Mundane Tarot Guidance for 6th to 12th May, 2018…

Mundane Tarot Guidance for the week 6th to 12th of May, 2018… 

“Be appreciative of all confusions, this week, for more than ever before is the opportunity for clarity hidden in those confusions.
So, there will be two or more different options that seem to vie for your approval… 
Stop, breathe and think…. What were you trying to accomplish, to begin with?
Only one of the options will be an exact match with where you are now and where you want to go.
Choose that.”

And if it is your  birthday this week, on or between 6th and 12th May….

“You have achieved some goals over the past few years. That may give you the impression that the goals that have still not been achieved will need more hard work and effort. Not yet, though…. Everything you have started and tended to, is on its way to fruition. Wait, be patient a while longer. 
Health will benefit from lowering pressures of activities, and including relaxation in routine.
Finance is stable,though you may occasionally feel the need for more.”

How does it get better than that! 


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