Mundane Tarot Guidance for the week 13th-19th May, 2018

Mundane Tarot Guidance for the week 13th-19th May, 2018…. 

“Sometimes, a negative is actually the most positive indication of where you are…
Don’t trust blindly…. Check all data and your premises before you take action.
Don’t react to others based on your own understanding….. They are going through their own challenges.
Don’t believe everything you think…. especially if it is limiting you.
Don’t keep doing what you are doing if you are not liking its outcome.
Sometimes, it is OK to stop, and check whether you are truly where you had set out to be.”

And if it is your birthday this week, on or between 13th and 19th of May…. HAPPY BIRTH ANNIVERSARY! 

“If you have spent a lot of energy on some projects in the past couple of years, it is time now to completely stop and do a due diligence on how they are working out for you. Are you happy? Have you gained anything from them? Have you changed in some manner? Do you like the person you have become?….. And depending on what turns up as answers, tweak your processes before you go ahead. 
For projects that are already complete or are nascent, you can go on the way you have already decided.
Health will benefit from counselling over anger management, and from a change to a more soothing diet.
Finances will be unstable, though not worrisome at all.”

How does it get better than that!!!


BEGINNING… A Very Good Place To Start!!!

FOR THE WEEK 13th-19th MAY,2013

It is easy to assume, when you are sure of where you are going, that the path ahead will be clear. And it is, then,27_e_plus quite frustrating to be thwarted. Yet, we now must distil what we have learnt from this scenario repeated countless times before. And the essence is this… when we find our step thwarted, the reason is likely that all parameters that went into taking that step were not as clear and direct as they needed to be. Yes, we might be in error. And the only thing to do when we have erred is to stop, step back, rectify and move ahead again with the new knowledge.
The advantage to this attitude is a smoothening away of tribulations, which becomes inevitable when we correct our course. Always. And we have empowered our awareness with the virtue of correcting mistakes.

However, what is your may not be others’… and what is another’s may not be yours. Actually, take the ‘may’ away, it surely is not. Sometimes we have to take the high road of reason… do what is good for us, whether or not it is good for the others in our lives. And immediately, we stumble upon the next revelation, which is that one’s true kinship never goes away. Those who love you, do so for the intrinsic capacity in them to love, and not because you bring some value to their lives. So when you have realised your dreams, you have done it for yourself and for the people who know that your value is not limited to that realisation. Thus you discover your tribe of shining lights… of guided selves!
In the paradigm of a changing world, the only constant is your Self. Whatever your distillation of your experiences is, it is what you are made of, and whatever the world changes into, the only thing you can bring into the new world is You.

Which brings us to the next level of awareness…
“Do unto others as you would do unto your Self”… If you had to do what you had to do to be You, let others do what they need to do to be themselves. It is in the being, not the doing. Respect and allow each one’s story as you had done for yourself, and continue to respect your unfolding as uniquely yours. Do not try to mould others to your path. It isn’t there for anybody else but you.
Manifestly, it is challenging to be and let be, as we are still seduced by the democratic idea of morality. We may fall yet again for what apparently appears to be similar, as the same. And we may be prodded to instinctual protective behaviours, such as defending our territories. Moving into creative awareness would entail holding on to the basic premise of all paradigm-shifts, and that is You are unique. And the only way to know it is to be it.

  • For the self-employed, the week could prove to be a relief from past many a one, if you are taking each matter that you come up against into your own hands and reworking it from the bottom up. Many of your tribulations, with such rework, are going to see a smoother ride into the future. Your core lesson of doing according to your being can start to be assimilated this week.
  • For those who are employed, there could be uncanny upliftments and sudden revelations of your self-power, in the midst of working in a group. As much as your ability to operate in a team is feted, so will you start to see that there is a larger picture beyond the immediately visible. While it is not yet revealed, your sense of empowerment is growing every day.
  • For those who consider themselves dependent, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay inside boxes and definitions and moral conventions. Yet the more you cling to your perspective… However, this week, you may feel much better than the previous ones, and find reasons to be validated about your stance. When you are feeling better down the days, remember what you have sown in you in the recent past… that it is in the being, not the doing. If definitions indeed have changed, then you could be soon speaking in an unknown language!
  • For the voluntary care-givers, if you have made it thus far on your own steam, the week will pump you up for a lot many more days… So, full steam ahead!

"The Beginning" Road Sign with dramatic blue sky and clouds. The end has ended! Let us begin at the beginning!!