And Now, It’s All Worth It!….. TAURUS








Happy Birth Anniversary, dear Taurus! 

I am delighted to say that you have a very fruitful year coming up, starting on your birthday, and this is exactly how…

In the recent past, you have started down a new path, not entirely of your own bidding. Though the path did seem like a good idea to you, based on your observation of other travellers… you were hesitant to behave differently than usual, and step out of your proverbial comfort zone. But you had done it anyway, and with that tiny flame of hope lighting up in your heart, guess what?

It is entirely likely that you will experience the whole path just turn around and weave you right back into your comfort zone, and your zone is going to look far more stable and bountiful. Is that awesome news or what!!!

For those born on or between 21st April and 30th April:

You had stepped up to what you had considered to be an idea that was in some way greater than your understanding. Now, as the year unfolds and settles with its gifts for you, one among them will be a broader understanding of the ways of the world, and you will be happy to have taken the chance that you did!
Finances will be excellent. A good time to reinvest in property comes up. Health will benefit if you welcome movement of the body, in any manner that seems welcome to you.

For those born on or between 1st May and 10th May:

When you had commenced this new venture, you were pretty sure you were doing the right thing, because you have a great trust in wise people gone before, showing the path. In fact, your faith in people who have been there, done that and lived to tell the tale, is immense. To make matters better, then, this year will unfold for you to be proved right over and over again. In little ways, you have to start leaving your own mark, and you will manage to do that fairly well.
Finances will be excellent. Do consider enlarging your investment portfolio. Health will benefit from careful consideration and suitable lifestyle measures.

For those born on or between 11th May and 20th May:

You, out of all Taureans, were probably the most apprehensive about the new step you have taken. You were keeping a close watch on it, and monitoring it according to your own past experiences. This wonderful year will help you relax and acknowledge that you have made some right choices along the way and things are turning out just fine. Relax, and make friends with this new you. It is not very different from the old you!
Finances will be excellent, and you will do very well to rearrange your current investment portfolio. Health will benefit hugely from some friendly tweaks made in your usual routine, to increase physical activity.

How does it get better than that!!


Awesome Februarians!!!

Month-February The year ahead for those born in February: 
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Happy Birth Anniversary, Februarians!
In many ways, your year ahead is an answer to questions you may have asked your life… so look sharp! You don’t want to be caught nappin’!
Just kidding you, you won’t. This is a year when you will be far more aware of what’s going on in your life than probably ever before. You will certainly not be day-dreaming your time away, but you will be caught up in thoughts and rationales over the whys and wherefores of what you experience.
Needless to point out, this year is not about culminations, so if you have been looking out for things to come to an end, there is still a good bit to go. Most of the remaining work is to tie up loose ends and snip off drag-ends, and this is where much can be revealed to you about yourself. You are going to face head-on what you do when you don’t know what to do.
I would say that is a marvellous thing. After all, you can go only so far out on a limb; beyond that, it is up to you. And the best way to know what you are capable of is through experience. So yes, keep your antennae up to find out what you believe is possible for you to accomplish, and prepare to be surprised by boundaries that you discover are actually soft!
If you are in the middle of things, great year. Lots of questions will arise, in answering which you will become an expert of sorts in whatever you are dealing with. The large banner fluttering here is that you might tend to lean more to your left-brain in trying to make sense of it all. While in itself it is not a bad or a good thing, do look out for its applicability in the situation at hand.

So, when faced with relationship issues, bring yourself back to warmth of the heart. If faced with financial issues, bring yourself back from worrying. In both cases, the particular energy your are blessed with this year, can also skid your balance. Thus, keep in mind that the energy that is your gift is basically telling you to be aware of one thing, and one thing only… What do you believe is possible here?
If you can stop to ask yourself that question at every hitch, and then allow your answer to float up from within you, there won’t be any hitches left!
It would also be a big help if you can develop, continue with or consider any technique that helps calm nerves. This is not an alert! This is an opportunity to start a good habit, or deepen one you already have!

Guard your health from stress, turn work-related stress into quizzes and other fun-brain activities, write poems to your loves, and read up more on your favourite subjects… and you will rock through the year!

Have a great one!

MAY-borns!!! MAY-borns!!!



The year coming up for you, dear May-borns, is very special. It seems to me that you need to be primed for it. For most of you who have already experienced the various quirks of life, the year is a gift… and this is how…
To begin with, the year ahead will likely teach you how to enjoy your own pleasure. For most of you, it will be a strange zone. You have been habituated to thinking of pleasure as achievable through activities of particular types. You are going to experience, and sometimes through surprising twists in seemingly routine paths, that pleasure is a uniquely individual capability and it is very primal in nature.
(And we already know that nothing primal can be denied!)
Also, you are going to see a plethora of opportunities spring up for you in paths upon which you have already ventured out. However, making a choice will have to be, need to be, must be… I can’t stress this enough… through the process of aligning with what makes you feel delight.
In plain-speak, the reason for making a particular choice can no more be the result you expect to achieve. From now on, it has to be because what you have chosen simply and foremost, delights you. And yes, for most of you beautiful May-borns, it is as yet an unexplored criterion.
Finances will either be fitful or there will be expenses that are non-regular in nature. But, not to worry… expenditure signifies that the means will also be available. Work could prove to be a challenge, which would beg to be met with more of your acknowledgement of what you actually feel. Why is this a challenge? Primarily, because you have not yet associated working/ work with the pleasure principle.

Which brings us to the main theme that will be running through everything that you experience in the year ahead, dear children of May… closure.
Most of you will recognise that the days unfolding are showing you that you now need to shift away from the familiar and conditioned patterns of thought. And what you need to shift towards is so primal in nature, that you might be terrified of what it may mean to your hitherto predictable life. You are being called to be champions of engaging your life energies in things, activities, relations that bring out your capacity for pleasure. So, for those of you engaged in duty, righteousness, correctness, inherited ways of life… the year will ask you to face the likelihood of a closing down of these established ways.

Of course, the result is up to you. If you can shift paradigms, you could lead the next mystic march. If you do not think it is worth all the brouhaha, then this, too, shall pass… anyway. However, by the end of your year, you are likely to be so vastly changed as a person, that I am going to take great delight in claiming “I told ya!”

Have a very fulfilling and delightful year!

And The Winner Is….. APRIL-arians!!!!

feature_april-month-featureTHE YEAR AHEAD FOR THOSE BORN IN APRIL…





You have come a long way… and you know it already. And the energies around the day of your birth anniversary this year will likely remind you of it. You are a wonderful expression of stardust… so do hold on to that sparkle! 305-happy_birthday_balloon.jpg-JPEG-Image-350x350-pixelsExperiences, however tough they may have been, are not things that can dull your shine. In fact, I shall let you into a secret now…
Whatever you have been through that has seemed tough and debilitating is now under your feet. This is a two-dimensional metaphor. The first is that the worst is over and you are stronger, and in control of the situation once again… even though you seem to not realise it! The second is that those things you have experienced that pulled you down, have now congealed into the precise stepping stone that can boost you up to your next level.

When one has gone through uneasy times, it is easy to become negative and resort to playing the game of blame. However, this is not the end of your story, not by a long page! So why don’t you, instead, flip the lens around and build a different perspective? After all, lessons learnt through tough times are easier remembered and applied! And also, there is the bonus… of developing compassion!

Financially, the year will more likely throw up challenging opportunities for prosperity, rather than the actual moolah. You are being asked by your own Spirit to rise up to the challenge and decide once and for all what your identified integrity is going to be. Are you going to compromise on your values to ease out of the situation? Are you going to indulge in superiority over having money? Are you going to understand interdependence? These questions will need to be answered by you, for yourself, and will set the tenor for some time to come.
Relationships will need you to be the strong one, even when you need some support. That is the point… you are being asked to understand that you are your own best support. Once you have grasped and assimilated exactly how strong you are, you will be able to enjoy yourself.
At work, you are likely to put in a lot of effort. If you are willing to wait for your returns, then they will be manifold of what you can now put in.
If you are considering any long-term commitment, for which you would need to show a considerable amount of dedication, such as a college course, a skill-based learning, or a committed relationship… the time is ideal and promising. Your efforts will yield stupendous results when the season for fruits comes around!

What an empowering year ahead!

HAPPY BIRTH ANNIVERSARY…. dearest March-borns!


Calendar-03-March-q75-500x409THE YEAR AHEAD FOR THOSE BORN IN MARCH… 

Especially after your possibly exciting 2012, welcome to a far more stable 2013, dear March-borns! Happy birthday greeting cards graphics
‘Exciting’ could have been happy-making and celebratory. Or it could have been challenging, to put it politely… However your 2012 was, it did show a lot of energy upheavals, and guess what?
Whatever the events, whatever were your experiences within the context of those events, you have done good for yourself.
Take this on trust, if you cannot, at face-value. This year marks a fresh beginning for you, wherein your earlier experiences fertilise the new field you are about to till. The potential of seeing your life become the exact manifest stability you desire, is complete now.
The caveat? Expectations.
Usually, we want our future to be just that much predictable to actually repeat the familiar processes of the past, but with that much improvement to not repeat the familiar results of the past. If you see the dichotomy of this perspective, you are doing very well indeed, and you are likely to snap out of wanting different results out of doing the same things.
For most of you blessed March-borns, the year ahead promises improvement, financially, health-wise, and in the stability quotient of all relationships. You pretty much are starting with the world at your feet. So, with a bit of work on your optimism, you will also be able to see this for yourself!

Have a blessed year ahead, dear March-borns!

Happy Birth Anniversary, Februarians!!!!


…..2013, the year ahead is a most promising one, dear Februarians!5431287-happy-birthday-with-colored-letters-and-rainbow

Of course, a lot depends upon what you had promised yourself to achieve… because it seems that you have succeeded to a large extent.
This year, you will be able to ease up and smile, perhaps even laugh. If you allow yourself to acknowledge your blessings, you will discover plenty of compatriots happy for you and looking at you with pride in their gaze. Whatever the scale of grandeur, you are in a zone of celebration now. There is much around you to help you realise how worthy and deserving you are about every bit of your success.

Since the chunk of time in a year seems quite elongated to most people, you might become more aware, occasionally, of times when you do not feel like celebrating anything. And then, there will be times when you might wonder how ever could what just turned up, be what you have manifested. However, the energies that encourage your being this year will help you tide these moments, as well… especially if you sit down and count your blessings.
This, by the way, is a magic spell, just for you, this year, dear Februarians…
“When not sure of blessings, sit down and count them.”
I assure you, you will be amazed.

You will still have to work hard, yet you will have discovered the joy in it. Else, you will shift to the path where working hard will become a joy.
You will be assured of growth in finances, though you may be better advised to spend, and wisely, at that… rather than save.
Your relationships need you to give them a booster shot in the arm, and they will be revved up and raring to go. (Hmnn.. in case you don’t want to be the one to do it, and want the other to take the plunge first… do it, anyway. The power of magical transformation is with you, this year. Unless, of course, you are with another February-born!!! Whooosh!!)
You could do a fantastic job at whatever you set your heart on, this year… especially, those of the kinetic kind! (Get moving, get the picture!) The only thing that may hold you back from enjoying yourself is reading too much into anything. Disappointment is the twin of expectation… and I won’t tell you which one is the dark force. However, if you keep yourself firmly grounded into your context in life (please note that I didn’t say ‘reality’!) and if you allow yourself to enjoy what you have at hand, you are in for a good run through the year, and a sure rise-graph, mate!

So, happy birth anniversary, Februarians! Know that what you have in hand is great and also, if you look carefully, a trophy! You have achieved! 

Chug on, Decemberians!

december_clipart   0078

Happy Birth Anniversary!

For the December-borns, this is a crucial year coming up.
You have likely been through a long year of tests and surprises. Some very stable aspects of your life could have already faced challenges and shown you just how unstable they actually are. And in other cases, you may have got stuck in some very unexciting and possibly burdensome activities.

Here is the good news.

You have wisened up!

Now onwards, you can craft out the most wonderful life for yourself.
You have seen the decisions that did not give you the desired results. Now you can figure out why, and re-do your strategies accordingly.
You have seen that some systems did not turn out the expected results. Now is the time to understand that new systems need to be put into place, and you can do it for yourself.
You have seen that having alternatives can sometimes confuse you. They can divert your energy into making you operate out of a need for self-protection. So now you can, instead, decide to live on your terms, and operate from a platform of choosing what you want to choose, because you like it.

This last one, actually, is a big one for you in the coming year.
You now owe it to yourself to understand that you are your own most treasured resource. Everything outside of yourself that you hold valuable, is of value because you regard it so. You have made it so. If you did not, it would be meaningless.
Imagine that pot that needs to be crafted. Where would the ingredients be without the potter, and his desire to craft exactly that? So this is what you live out the coming year.

Do not assume that you are what your circumstances are.
Your circumstances are the manifest result of your earlier decisions, and can change. You can change them.

And this year, you are eminently empowered to do so, through the best teacher of them all… experience!

Your finances are likely to see a new rise through more empowered choices you make.
Likewise, your relationships will benefit from touching base with your commonalities and the original reason for being with the other.
Health will improve with better approaches.

In short, you are wiser now, so use your wisdom to better your own life!
Have a wonderful year ahead!!!!


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