Upcycle! Recycle! Renew….! JULY 2017

Mundane Tarot Update For The Month Of July, 2017…

The call to action seems real and loud, oh! So loud! And most of us are brave-hearts enough to launch headlong into trajectory. This is good, indeed. And what could then, be better?

Awareness, surely. Because in our rush to get things done, we are not going to be very aware of the old stories that we would be repeating. Unless we fail. Even then, we would try to keep going with whatever we have at hand. Are we ready to look at things in a different way? To consider that what we already know to do will give us the results that we already know to get?
The good part is that we will make so much effort at getting things done, that sometimes we may stretch ourselves too thin… The better part is that when the fabric wears thin, light may filter through.
Additionally, we have everything we refute, reject, and abandon as a wealth of resources. What new way could they be showing us that would change the course of our path?

You can do it. You can do it differently, as well.
You know what to do. You may find new ways to do the same things, too.
You really, really know it all. You may find more knowledge where you didn’t expect.

Eventually, at the end of the month, some of us will be on the path to making things happen with far more gusto than is warranted.
It is good to watch Hope at play, buddy!!!

All is Well-Being!!!


“….. In The Fervors Of JULY…!”

July2015Here comes the Sun!

Speaking metaphorically, of course, but just as relentless as that great golden orb in the sky…!
The month of July brings to us the opportunity to shine the once-for-all light on all our darknesses. Here we have the chance to lay to rest fears, damnations, dislikes and uneasiness of our spirit. Here we have the time-slot perfectly suited for us to take centre-stage.
The flip-side, then?
Much of our beliefs that keep us locked in fear and sabotage will be exposed as unfounded, thus making us ask ourselves what we were thinking…
Much of our outward behaviour such as blaming and holding as reasons events outside of ourselves will topple, leaving us feeling… ummm… unsure? Yes, unsure of ourselves.
When we are centre-stage, we are the cynosure of all eyes… inviting censure, ridicule, judgement along with wonderment, applause and idolatry. Are we ready?
Honestly, we never are. Leap, anyway… J

So, to start with, we are all revved up and raring to go. We have all the skills and techniques we need to make a success of our lives. Every step forward starts with ourselves.

The yellow brick road down the weeks go something like this…

1st-8th July, 2015:
These bunch o’ days are to watch out for, and how! Whether physically, emotionally or spiritually, we would be doddering at the threshold of dawn. Night is familiar in its closeness, and we can sleep. Yet the call to awaken and get going is inbuilt in our systems. The best way to deal with any upsurge of fright is to put off waking up for a few moments longer. Or to address the issues that need addressing before we are ready to move, go, reincarnate, awaken, shine… whachyamaycallit. This week, prepare to face the reasons that kept you wherever you now find yourself, and to decide whether you still want to stay there or move on.

9th -16th July, 2015:
If we have been exact and focussed on our right moves, this week we shimmy! For most of us, the going will be average, which means in a year’s time, we will have forgotten these days. But if we are paying attention, we will have in our hands the exact pebbles extracted from our shoes that were making us hobble. A marvellous week to recalibrate our lives from here onwards, if we so choose. At the very least, be open to coming to know that which you ‘need’ to know, never mind whether you want to know it or not. Then, the world will have shifted for you, however infinitesimally. And if you are a seeker, wow!

17th -24th July, 2015:
And so now, here we are with what we do after we have woken up… which is more of the same. Life will keep unfolding at precisely the same pattern we have always seen; only now, we have an opportunity to respond differently. The caveat is: if we want. And the catch to that caveat is, if you do not respond to your want, this, too, shall pass… and repeat at a future date. In mundane matters, we see ourselves living what looks like the same life, because the changes we have faced over the past two weeks would have been internal.  And for those of us not so much into internalisation, life would seem to be back at its humdrum of afore. No harm done, for most cases. For others, some truths sit uncomfortably on our dash-boards, staring at us while we ignore them as we tootle along.

25th -31st July, 2015:
Much relief for the star-crossed, this week. Though the relief will be short-lived in itself, there will still be enough force in the rains to drench the heated earth. On the flip-side, we could be very close to understanding that all relationships we hold in our lives, be they with family, friends or with objects and ideas, or with activities in which we engage… take on the colour and traits of the relationship we have with our own self. So whether we look at life as a series of unrelated events, or as a game… it is us at the centre of action. And yes, some of us may feel we have been served a good hand in matters temporal. Which cracks this week up to be as close to wonderful as we can describe. Good!

Eventually, will we be enlightened, as promised at the beginning of the month?
Yes, and no.
As always.
The light will be with us, inasmuch as we understand that we live out our beliefs, and it is up to us to take steps to change our beliefs if we want a different life. If we have identified from the way our current life is, even one belief we want to change and have made the effort to also identify what we want our life to be, henceforth, we are indeed holding the light.

Actually, things are always working out for us!