Mundane Tarot Guidance for 6th to 12th May, 2018…

Mundane Tarot Guidance for the week 6th to 12th of May, 2018… 

“Be appreciative of all confusions, this week, for more than ever before is the opportunity for clarity hidden in those confusions.
So, there will be two or more different options that seem to vie for your approval… 
Stop, breathe and think…. What were you trying to accomplish, to begin with?
Only one of the options will be an exact match with where you are now and where you want to go.
Choose that.”

And if it is your  birthday this week, on or between 6th and 12th May….

“You have achieved some goals over the past few years. That may give you the impression that the goals that have still not been achieved will need more hard work and effort. Not yet, though…. Everything you have started and tended to, is on its way to fruition. Wait, be patient a while longer. 
Health will benefit from lowering pressures of activities, and including relaxation in routine.
Finance is stable,though you may occasionally feel the need for more.”

How does it get better than that! 




FOR THE WEEK 6th-12th OF MAY, 2013.

There are so many ways, and so many more… in which we are being told, cajoled, coaxed and sighed into rebirthing ourselves… 21000_556533064369230_1992166514_n

Here we go again…
What you have experienced thus far has a significant contribution in making you the person you are. As it passes, remember it with gratitude and love, for it is likely never coming back, any more. Instead, you are again looking at the best possible dream that you can dream, and you are again being asked about your preparations for it. Have you planned your steps? Have you started walking the path? Have you discovered yet the anomalies which pop up and help you correct your course? Because that is the way…

There are going to be things you will give up or they will shut down, anyway. There will be ideas that crash down around your ears, with no alternative to take their place. There is going to be what will look like a great un-preparation. And it is going to be darn difficult to feel that it is a good thing…
In fact, it might feel just the opposite. And it might feel a lot stronger than just an opposite.

There will be only one thing to do… the only thing that ever was there to do anyway. Mid-week, there will be a call to love… yourself. All of you, just the way you are. That is the assurance that what you will perceive in the days to come will be supportive of you. That, and any action you take to express that you love yourself. This will be another ‘dang’ word… as we hardly know what it means to love ourself and be there for us, foremost. However, and this is a big one…

We are on a threshold. Look forward, step up the way you are being shown. The choice is between an old world-view which has lived its purpose and completed its journey, and a new world-view which has potential for All to manifest. It has always been so at such thresholds. We could choose to not move forward… or we could choose to trust the Divine Design to unfold as we step out upon the blossoming bud of time.

Which one will it be, for you?

  • For the self-employed, the week ahead may not look too challenging to handle. There will be an aura of inevitability surrounding the passing of the old. Hope you have your new order planned and prepared, even if it is not as detailed as you would prefer. By the end of the week, you would already be making choices in the new paradigm.
  • For the employed, your external world will be far more humdrum than the storms raging inside of you. Allow yourself your questions, let the answers surface and trust that what comes up from within you represent your truth. If you can also trust that you need to act upon your truth, your way… then the end of the week can hold heartening news for you.
  • For those who consider themselves dependent, the week could make you feel that you are passing with the old order… and never mind your chronological age. I hope you can utilise the softening of energies that will come about just before the weekend to find your core of love, and to understand that actions were, are and will be contextual, but intention will always be the energy that drives the outcome. Stay connected to the feeling of love, and loosen your grip on what should be, according to you, the correct expression of that love. Things will ease.
  • For the voluntary care-givers, sharpen your five senses, and keep the clair-senses peeled. You will likely hear the dirge and the paean, all rolled into the sound of birthing times.

Welcome home!!!