VIRGO…. On A Manifesting Roll!!

virgo-symbolHappy Birth Anniversary, dear Virgo!TaurusDaisy

You have come a long way, and if you are not so sure of it, the year ahead, starting with your birthday, will prove it to you!

Whatever projects you have recently started… or have started a while ago but are still in the nascent stages, will either speed up and complete themselves before time, shut down temporarily, go into hold mode, or prove to be not worth your efforts. At least, not now. Instead, the ones with which you have engaged and brought to ripening, are ready to show you glorious harvest. This being a rather generic description, let’s figure out how it could reflect in various aspects…

At work, where you devote so much of your energy, it could be pretty straightforward. New projects started in the recent past will round up and complete if they are short term projects, else, they will need to be put on hold or discarded, or given to others. Old or older projects, especially ones with a long-term prospect, will now start to bear results which could be extremely satisfying for you and your colleagues who are directly involved. And if these projects were intended to make you money, they will certainly do so.

In your personal life, you are not really given to frivolous or less than meaningful relationships. Even then, tiny flares of attraction are not meant to be lasting… Instead, a pragmatic outlook while taking stock of your relationships can help you determine which ones are on the right track. Whether amongst family, friends or significant others, use your need for predictable stability to gauge what needs work, what works and what can be avoided.

For those born on or between 23rd August and 1st September:

You may feel more resistance to letting go of the new and revelling in the old, than the other Virgoans, but try to remind yourself that seeing the older ideas manifest and bear fruit is as important as moving ahead with new ones… perhaps even more so. Be kind to yourself and you will notice that things are good. Now is the time for holidays, awards to self, indulging your senses and enjoying life. You can get back to the grind later. Your health will benefit from being relaxed and happy. Finances will improve with spending, not saving.

For those born on or between 2nd and 11th September:

Even though you need to be reminded about it, you understand and appreciate happiness and pleasure. Sometimes, you may take a tad too dry an approach towards being happy, but that is all right, as if you do get happy this year, there will be much more to keep you happy throughout this year and the next few! Health will benefit from routines and methods that give you pleasure. Finances will improve through investing in yourself, not for yourself.

For those born on or between 12th and 22nd September:

If you use your considerable analytical skills, you will understand the importance of harvesting and fallow. You can then allow yourself to step back from sowing new seeds right away. You are likely to feel pressurised into not wasting a single moment of your life, and enjoying the fruits of your earlier labour may start to seem that way, but… do step back and acknowledge the cyclical nature of everything that takes time, and the burn-out that happens if you try to short out some of the parts. Health will benefit from healthy practices that you enjoy and that make sense to you. Finances will be steady enough for some indulgences and some investments.

What a wonderful year ahead!!!


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