Read on to know more about Mundane Tarot…

Mundane, according to the dictionary, means that which relates to the ordinary, everyday, commonplace, secular…

And TAROT is a method to allow one’s intuitive senses to interact and inform the practical.

So, Mundane Tarot, as I see it, is a general guidance provided by Tarot, for everybody. It can be applied to your particular context in much the same way as a weather update for the day may apply to your plans for the day. The guidance is a pivot; where you are on the wheel is unique to you.

 The thread of reading the mundane in the Tarot Cards is… issue.
Who we are, what we do, what we engage in… seem different from each other.
Indeed, I acknowledge the beauty of the variety and contrast presented thus.
However, I find a commonality in what we experience.
Thus, a trekker in the freezing climes of Alps could worry about reaching her camp before night fell in much the same way as a student would worry about completing her assignment in time for evaluation. Or a mother could gaze into the unaware eyes of her new-born with as much overwhelm as an entrepreneur who has struck upon an idea that could change her part of the market forever.

So, let us find the thread of commonality in our experience.


Then, this I will add…
You, who read this blog, are as you will yourself to be, as you understand and see yourself to be. Nothing is in isolation. Your belief about your Self will express itself as the circumstances in which your Self lives out its story. And thus, change is up to you. If you desire to be one way, and you consistently engage your energies in another way, then that is exactly where you are… in between somewhere. So here it is as a linear thought to grapple with….
Your core is your desire.
What you are doing consistently for yourself layers that core.
Some layers can nurture that core, others can suffocate it. You may not know which is what… in which case a thousand suns are available to you for guidance. You take the step.
The choice is yours!!!

 IMG_2155    For your personal queries, please write to me at mohini.tarot@yahoo.com




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