“Got It Where I See It!” …… ARIES!!!

Mundane Tarot update for Aries…

Happy Birth Anniversary, dear Aries! 

And much good wishes to keep your vibrant energies up and running!

Over the past couple of years, some of you have been in the process of incorporating a mainstream change in certain aspect of your lives. Perhaps you were enhancing the scope of your established career. Or maybe, you were setting up house. Basically, you were attempting to do whatever needed to be done to raise the bar of that particular something in your life. Good going, so far.
However, it could have felt like all effort and not much to show for it, thus far.

This year, starting on your birthday, your efforts in that very aspect of your life is going to begin showing fruit. Results. Manifestation. Yes, it is a beginning… but the beginning of a state of tangible being.

How does it get better than that!

For those born on or between 21st March and 30th March:

It seems likely that this past year had made great demands on your patience. Perhaps, you had also felt irked with mistakes and roundabouts. So, it will be now a year of seeing some positive results. However, be aware that you will not get everything in one go. The advantage to this is that your fruits will turn up over a long period of time, directly proportional to the amount of patience you have developed.
Health will improve. Keep up with your regular exercise and diet routine. Finances will either stabilize or show signs of developing the savings arm.

For those born on or between 31st March and 10th April:

In the past couple of years, you have had to show some ingenuous ways of saving blows to your ego. Things have been a mixed bag. You know you have gained quite much, but not as much as you should have. At least, you have had a fine display of your mettle. Sometimes, you have even won minor skirmishes with fate. The year that starts of your birthday brings about a slowing of pace. Do try to adjust to it because along with this slowing down is going to turn up the beginnings of positive results.
Health will benefit from giving your body and mind the exact nourishment and activity you require, as a routine. Finances will improve, and it will be a good idea to start saving as a long-term plan.

For those born on or between 11th April and 20th April:

The past couple of years has seen you go through some trying and confusing times. Keeping your wits about you was not as difficult as enduring some of the things that you have had to experience. However, starting on your birthday, you are going to walk down the path that suddenly makes everything worth the earlier effort. Surely, albeit slowly, you will start to make sense of everything and even get some very good results flow towards you. And this is a beginning. Good luck.
Health will benefit hugely from any tried and tested routine that you decide to set up and follow. Do follow! Finances will stabilise, steadily, not speedily. You may begin long-term plans.

Have a super year ahead!!!

“…A Hot Air Balloon That Could Go To Space!” AQUARIUS!!!

The Year Ahead For Aquarius… aquarius-2017

Happy Birth Anniversary!

You are clever people and you certainly have a very good understanding of the bigger pictures. For some time now, however, there have been certain aspects of smaller pictures which have tricked you… There were times in the past when you thought things were falling into alignment with your goals and then, they turned out to be far, far out from such. To boot, you would have also discovered that you felt scared and trapped… possibly a rarity for you.

Now, things are a-shifting… and you are going to progress from that situation, into an opportunity to begin again. This is only in those deadlocked situations of afore. And the opportunity is to set in motion a plan of action from the beginning. So, don’t try to superimpose ‘new beginnings’ on things that are already going well, and don’t try to experiment with the deadlocks. Instead, do adopt a plan, perhaps from experience or from wiser people, and apply it diligently.

The outcome promises to be liberating!

For those born on or between January 20th and January 29th:

You are likely to have felt the particular areas of lockdown rather severely. And the good news is that it is over. You will be moving forward now, though not at a very high speed. This is a good thing, because you will be needing to put in place a viable plan of action… which means you now have to use your intelligence every step of the way. It is helpful to adopt plans that are tried and tested, and to take actions that are necessary, even if they are not particularly likeable.
Health will benefit from such action-oriented routines. Finances will tilt towards expenditure, which can be investments for the future, in any manner.

For those born on or between January 30th and February 8th:

While the gridlock of the past few months was not too bad a situation for you, it is likely that you were still chaffing and straining for your independence. Now it is time to move forward with a plan in place. You will feel a surge of energy to address everything that had bound you up. Be careful that you don’t cause a spillage of this energy into the areas of your life that are moving just fine!
Health will benefit from including calming and centering exercises with your normal routine. Finances will see more of expenditure, so make every penny count.

For those born on or between February 9th and February 18th:

Of all of your brethren, you would have hardly noticed any significant discomfort in the past year or so. You might have been able to few the ups and downs as woven with the general pattern of life, rather than something happening to you, in particular. So, the movement forward this year will be more easily setting in motion another phase of life… There will be an increase in the intensity of your usual activities, and you will have the energy required available for you. Health will be regular. You can also try new ways of maintaining fitness. Finances are entering a lovely phase of generation of more money, so notice and act upon all ideas you have of increasing income.

What a wonderful world!!! aquarius

Pilgrims’ Progress….. SAGITTARIUS!!!

Sagittarius-symbolMundane Tarot update for the year ahead for Sagittarius…







Happy Birth Anniversary!

New beginnings up ahead!

Especially in matters in which you had to put your nose to the grind for the past couple of years… New beginnings!

Having said that, this is your alert.
Your past few years of hard work should have taught you all that you need to know when you now set out to begin anew. You can now create what you have wanted to create, with the understanding that whether they are your own dreams or you are working for somebody else’s, there is always work.

As they say… before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water….

So, have a goal, a plan to reach the goal, steps in the plan that you can undertake… in order to make sense of your new beginnings.

For those born on or between 23rd November and 2nd December:

You probably have struggled with the role you have been playing as part of your life drama, up until now. There were times when you have found a mismatch between your intelligence and capabilities, and the duties you were called upon to perform. Moving ahead now, you are going to find more amenable situations and circumstances, even if you are not making a dramatic strike out on your own. Just remember the lesson you have learned about hard work over the past few years. That is going to come in handy, whatever be the goal you now set for yourself.
Finances will need planning and allocating, for savings, expenses and entertainment… everything. Health will benefit from new regimes that you in your wisdom can put together for yourself, based on your experiences.

For those born on or between 3rd December and 12th December:

You have gathered a humongous amount of experience in hard work, or necessary work, in the past few years. Now, albeit it being the time for new beginnings, you have to know which beginning to make! Go for the ones that call to your sense of self, that you have a fondness for, that help you see yourself in the manner you desire. However, never for a single moment allow yourself to slip into ways that pretend that hard work matters less than creativity… because it doesn’t. In the forest, there is need for both the hare and the tortoise. Do your stuff, and do it with the diligence you have recently learnt.
Finances will be a tad challenging, but can stay totally under control through applying wisdom learnt. Health will be good with a disciplined and steady routine, from experience of what works for you.

For those born on or between 13th December and 21st December:

You, of all Sagittarians, will understand well that every journey starts with the first step, which need to be followed up with the consecutive steps. You have learnt well over the past few years. Now apply everything you have learnt with the discipline inherent in your nature. You are in a good place to brush up anything you need through taking short courses or apprenticeships. And if you are not starting anything new, treat what you have been working at as something that has just now received a paradigm shift…
Finances will be good if you are true to your nature. Health will be good when you have a routine for both exercising and fun.


What a wonderful year ahead!!

SCORPIO!! The Sweet Fruit Of Patience….!!!

Mundane Tarot update for the year ahead for SCORPIOs! scorpio





Happy Birth Anniversary, dear Scorpio!

It’s a happy year ahead! Let’s just say you have revved up the engines enough to now va-vroom! Is that cool or what!

For some time in the past, you have been focusing on reaching a few things to their fruitful stage. Efforts had been put in and you were dearly wanting to stand back and see the hard work paying off… Only, it did not seem to be happening. Nothing quite went wrong, but nothing moved to the next level, either. And you then had to put in some more effort, which was kinda tiresome, if you look at it….

Now, the time has come to see that very focus of your attention show up what it is meant to. Additionally, you will also be energised and willing to get your tool-kit out there and cause the necessary tweaks and corrections, as you go along. This is very good, dear Scorpio, and you will be glad to engage with what is turning up!

For those born on or between 23rd October and 1st November:

You will be able to pick out your strategy for winning, albeit a little later. Don’t fret over it, as what you will see surfacing first is the scum that the incessant simmering has thrown up. So take your time, skim it off, and then listen well and hard to any advice that seems to resonate with you. Then off you go, taking action that you choose, based on your earlier experience and your future greater picture. Even if you observe a slow start to your year, you are going to come out to a breathtaking finish!
Finances will move, some gains and some expenses. Make those expenses gainful, as well. You can do it!
Health will need you to be actively involved in your welfare, more than earlier, and if need be, incorporate new routines and regimes, according to your taste.

For those born on or between 2nd November and 12th November:

Yes, I know that you know you are right… Even so, allow a few weeks to roll by while you observe just exactly what needs to be done. Keep in the centre of your focus the eventual outcome you want to see, and then launch at your life! A better time would likely be not had by the likes of you…! Imagine you are your leader, advisor and executive, all rolled into one, and you can’t go wrong. That is some awesomeness you have going on there, haven’t you!
Finances will need a sharp and careful eye, though there is nothing to worry about. Just don’t overspend.
Health will need you to be conscious and careful about your food and rest, and not compromise on them even a whit. With care, your metabolism will normally be excellent.

For those born on or between 13th November and 22nd November:

You are the only ones from amongst all Scorpios who will manage to wangle out more benefit from the past than is evident! This will stand you in very good stead right away as your solar year begins. Do set up your plan of action well ahead of time, preferably before your day of solar return arrives, and keep sharpening it for practicality in the couple of months after. Soon, you will have to focus on executing your plan, and well prepared makes for an awesome turn out! Do allow friends to help you along, and also delegate responsibilities wherever applicable. Your world is far more inclusive than you think!
Finances would move much and sometimes, quite alarmingly. Keep your awareness high about money. Do spend, if you have to, and make your expenditure worth your while.
Health will benefit largely from discipline that you decide to inculcate into regularising your daily routine. Do not over-do anything, even what you think is good for you, even on days you are especially energetic.

How does life get better than this!!

GEMINI! More than meets the eye….!

The Year Ahead For Gemini…..

HappyGemini Birth Anniversary, dear Gemini!   happybday2

There has been something that you have been struggling to make all right and settled… Something that seems to be the right thing to do. In fact, you may have encountered a surprising amount of fixed opinions about this, over the past year or so. And you may have had quite a few frustrating moments with the matter, as you have not quite been in alignment with the way you had needed to conduct it.

And that is about to change now, dear Gemini!

Stop struggling, whether you have already achieved it or not. If you have completed the matter, perhaps not entirely to your satisfaction, then good going, and now let go of it. If you have not completed the matter, would like to and would also like to be satisfied, then pause, breathe and figure out what would satisfy you….. instead of working at what would make it happen. Strange at it may sound, your satisfaction is very important this year.

So, imagine you have wrapped up the past….. You now have a new story to begin and the plot is all about your learning to satisfy your feelings. Yes, even satiating intellectual curiosity is satisfying feelings! It is all about knowing when you are replete and happy about it. Did you notice that? You…..

Also, generally speaking, a good year for relationships, financial flow and taking things forward. Health would benefit from a robust diet and some calming exercises.

For those born on or between 21st May and 31st May, please do hang on to an idea once you formulate it and see it working out. Don’t try to make it better as you go along, as chances of messing up are rather high. If you are feeling imaginative, try another idea…. just leave this one alone. Though it is a good year coming up, watch out for, and curb a tendency to over-reach in matters of the heart or the pocket. Health will be good as you are likely to slip into better habits.

For those born on or between 1st June and 10th June, in many ways you were doing famously up until now. But times! They are a-changing, and you might discover that strategies now need to be upgraded. The ones that will now work better for you are those that take you away from action orientation and dip you in pleasure or satisfaction, yours and/or others. It may be a bit of a struggle, but with your pleasure quotient raised, you won’t go wrong. Pay attention to what relationships need from you, and to managing money. Try new routines for good health.

For those born on or between 11th June and 20th June, you will need to seriously cut yourself some slack this year. You don’t have to make everything happen, so sit back and keep your focus on what gives you satisfaction. There will be a surprising amount of growth and development if you can drop trying to control things. Relationships and finances can make you very happy this year, so be open to it. Choose health management routines that you like.

What a wonderful year ahead, dear Gemini!!!



TAURUS… Choosing Great Endings and Better Beginnings!

5431287-happy-birthday-with-colored-letters-and-rainbowMundane Tarot update for the year ahead for TAURUS!!!
Happy Birth Anniversary, dear Taureans!taurus
This year holds for you a strange new beginning…
Whatever it is that you had thought was coming to a head will now need to be re-worked… and this is the good news.
The better news is that when you start the re-working, you will pass through a period of evolution that will make you a better person.
So if you have a big plan about to actualise, or a relationship about to change levels, or a long-term project about to culminate… rein your horse in, and do what it takes now to move to a completion much, much more worthy of your salt.
For some of you, this may sound like a coating of sugar on a probable bitter pill, but not so fast, dear Taurean!
Think of it this way… that which you want to reach to a culmination is carrying your energies; and doing what it needs to take you to a better place is something that you will be thankful about for the next decade or so!
How does it get better than that!
Action-wise, you will find the necessity to bring in wisdom and practical application, though rather low-key. So the going will be smooth and unobtrusive, for you.
Emotionally, this year promises you getting over heart-breaks, moving forward, and perhaps, finding authentic relationships. This is an excellent year for those who are already in stable relationships… everything promises to get just better and better.
Health will be good if you pay attention to keeping your metabolic activity at requisite high levels. Be aware of wanting or needing to over-indulge yourself; it is a story that now can be over.
Finances are likely to hold good and improve through the year.
All in all, a splendid time awaits the Taurean!

“…And The Way Turns Better!” ARIES

happy birthday! colorful bouquet of fresh tulips with card

Happy Birth Anniversary, Aries! 

If you have had a challenging couple of years, perhaps the time to breathe easy is now here. How does it get better than that! aries-symbol

It would seem that at some time in the near past, you have had an influx of Very Good Ideas… and not much had moved since then. This year offers you the reason why, and you have enough gumption in you to make this the new Very Good Idea to work on…!

This year, you will need to organise and make space for things you want to have, or introduce in your life. This may not exactly be that wonderful task you were waiting for, but think of it this way… No one can fill a cup that is already full. And whatever you try to do without emptying the cup will result in a mess.

The good news is that you do not have to empty out everything… Only those things that do not serve you need go. You may identify them by their ability to render themselves up to your new ideas. If they can’t, you can now discard them. If they suit, they can stay.
Of course, of paramount importance is your commitment to your chosen Very Good Idea…
Engage in the above process only if you are sure of going ahead with your ideas. Else, if you are not, you can still enjoy the general advantage of decluttering your life and organising your routine down to a pat. Additionally, this is an awesome year for learning something that can bring you long-term benefits across the board. Now, how does it get better than that!!

For those born on or between 21st and 30th March:

You will need to work on being circumspect and drawing on the wisdom of your earlier experiences as well as those of others. While this may seem counterintuitive for you according to the directness of your nature, following through with this will garner you immense benefits from the group of people we call “friends”. Try it. You will be very pleasantly surprised and awed by the amount of indirect gain you will have enjoyed, eventually. Accept traditional wisdom and experts’ advice in matters of health and finance, and you will love the way the year will have turned out for you!

For those born on or between 31st march and 10th April:

Please allow yourself all the doubts that you may feel when venturing into anything new this year, because your doubts can help you check and cross-check matters , which will be of immense benefit to you. You do have a rare cautious streak in you, but use that to safeguard your impetus forward, not to restrain your enthusiasm. You are in a very good place this year to develop the highly valuable quality of discernment. Health will benefit from intense activities alternated with rest, so choose your restful activities according to your preference. Money matters will continue much as they are.

 For those born on or between 11th April and 20th April:

Your ability to create important and significant milestones in your life will find an enviable boost, this year. You will be able to create changes of personal significance, and not a few of them will be internal… in your personal psyche. This is a journey of growth that very few people enjoy through awareness, and you will be amongst them. In your evident and external life, you will find something very worth your while to commit to and keep forever, to grow with you and enhance the beauty of your life. However esoteric it sounds, the joy you will know through this commitment will make sense to you once you have experienced it. Health can improve with your taking an interest in your own nature and its physical aspect. Pecuniary benefits come both in receiving and spending.

And life just keeps getting better and better…!

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