ARIES: A Year To Remember!


(21ST March-20th April)

Happy birthday, Aries!
Your year ahead promises introspection, and sometimes, even for your highly proactive selves, this can be the best idea! It will benefit you to stop every so often and ask yourself whether you think/feel you are on the path you had originally envisaged for yourself. If yes, you may still need some recalibrating. If not, take careful measures to move back and redo what you can. If you are not sure, drop the question for now and come back to it in a few days.

For those born on or between 21st March and 30th March:
You would be in a good space of recalibration, if you take small steps forward and check where you are, as a regular exercise. Relationships can now teach you a lot you may not know. Health will benefit from trying a few new kinds of exercises. Stick to your regular diet. Financially, the year will be more or less on an even keel.

For those born on or between 31st March and 10th April:
You might find it surprisingly simple to exercise the discipline you will need to. You will hardly have self-doubts, and this is splendid for your confidence. Your existing relationships can benefit from your perseverance. Health will be good when you include self-awareness in your wellness programmes. Financially, this is a good year for sowing seeds of investments.

For those born on or between 11th April and 20th April:
Please take as much help as you can from reliable and expert sources, in order to keep your path ahead clear and free from confusion. It is good for you to increase your knowledge base in this manner. Relationships will offer you challenges to improve yourself. Health will be good and can be better. Finances will see both incoming and outgoing, so make every penny count!

Have a happy year ahead!


MARCH 2019

Mundane Tarot update for the month of March, 2019….

MARCH, 2019…

A month of corrections and redoing of all plans towards goals….
Happily, we might discover that there is nothing wrong or mistaken with what we want, which is our goal. It is only that the path or the steps that we are taking towards it can use some revisiting of the original intention. Why do we want what we want? For some, the path will be scrapped altogether, which will be necessary to have a better path. This will show up most distinctly in the way we plan, itself… pointing towards a lack of fore-sight. However, the good news is that we can now correct ourselves. Continue being careful about your health, especially if the weather is warm/hot where you live.

FEBRUARY, 2019….


A month when most of us are feeling adamantly confident…! No matter what, we will see it through…! In general, this is deemed to be a positive attitude, so if you are feeling good with it, go ahead and be adamant, or confident! However, if you sense your grip on things to be less than firm, don’t rely on only your attitude to see you through. Recheck things you know for knowing more, or better. It is likely that you might come to a spot of having to re-do your plan, so brush up on what you know, ask for what you don’t know, and be respectful towards all relationships. Take good care of your health.

(It keeps getting better and better…!!!)

Welcome to 2019!!!


What I Want To Say Is…


What I Want To Say Is….


What I Want To Say Is….


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