SCORPIO!! The Sweet Fruit Of Patience….!!!

Mundane Tarot update for the year ahead for SCORPIOs! scorpio





Happy Birth Anniversary, dear Scorpio!

It’s a happy year ahead! Let’s just say you have revved up the engines enough to now va-vroom! Is that cool or what!

For some time in the past, you have been focusing on reaching a few things to their fruitful stage. Efforts had been put in and you were dearly wanting to stand back and see the hard work paying off… Only, it did not seem to be happening. Nothing quite went wrong, but nothing moved to the next level, either. And you then had to put in some more effort, which was kinda tiresome, if you look at it….

Now, the time has come to see that very focus of your attention show up what it is meant to. Additionally, you will also be energised and willing to get your tool-kit out there and cause the necessary tweaks and corrections, as you go along. This is very good, dear Scorpio, and you will be glad to engage with what is turning up!

For those born on or between 23rd October and 1st November:

You will be able to pick out your strategy for winning, albeit a little later. Don’t fret over it, as what you will see surfacing first is the scum that the incessant simmering has thrown up. So take your time, skim it off, and then listen well and hard to any advice that seems to resonate with you. Then off you go, taking action that you choose, based on your earlier experience and your future greater picture. Even if you observe a slow start to your year, you are going to come out to a breathtaking finish!
Finances will move, some gains and some expenses. Make those expenses gainful, as well. You can do it!
Health will need you to be actively involved in your welfare, more than earlier, and if need be, incorporate new routines and regimes, according to your taste.

For those born on or between 2nd November and 12th November:

Yes, I know that you know you are right… Even so, allow a few weeks to roll by while you observe just exactly what needs to be done. Keep in the centre of your focus the eventual outcome you want to see, and then launch at your life! A better time would likely be not had by the likes of you…! Imagine you are your leader, advisor and executive, all rolled into one, and you can’t go wrong. That is some awesomeness you have going on there, haven’t you!
Finances will need a sharp and careful eye, though there is nothing to worry about. Just don’t overspend.
Health will need you to be conscious and careful about your food and rest, and not compromise on them even a whit. With care, your metabolism will normally be excellent.

For those born on or between 13th November and 22nd November:

You are the only ones from amongst all Scorpios who will manage to wangle out more benefit from the past than is evident! This will stand you in very good stead right away as your solar year begins. Do set up your plan of action well ahead of time, preferably before your day of solar return arrives, and keep sharpening it for practicality in the couple of months after. Soon, you will have to focus on executing your plan, and well prepared makes for an awesome turn out! Do allow friends to help you along, and also delegate responsibilities wherever applicable. Your world is far more inclusive than you think!
Finances would move much and sometimes, quite alarmingly. Keep your awareness high about money. Do spend, if you have to, and make your expenditure worth your while.
Health will benefit largely from discipline that you decide to inculcate into regularising your daily routine. Do not over-do anything, even what you think is good for you, even on days you are especially energetic.

How does life get better than this!!


VIRGO…. On A Manifesting Roll!!

virgo-symbolHappy Birth Anniversary, dear Virgo!TaurusDaisy

You have come a long way, and if you are not so sure of it, the year ahead, starting with your birthday, will prove it to you!

Whatever projects you have recently started… or have started a while ago but are still in the nascent stages, will either speed up and complete themselves before time, shut down temporarily, go into hold mode, or prove to be not worth your efforts. At least, not now. Instead, the ones with which you have engaged and brought to ripening, are ready to show you glorious harvest. This being a rather generic description, let’s figure out how it could reflect in various aspects…

At work, where you devote so much of your energy, it could be pretty straightforward. New projects started in the recent past will round up and complete if they are short term projects, else, they will need to be put on hold or discarded, or given to others. Old or older projects, especially ones with a long-term prospect, will now start to bear results which could be extremely satisfying for you and your colleagues who are directly involved. And if these projects were intended to make you money, they will certainly do so.

In your personal life, you are not really given to frivolous or less than meaningful relationships. Even then, tiny flares of attraction are not meant to be lasting… Instead, a pragmatic outlook while taking stock of your relationships can help you determine which ones are on the right track. Whether amongst family, friends or significant others, use your need for predictable stability to gauge what needs work, what works and what can be avoided.

For those born on or between 23rd August and 1st September:

You may feel more resistance to letting go of the new and revelling in the old, than the other Virgoans, but try to remind yourself that seeing the older ideas manifest and bear fruit is as important as moving ahead with new ones… perhaps even more so. Be kind to yourself and you will notice that things are good. Now is the time for holidays, awards to self, indulging your senses and enjoying life. You can get back to the grind later. Your health will benefit from being relaxed and happy. Finances will improve with spending, not saving.

For those born on or between 2nd and 11th September:

Even though you need to be reminded about it, you understand and appreciate happiness and pleasure. Sometimes, you may take a tad too dry an approach towards being happy, but that is all right, as if you do get happy this year, there will be much more to keep you happy throughout this year and the next few! Health will benefit from routines and methods that give you pleasure. Finances will improve through investing in yourself, not for yourself.

For those born on or between 12th and 22nd September:

If you use your considerable analytical skills, you will understand the importance of harvesting and fallow. You can then allow yourself to step back from sowing new seeds right away. You are likely to feel pressurised into not wasting a single moment of your life, and enjoying the fruits of your earlier labour may start to seem that way, but… do step back and acknowledge the cyclical nature of everything that takes time, and the burn-out that happens if you try to short out some of the parts. Health will benefit from healthy practices that you enjoy and that make sense to you. Finances will be steady enough for some indulgences and some investments.

What a wonderful year ahead!!!

CANCER!!! On the home stretch…!!!!


The year ahead for Cancerians..… CancerDelphiniums

Happy Birth Anniversary!

Times, they are a-changing! This year is going to convince you that the world is not exactly clued in to who you are, even though it is basically a nice place, with nice people…

Make this interesting for yourself; do not use this as an excuse to feel left out. You, of all people, understand tides. So in the ebb and flow of time, your rule will definitely come around.

Currently, you are doing something that is not entirely comfortable for you, though you may be doing it rather well. Since some time past, you have been engaged in utilising your analytical and reasoning abilities to make certain things happen. Likely, it is a Very Important Thing…. for example, your job, if you are employed, or your networking and people skills, if you are moulding a start-up, or matters of your toddler’s growth, if you are bringing up a child. At this moment in your flow, you are focussed on doing everything the correct way, and you are learning a lot as you go along. However, this part of the journey has not exactly been inclusive of your great emotional capacities, and chances are that you are feeling a burn-out. Now comes this year’s good news…. This run fuelled on goals, ambitions and not much else is into the home stretch! This means that through the year ahead, you will see those matters on which you were working so hard reach a stable point, and allow you a much needed breather. Of course, you will need to maintain your engagement in its successful run, but it can be far less draining than earlier. In fact, if your project also has other people involved in it, you will have a good time sitting back and watching them do their stuff, while you maintain your stance and catch a breather.

On a more general note, relationships can turn committed, student Cancerians can progress to the next level, there can be a sudden realisation of practical and profitable ideas and also a good chance of finding solace in the midst of turbulence.

Everything is working out just right for you!

For those born on or between 21st June and 1st July:

It seems likely that particular ideas of yours are now set to find grounding and will grow into manifestation over the next few years. You need to be on the alert that you are personally very fond of those ideas to imbue them with the energy they need. Yes, make your own pleasure an important idea, this year! Health issues, if any, will now start resolving. Find routines you can like. Finances will open up to investments and savings.

For those born on or between 2nd July and 11th July:

You will need to identify where, when and how you are ready to slow down and change tracks, else inertia can keep you moving till you burn out. Having said that, knowing that communication is your forte, do allow yourself to understand what you are about. Rules and principles can help you make a quick reality check. Health will benefit from improving diet and choosing exercises that de-stress and relax you. Finances will see expenditure, so make your spending count. You can also choose very long-term investments.

For those born on or between 12th July and 21st July:

You will sense slow-down a mile off, so be ready to change your mode of engagement accordingly. Shift your energies to other things you like, as what you will move away from is now ready to run on its own. Keep an eye on it, by all means, but be alert to wanting to micromanage. Your energies will be better used in other things that attract you. Relationships will become more significant. Health will improve with care given to diet and lightness of energy. Finances will be more or less as usual, and stable, for the most part.

How does it get any better than that!!!!



CANCER… “knows when the battle is done!”

CancerDelphiniumsHappy Birth Anniversary, dear Cancerians! Cancer 

And does this year promise to be one of relief, or what!
It would seem that most of you have recently been through rather trying times. There were certain issues and aspects in your life which had asked you to be out in the front and dealing. Sometimes, it had seemed like a battle to you and you alone. At other times, all approaches you could use were turning out to be not quite reaching the mark… Right?
Well, now you can breathe easy.
The year coming up for you is going to slow down the pace where it needs slowing. Likely, whatever you have been working so much at is not yet culminated to its rightful end, but you are going to have an opportunity to stabilise yourself and redo what you need to redo, or think up a new strategy, if that is the order of the day. And now, you can set your pace. At least, a pace better suited to you. And how does it get better than that!

For those born on or between 21st June and 1st July:
Foremost, anything causing you to feel conflicted within yourself will become still enough for the conflict to subside. Then, you will get enough room and breathing space to choose your way forward. For you, especially, it would be a great idea to choose those paths with which you feel a sense of harmony. The ones that seem logical or ambitious or perhaps, a step up from where you are may not prove to be worthy, after all. So what we are looking at here is an opportunity for you to trust the wisdom of your own nature and choose with your feelings.
So, with wise choices, you stand to improve your health, wealth and stability. Good luck

For those born on or between 2nd July and 11th July:
There were things that seemed to be tripping you up on purpose, and that is going to completely stop. This will be a wonderful break for you, and you are well advised to give yourself the time and space that you can afford to give. Intellectually, you were being challenged to well nigh exasperation, and this year, you will breathe easy again. Try to still be judicious and observe your new opportunities, rather than rushing into the breach with the current idea. From within what you observe will emerge a gem, and then you are on a winning streak again. Do slow down and keep your senses peeled, then… and you will be pleasantly surprised.
Health will benefit from conventional care. Wealth may appear in more places than only finance, so, to repeat a point, stay on your toes!

For those born on or between 12th July and 21st July:
What you have endured as hardship could be termed inexplicable, and could have been extremely trying to your sensitive nature. You have actually achieved a lot already, but now you are reaching the end of your endurance. And this year is bringing to you relief. Be glad, twice over, for not only will your hardship cease to be, you will also receive the grace of help from friendly and kindred spirits, souls and beings. In this, you are better off than other Cancerians, though all are getting into pretty good times! People and energies will conspire to help you far more than you can imagine, because they will be of all sorts and types. Of course, you can choose as you think applicable; you do not have to accept the offers you think don’t make sense. However, this is certainly going to be a year when you will be so grateful to be alive and present to have experienced this grace!
Health will benefit from following advice of experts. Wealth will be in the flow… receiving and spending, wonderfully.

Have an awesome year ahead, dear Cancerians!

A Renewed Victory…. Pisces!!!

piscesHappy Birth Anniversary, dear Pisces! (19th February to 20th March)   daffodil-pisces

Universally, you are going through a deep change of life, so foremost, much blessings, good wishes and God-speed to you!

For some years now, and especially for the past couple of them, you have been developing a sense of who you are. Many of you may have experienced a lack of clarity when you have attempted to express yourselves; most of you may have even decided that it is redundant to even make that attempt… And you are all right with simply going with the flow. Perhaps, you have made your energies available to whoever needed you, your good wishes and calming presence. In the bargain, some of you have come to the conclusion that there is not much significant about who you are, unless it is in reflection or in service to others who are rather unlike you. In essence, what you have discovered about yourself is there is nothing much there that is different or separated from everybody else…

And this is your beauty, dear Pisceans; you make everybody feel accepted for who they are.
Has this come at a cost?
From here onwards, particularly this year of your solar return, you are going on an inward journey. For better or for worse… though it is certainly going to be for the better! You are going to coalesce all that you have learnt about yourself, your world and your feelings, and make an attempt to utilise this learning as a blue-print to plan your future. Though you are a person who would rather go with whatever flow you find yourself in, from this moment, you are going to try and get a grip on your world.
It is a very good thing!
For many, health, and jobs, will stabilise. For some, relationships will develop depth. For others, you may uncover new abilities within yourself. For all of you, however, the magic that will be yours this year is self-discovery… and a way to hang on to that sense of self, if you so want.

For Pisceans born on or between February 19th and 29th:
You, amongst all Pisceans, will have a clearly lit path ahead of you. That on which you have developed focus over the past couple of years is your current light. Follow it through, step by step. Go from what you already know to perfecting that knowledge… irrespective of what it is. Not only will this attitude give you a sense of stability, you will also see success externally even with your focus turned inwards. And your health will also improve. I would also throw finances into the mix, if you are interested!

For Pisceans born on or between March 1st and 10th:
You have a good going, too, so keep your focus on that which has already grabbed your attention over the past two years. For you, there will be revealed a need to bring about a change in your approach. The exact change will be in terms of developing a creative outlook to even the most predictable path, in order to tap into invisible potentials. You will have tremendous support from your guardian angels, so you can go ahead and explore all of yourself, fearlessly! Health and finances will be stable.

For Pisceans born on or between March 11th and 20th:
You may not have as well-lit a path as other Pisceans, but your gift is different. You have developed over a few years an uncanny ability to pursue a goal. In fact, you have learnt it from others and have now brought it close to perfection. So, even if the path is not clear, your ability should tell you what you can already use to your benefit. Just keep at it and after a few months, you will feel the going getting easier and smoother. Your health and finances will improve over the year.

Have a very happy birth anniversary, all of you!!!

Actualisation!!! Destination…. VIRGO!


Happy birth anniversary, dear Virgoans! virgo-symbol




You are going to have a year rather fantastic by your own terms. You are likely to see the germination of all the seeds you have sown in your own garden, and especially the ones you tend. Which does mean that you need to stay alert to weeds, to changes of season, to over-complacency, and to impatience. Less chance of the last alert, though… so you should be putting up an awesome show! Congratulations!

What you basically need to focus on throughout your year is patience for the process. Of course, that does not mean that you keep hanging on to patience after the expiry date. However, poking out every sapling to check for the condition of its roots… or being restless that your tree has not flowered yet, will not serve you. This may seem a little far-fetched, given your nature… but, honestly, I am sure you have seen your own share of far-fetched things, by now. So have a step-by-step break-down of what you expect to happen when, and allow the process to unfold.
Particular aspects to the general energies mentioned above will be according to your day of birth, as given below…

August 23rd to September 1st:
Given that you have planted your things to manifest, and you are on the correct path of actualising your goals, you are perhaps the most clued-in of all Virgoans as to what needs to be done while you wait for your fruits. Sometimes, you will feel restless, but you will generally be able to quickly come back to track and keep pegging away. If you are unable to come back on track and frustration is getting the better of you, check your health. The better you are, the better you will be.

September 2nd to September 11th:
You, of all Virgoans, will have a year slightly difficult. If you know the reason why, you can get it well in your grip. The problem will be if you want to change your ideas for a better look, when the process is already on its way. This will not be a good idea when the season of growth has already started. You may sometimes feel you can pull it off by the dint of your ability to work hard. Perhaps it is time to consider that fruit of labour is not due to working hard, but is due to working smart. So, when you do have the urge to try again, make a note of your new idea and keep it for a later time. That, too, will come around. If you feel unable to conquer your urge to make drastic changes to your plans along the way, then please take a short break and remind yourself of the pros and cons of your projects.

September 12th to September 22nd:
A good year, and a steady year… keep your gaze focussed on your goal. You are likely to have many crops turning up ready to harvest through the year, and it is going to keep you very well encouraged and inspired. Remember that the harvest is the result of a process, and another round of such a process is happening right now. So, be aware and stay balanced… prepared to meet your goal when the time is right.

Have an amazing year ahead, dear Virgoans!

The Wonderful Wizard of LEOs!!!











The year ahead for Leo (July 22- August 22)…

Imagine this scenario…
Gandalf stands at the edge of Middle Earth, wondering how in all magic’s name would his desire for supremacy conjure up something like the Dark Lord!
Get it? If you want to be strong, you will need something to be strong about… else what use strength! So, it is really, really important to understand what it is that you desire and why you desire it so… my dear Leos!
Many things in your life have reached completion, whether in the exact way you have wanted, or not… and all through this year, you will come to encounter this fact. Along with acknowledging completion, this year also encourages you to be absolutely clear about what you want and why you want it, so that when you get it, it is easier for you to understand how energy works. I hope you notice that I say “when you get it..” not “if…”; this would mean that you are on the way of getting everything you have wanted or are now wanting. How you would get stuff is already taken care of, so just trust. It is possible that you may get into analysing what trust means, so also look at the possibility that trust is about the self. Do look after your health, where the good news is that you will respond fabulously to healing if the need has arisen. Additionally, a lot of your unwell may stem from finding yourself ungrounded, and emotional in ways you are not comfortable. The way for you to handle this is to try to rationalise any overwhelm that you may feel. When you sit down and think things through, you will find that all is well.

For those born on and between July 22nd and August 1:
Of course, as with all Leos, you are going to encounter your wishes being fulfilled. This seems like a fairy tale to everybody… only, some believe and some don’t and yet others vacillate. It will be a struggle for you to see that what you now hold in your hand is something that you had earlier asked for. However, the point will not be that you have been delivered a mistaken gift. The point will be to ascertain how you have changed in the time it took for your desire to manifest. Or more to the point, check to see what you had earlier not accounted for, that has shown up. All this exercise is for a very, very awesome reason, if you can be patient enough. It is so that you can utilise the universal process with increasing exactitude… and be able to enjoy what you get, instead of becoming frustrated.
Watch out for that last one… frustration. The time is now for you to use that emotion as a tool to research into the nature of that which causes it in you.
Health will be as good as you take care of it. The Divine has your back, so do return the favour!

For those born on and between August 2nd and August 11th:
You, perhaps, of all Leos are best equipped to deal with this year’s energies. You are likely to understand the potential awesomeness behind scenes. Have patience and calm down if you feel disturbed by events, because you are divinely supported in grasping the ramifications and turning the situation around to suit your personality. And, when you have done that, you would feel and be seen as a hero… even though there aren’t those victory laps visible in all contexts. Honestly, you have the chance to crack some such serious manifestations, that you could become matter for future examples. All that you have to remember, consistently, repeatedly… is most often, what you get and what you see are veils for what really is. If you are equipped to be great, what’s stopping you?
Your health will be fairly good, and you will prove to be resilient.

For those born on and between August 12th and August 22nd:
As with your brethren Leos, a promising year and a delivering year… only, I implore you to take any aggression you may feel down by a notch or six! You see, not all things are accomplished by force. And your force is actually your power, in misdemeanour mode. Why would you be inventing a complicated tool to flip the fry in your pan, when you can learn to just flick your wrist? Bring your great energy and enthusiasm to work for you, instead, on actually manifesting with precision and speed, whatever it is that you now want. And the most effective way to succeed now is, yes, as the elders say, learn from your mistakes. If you do, the very least that is promised to you is a landmark year ahead. So look beyond trials and see the opportunity they present you with to up your shine!
Health will be fairly good, more out of your determination than for a lack of bugs around… but that, too, is great!

Have a very fulfilling year ahead, my dear Leos!

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