“It’s A New Way….!”…. LEO


MundaneLeo Tarot update for the year ahead for Leo!happy-birthday-picture-wallpaper

Happy Birth Anniversary, dear Leonis!

Hey, this you should know upfront, that life is going to feel, or seem, or appear to be rather different…. once you have started your year ahead! Is that good or bad, you ask? Well, good, I say, because…. Read on!

Certain things in your life have reached a level of static. Kind of plateau. It doesn’t seem to be a bad thing at all, as the returns from them are quite high. And now, things are about to change, but not those things! How wonderful is that!

At least, those parts of your life that are already moving on well-oiled wheels, including those that have you work hard to keep them that way, will keep moving the way you have come to expect. For the most part. That’s a relief.¬†

And now a few changes are going to blow in that will energise you and have some of you become rather active. It would generally suit you to have your level of activity raised. It would be as though your future is sending you enough energy for you to hurry upnand be there already! Some of the changes will present themselves as intellectual newness, perhaps challenges… And for some Leos, it will be a year-long engagement. In all, it will be quite more exciting than the past few months. For details, see below….

For those born on or between 22nd July and 1st August:

Of course, there will be a surprising and sudden rush of energy in your system when you have crossed your birthday. Good for you, as any strain and chaffing you may have felt for some time past, will now leave. You will have just the right amount of intellectual fun that you would enjoy, and for some time…. hopefully, for a long enough time before the nest change arrives, you will remain happily conscious of your own brightness, dynamism and charisma. Need for physical activity may increase, so allow your health to keep pace with that. Finances will not grow, but can remain stable and can also have very fruitful expenses. Overall, a year you will vastly enjoy and feel vindicated.

For those born on or between 2nd August and 11th August:

The breath of fresh energy that is now coming towards you will cause two major changes in your life this year. Firstly, you will need to take charge of yourself far more than earlier. So, if you were dependent on another for anything, you will now find yourself doing those things, and rather well, at that. Secondly, this change may encourage your competitive feelings. It would do you good to also remember that  healthy competition is exciting and fun, but not necessary to validate yourself. Occasionally, stop and take stock of your own awesome self. Health will benefit from specifically health-oriented activity, and not just hard work! Expenses will increase, but not too much.

For those born on or between 12th August and 22nd August:

The new energy influencing you this year will demand your creative abilities come out to the fore, whether at play or at work. Earlier, you have had a good run of supportive understanding from most people around you. Now, you may feel you are running on your own, in a good, strong way. And while you do, you may need to come up with clever strategies to win the day. If you perchance don’t enjoy these challenges, remind yourself of what you have already learnt in the past, and utilise that wisdom. If you do enjoy these moments of challenge, then I am already feeling very glad for you, as they will hold surprising victories for you! Some amount of calming and grounding exercises need to be now included in your healthcare. Expenses mount, so make them happy for you.

All is so very well!!!