Mysteries Abound…! JUNE 2017

Mundane Tarot update for the month of June, 2017…

We are at A Beginning, but the gateway is hidden. Thus, depending on our level of awareness, we will walk into the month of June expecting more of the same, same in the more… or perhaps, hoping that things are getting better… or perhaps, even, elated that another day has dawned. Isn’t it always this way?… I hear you ask! Yes, indeed, but… and this is a mighty but! There is a gateway now, and it is hidden from sight, and it is so in order to help us stop and sharpen our senses!

Actually, everything around us is in a state of manifesting into our reality. Since we are old hands at living, we already have a fair idea of what a beautiful world is… And thus, we can keep our expectations focussed on this ideal state of things. Whatever they may currently appear to be, the scenes of the drama of our life are a-changing, and we are standing in a place from where we get to choose our new backdrops. I choose happiness… that delicious bubbling of hope and possibilities deep in my veins… What do you choose??

Whatever we choose, we will have help through others who align with us, and lend us their energy into making things happen. This does not mean that others are waiting for one or a few to show the way. This means that there will be groups of aligned people intensifying their energies, and the fringes of these groups will have people holding other groups in sync, as well… much like a patterned shawl!

Yet, as the month ends, we will discover that many of us have decided to react in known ways. Perhaps, we will find places within ourselves which are not ready to respond with courage to a call for change……… and that, too, is a good thing. Change, we will… and change, we won’t!

What a wonderful dream it all is!!!


SEPTEMBER….. Trust In What You Know!

Mature woman shielding sun from her eyes, high section

Mundane Tarot update for the month of September, 2016:

Come September!
This month awaits us with a challenging mix of energies. And so, forewarned is forearmed! We will encounter situations demanding to see our rational sides, and yet pushing us to take actions which are not well-planned. And for most of us, this would present the problem of overthinking ourselves into loops of pointless behaviour we had decided to put past us.

However, the past few months have made us battle-ready, so let’s bring on the Attitude right away…! Let’s take a deep breath and decide it is NOT war, but play… and go about playing it strictly by the rule book. In fact, the rule book is right now also our best resource. So, everything that you know to be right and correct is the thing you need to be doing as “action”.

Eventually, by the end of the month, we would have evolved in our processes of deciding actions… and that is the way to arm all spiritual warriors… What say?

What a wonderful world we make!

“Hello, There! Stranger…..!” JULY


Mundane Tarot update for the month of July, 2016…

Often, we have an awful lot of good available to us…. and then, there is a catch!

So, this month of July stands ready and waiting to tell us, “So be it, and so it is!”…. But, what, in sweet heaven’s name, is “it”?

Our attitude and to be kind to us, our understanding of life as we start the month, is rather been there, done that. Oh, we have, we indeed have! And left to our devices, we know exactly how to deal with life. Our way. We are prepared with all sorts of approaches and processes that have worked very well for us in the past.

Also, the resources we have with us have been culled through experiences and tested in the fire of efficacy in performance. We are awesome! Some of us may still be hesitant to acknowledge it, but others will go right in with the maps and tools.

And eventually, by the end of the month, we will have lived through yet some more experiences…. and we will notch them to ‘good’ and ‘bad’, in retrospect, as we usually do. The identifiable trait of the sum total of our experiences this month will be that it will encourage our belief and reliance in our tested and tried methods through success, and will crush us if we fail, turning us to rummaging in our resources kit for more. And that, too, will be good for us, as we will discover more in our ready resources….

So, all is well….. So, where is the catch that I have jumped at you right in the beginning, then? Don’t I know a good thing when I see it!!!??

Here it is, then. Being human relies a lot on our ability to discern patterns in a manner effective enough for us to gain a sense of control over the unknowns. Those patterns come from our zone of knowns. Already known. 

This puts a brake on our spotting and learning something that is ‘unknown’. And in July, life will offer us many, many opportunities through the unknowns. We can sail by unaware… no harm done, all is well.

But, just suppose, if we can stop and clear the slates of our minds and look around us once more with the wonder and innocence of the child we once were, in supreme confidence of the Well-Being of life not being limited to knowns? What more would we discover? How would we enrich ourselves?

And…… how does it get better than this!!!

Tough Love….. JUNE!!!

HelloJuneMundane Tarot update for the month of June, 2016….

It is certainly true that the conglomerate body of humans have experienced loads and lots since inception. However, this fact in no way changes an eternal Truth…. that humans have not and cannot experience all that there is to experience.

This month brings us a taste of this great truth, with as much love and grace as is possible for us to accept. The more we can hold on to the idea that life is love, the greater the ease with which we can slip into understanding and correcting our course. Yes, this month, let the Star of Love be our guide….

Often, difficult times precede better understanding of simplicity and ease. This month, we will be faced repeatedly by situations in which we will misunderstand what we need to do. And we will spend a great deal of energy, effort and enthusiasm in dealing with our situations in the way we know. So what is wrong with that, really?

Nothing, as such, is wrong with making mistakes. It is the most effective way human have to not only learn a lesson but also, to retain the learning…. So, we will go hammer and tongs at things which need some tender, loving care. We will mistake grief for anger. We will think taking action is the same as understanding feelings. Most significantly, we will want to be Right, in the face of possibilities of growth.

Eventually, by the end of the month, it will not be visible to us that we could have done better. There will be enough feel-good factor for us to assume that all is well in the way we have landed on our feet. Yet again. Will that be good or bad for us? Neither. As the magical old Jung pointed out, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

How does it get better than that!

Manna of “MARCH”!

Mundane Tarot update for the month of March, 2016…March2016

The situations in which we find ourselves as March begins are quite the culmination of many paths we have already traversed. Obviously, since we view life as a continuum through our experience of the day-to-day, we are not going to see anything particular as an ‘ending’. And good for us, too, as culmination is hardly an end to anything… It could, though, very well be the beginning of the next stage. Of that, we will become sure as days of March unfold.

Our greatest resource right now is our design in the image of our Creator… which makes us pure positive energy. We can attract to us and align with us everything that feels the same as we are feeling. And thus we can use this ability to feel the way we WANT to feel, so that we can have the things which make us feel that way… things, or events, or relationships… what have you.

And how do we do what we need to do to use our resources and get to that new beginning…? Ah! Here is the catch…
Often, we allow our past experiences to reflect in our behaviour. That is why it is called conditioning! We are conditioned to feel and think in a certain way, even if it doesn’t serve our ideal bigger picture. However, we do not need to be stuck to that conditioning. We can allow the feeling that that bigger picture evokes in us to guide us to a new way of behaving… and this is where we become Creators of our own universe!

Eventually, most of us will have tried to better ourselves or our situations, by the end of March. Some will be weary, some will be wise and some… a few… would have broken through the glass ceiling and become leading edge for the rest of us!

Start with what you have to go towards what you want…

Things are just getting better and better every moment!

“Crossing Thresholds…!” FEBRUARY 2016

Mundane Tarot update for the month of February, 2016:  February2016

February invites us to some creative introspection… check the ideas we have about ourselves and others and figure out how far they could be true. It should not come as a surprise that they need not be true. All that holds our ideas in place is our belief in them, and this is a very good understanding to have to ignite that creativity bit. We can actually recreate the garden we have come to visit!

Now, the resources we have with us in order to enjoy a fulfilling journey are things we have manifested with our idea of what resources need to be… and here comes that opportunity for introspection. If we are about to change our ideas, would those resources hold their usefulness?
Here is a hint: we could re-ideate those resources as well…
Having said that, it will be a threshold which only a few of us will have crossed this month. For these folks, the old era can end and a new era present itself for creating a-further. For the rest of us, we will probably discover many ways of how not to do things!

Thus, by the end of the month, there will be two distinct kinds of people around us… one, who would be giddy and excited at the possibilities unfurling in spring, and the other, who would find it necessary to trouble-shoot and save the day all the days.

And the group you find yourself in is the best possible outcome for you!
Things are always working out for us!


“The expanding horizon….!!!” DECEMBER

Mundane Tarot Update For DECEMBER 2015:December2015

What a wonderful world!

If we have had the gumption to look at the month past as an adventure in opening up to larger life pictures, we still have a truckload of optimism left, and that puts us in a very good place to enjoy the larger pictures December offers us!

(Ummm… and if you are of the general opinion that life has it in for you, I suggest you cheer up, before you miss all the fun!)

The gift December has for us is the ability to see the illusion behind everything we tend to accept as real, or as truth! Gotcha, didn’t I! This is what is meant by Truth being an Illusion… that whatever we believe is an ultimate truth is in fact only a limited truth, and can change once the need for that channel is over.

Keeping this in mind, the resources we have available to us at the beginning of December are…
An opportunity to connect the dots of variegated information and see the picture being shown to us… Will we explore our ability to utilise this opportunity?
People with whom we can interact and discuss all issues, and thus widen our horizons… Will we allow ourselves to have an expanded list of options?
An opportunity to see all people around us involved more or less in the same issues that occupy our minds… Will we allow ourselves oneness?

The most fruitful way we can conduct ourselves through the month of December, then, is to take the steps, baby or mature, towards our mental expansion. We also need to be aware of the various pitfalls as we try to negotiate this territory. Thus, hurrying will delay us. Interrupting others will lessen information. Worrying will shrink our ability to evaluate information. Arguing will alienate help. And nothing need be these ways!

Eventually, as December rounds up, we will have a fair idea of expansion of our minds, tempered through our consciousness that we haven’t been as circumspect as we would have liked to be. Would that be a bad thing, then? Not at all! We have just come to know ourselves better, and that is the most amazing resource one can ever have!

Here’s to a very thought-provoking December!

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