AUGUST…. My Old Friend….!

Mundane Tarot update for the month of August, 2016…IMG_20160801_223711

The beatific August offers us a chance to understand our place in the grander scheme of life…. Our specific, unique place that needs just us and not another, and our specific nature as the resource to brighten up the world. This, however, also needs us to allow for everyone and everything around us as perfection. We bring ourselves to the design, as does everybody else….
And how is that going to work out for us?
Most of us will feel unsure of adopting the above-mentioned as a working principle. We would feel somewhat sure of ourselves, and perhaps about others we know…. But about those who we don’t know? Trusting them with our personal progress would be difficult. Quite difficult. This would seem to be one of those ideas that seem good in theory and very doubtful in practice!

And additionally, we have all of our past experience alive and kicking in our memory bank. For as much agreement we can drum up for trusting each unique individual to do their number, we can spill out many and much more reasons to not do so. We would want to hang on to the tried and tested…. and nothing is wrong with that.

As the end of August will show us clearly, that we can only get what we are prepared to receive. As the adage goes, as we sow, so we shall reap. In how many ways can you look at that saying, then? What do you want to reap…. and how are you sowing its seeds?

August August!!! 😉


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