“…A Hot Air Balloon That Could Go To Space!” AQUARIUS!!!

The Year Ahead For Aquarius… aquarius-2017

Happy Birth Anniversary!

You are clever people and you certainly have a very good understanding of the bigger pictures. For some time now, however, there have been certain aspects of smaller pictures which have tricked you… There were times in the past when you thought things were falling into alignment with your goals and then, they turned out to be far, far out from such. To boot, you would have also discovered that you felt scared and trapped… possibly a rarity for you.

Now, things are a-shifting… and you are going to progress from that situation, into an opportunity to begin again. This is only in those deadlocked situations of afore. And the opportunity is to set in motion a plan of action from the beginning. So, don’t try to superimpose ‘new beginnings’ on things that are already going well, and don’t try to experiment with the deadlocks. Instead, do adopt a plan, perhaps from experience or from wiser people, and apply it diligently.

The outcome promises to be liberating!

For those born on or between January 20th and January 29th:

You are likely to have felt the particular areas of lockdown rather severely. And the good news is that it is over. You will be moving forward now, though not at a very high speed. This is a good thing, because you will be needing to put in place a viable plan of action… which means you now have to use your intelligence every step of the way. It is helpful to adopt plans that are tried and tested, and to take actions that are necessary, even if they are not particularly likeable.
Health will benefit from such action-oriented routines. Finances will tilt towards expenditure, which can be investments for the future, in any manner.

For those born on or between January 30th and February 8th:

While the gridlock of the past few months was not too bad a situation for you, it is likely that you were still chaffing and straining for your independence. Now it is time to move forward with a plan in place. You will feel a surge of energy to address everything that had bound you up. Be careful that you don’t cause a spillage of this energy into the areas of your life that are moving just fine!
Health will benefit from including calming and centering exercises with your normal routine. Finances will see more of expenditure, so make every penny count.

For those born on or between February 9th and February 18th:

Of all of your brethren, you would have hardly noticed any significant discomfort in the past year or so. You might have been able to few the ups and downs as woven with the general pattern of life, rather than something happening to you, in particular. So, the movement forward this year will be more easily setting in motion another phase of life… There will be an increase in the intensity of your usual activities, and you will have the energy required available for you. Health will be regular. You can also try new ways of maintaining fitness. Finances are entering a lovely phase of generation of more money, so notice and act upon all ideas you have of increasing income.

What a wonderful world!!! aquarius


“Making sense of near senseless!”… AQUARIUS!

Tarot forecast for the year ahead for Aquarius…


 Happy Birth Anniversary, dear Aquarius!aquarius

The year ahead for you, starting on your birthday, is very promising, indeed!

You have a great capacity for understanding what is good for everybody, yourself included. Sometime in the recent past, you have discovered the need of interacting with other people at a very close level. Perhaps, it was through a relationship…? However, to a greater or lesser extent, that interaction has caused you to question how viable emotions are in the space of interaction. For some, the connection may have seemed downright boring!
This year, you have the opportunity to unravel this mystery in a completely unexpected way. You will have a flash of inspiration that will cause you to introduce a new and creatively motivating factor into that precise interaction… which seems to be still, and lingeringly, important. Whether or not it stirs things up will unfold in due course through the year, but it will certainly have stirred you up to high levels of excitement!

So, look forward to an exciting year of new, emergent possibilities where you could have reached stagnancy. It will be just the beginning…!

How does it get better than that!

For those born on or between 20th January and 29th January:

You will be able to identify what it was that had kept you engaged in that which started stagnating, and you will be able to bring action to that precise factor. Perhaps you will cause a great surge of growth to happen all over again. What you must remember is that it is your point of attraction and not anybody else’s. It could be likely that you enthuse others to your good idea, and they may need you around to keep them sustained.

Health will likely be good, with a fair bit of increase in physical activity. Finances will be good, too, with an increase in potentially useful expenditures.

For those born on or between 30th January and 8th February:

Whereas you have a very good understanding of how to put things right, and in fact, you also stand to gain in terms of popularity if you do play the hero… you, personally, may not find it motivating enough to take action that pushes others to the forefront. However, this will be a good time, then, to bring clarity to the table, and release yourself from what may seem like a burdening proposition to you.

Health will improve with as much activity as you find palatable. Finances will see an increase in expenditure, and you can make it worth your while.

For those born on or between 9th February and 18th February:

For those of you in love and contemplating a move to the next level of your relationship, this year is the moment! Otherwise, too, any engagement of your energy that still has you hanging around, will benefit from any ideating and brainstorming that you will do. And you stand to benefit far more that seems initially evident. So go for it!

Health will be great if you consider changing and notching up your usual routine a level or three. Finances will make you feel restless, but it is good time for short-term investments.

Have a great year ahead!

“One Word Frees Us…..” AQUARIUS!!!

??????????????????????????????????Happy Birth Anniversary, dear Aquarians! aquarius

The year ahead, for you, holds much good cheer. There is a sharp rise in energy and activity, and likely you will be capable of handling both. In fact, for most of you, it is a welcome change from the pace that had been the norm for at least the past couple of years. The good news is that things are shifting for the better… and the better news is that you now have a chance to close the door on the past forever! Lesson learnt, assimilated… and no need of revisiting! How does it get better than that!

So, let us look at what is in the process of changing, for you.

There have been aspects in your life in the recent past which seemed to have gone into deep hibernation. Through them, you have questioned whether you know the right models of life, and whether your application of those models was intelligently done. Consciously or otherwise, you have made a lot of adjustments in your understanding, and you are now ready to emerge and try them out. So, here’s looking at you, kid! The year coming up is going to present you with innumerable opportunities to test your new-found wisdom. It will ask you to do things according to what you have newly learnt about yourself, and this is your moment to NOT slip back into earlier habits. Take your changes slowly, if you have to, but make sure you step up to the behaviour which you have decided will now serve you. Don’t worry about knee-jerks… they will fade away if you are consistent in showing up for your new choices.

The areas of life that will demonstrate the maximum visible change are everywhere you are called upon to leave a mark. This may not be your style of expression, but it is a good idea to allow this style to enhance your image for now. So go ahead and become visible, accountable and glamorous!

For those born on or between 20th January and 29th January:
It is possible that you have been trying to make sense of the existing state of affairs and how you fit into it. In this case, your time of pondering these heavy-weights is nigh close… and you are soon going to experience changes that will show you the wisdom of having waited and watched! You may want to make a case with what you already believe, but try to be open now, as life is going to show you possibilities of working with the same issues, in new ways… and you are going to like it! Generally speaking, the energy level of your existence is going to rise, and you will find a way to ride the crest. Enjoy!

For those born on or between 30th January and 8th February:
You have an innate sense of raising your consciousness through reasoning and analysing. The past few years have had you ponder much about the rightness of ways and getting results to efforts. This year, you will discover a sudden expansion in your understanding and ability to make sense of your world. You will make amazing breakthroughs in applying the most fitting process in the context of your goals. You will also be very glad of your past, as it will now show up as a valuable resource for you to plan your future. Energy levels will be amazingly high, yet coherent. Good luck!

For those born on or between 9th February and 18th February:
You may have been questioning ideas of harmony and balance in the larger scheme of things, these past few years. You are likely, most keenly aware of how short-lived the efficacy of a knee-jerk is… and wondering what would be a long-term working model of life. This year, you will be on your way to discovering exactly the processes which will allow and help you to move smoothly through stages. You will need to consciously relax yourself, and allow things to unfold, to reap the maximum benefit. Step away from excitement levels you cannot yet handle, and you will be fine. Have fun!