LIBRA….. “It’s a new day, it’s a new way!”

Mundane Tarot update for Libra…libra-symbol

Happy Birth Anniversary!

Things are about to look up and this calls for the three big cheers, dear Libra!
For some time past, perhaps a year or two, you were working away at a labour of love in manners quite different from your usual. And if truth be told, you are a tad bit overwhelmed by it, by now. It is not like you to linger and ponder, or even having to…over matters that keep you spiralling in the same space. You would dearly love to get going with it, and get to the next level in a reasonable and logical amount of time. What has happened, has kept you mired in a situation of so much love that feels so burdensome that you could have felt on the brink of danger for a few weeks or months past. It has been as though this baby needed far too much lovin’ and nurturin’ than you had signed up for! libra-2016

Don’t worry! Whether it is a relationship, a work project or your home renovation… you don’t have to give up on it! Times, they are a-changing!

The good news is that you will gain sudden clarity on exactly what needs to be done to make it about that labour of love, and bring it back to love. And such amazing clarity was not to be had earlier, so you can’t even beat yourself up about it… 🙂

The better news is that this lighting up of your path forward will be in just the area of your life that needs it. So, if you have not really been overwhelmed by anything at all, there will be some minor tweaks and adjustments which will light up your life, anyway… But if you have been amongst those Librans who were praying for divine intervention, your birthday brings it around, and how! Just on that bit of thing which was so bothersome!

For those born on or between 23rd September and 2nd October:

You would do well to remind yourself that external peace does not necessarily indicate internal peace. So, while you are doing the right thing by your labour of love, you must also be just and fair to your own self. You need to be reminded of this, now. Health will be better with a careful diet and grounding, meditative exercises added to what you usually do. Expenditure may rise, but you have the opportunity to make every penny count.

For those born on or between 3rd October and 12th October:

You have an inherent streak of good sense running through you that cannot be toppled, so take your time about moving forward on good ideas. Don’t rush, and this is important. You will want to rush forward when you see the path having cleared, so please remind yourself to walk steadily, instead. Good health will mean being conservative and consistent with practices that already work for you. Expenses will rise, so make the most of them.

For those born on or between 13 October and 22nd October:

You, perhaps of all Librans, will see the best year ahead! Your intrinsic ability to expand on any idea will help you to make the best of an already awesome situation coming up. And, if you are planning such, do have a baby, or launch a new project dear to you, or make a life-affirming change to your living… or at least give it a good, going-ahead thought… this year! Health will benefit from being conservative and also upping the walk/jog/run practice. Finances will be active so keep a watchful eye.

What an awesome year ahead!!!


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