little bit of your certainty in the way things are, and you could be realising that there is also a very strong possibility of the way things could be… and the decision to hold a particular perspective is yours.

In Part 2, we look at the month’s layout of energies from the perspective of your date of birth.