“Hello, There! Stranger…..!” JULY


Mundane Tarot update for the month of July, 2016…

Often, we have an awful lot of good available to us…. and then, there is a catch!

So, this month of July stands ready and waiting to tell us, “So be it, and so it is!”…. But, what, in sweet heaven’s name, is “it”?

Our attitude and to be kind to us, our understanding of life as we start the month, is rather been there, done that. Oh, we have, we indeed have! And left to our devices, we know exactly how to deal with life. Our way. We are prepared with all sorts of approaches and processes that have worked very well for us in the past.

Also, the resources we have with us have been culled through experiences and tested in the fire of efficacy in performance. We are awesome! Some of us may still be hesitant to acknowledge it, but others will go right in with the maps and tools.

And eventually, by the end of the month, we will have lived through yet some more experiences…. and we will notch them to ‘good’ and ‘bad’, in retrospect, as we usually do. The identifiable trait of the sum total of our experiences this month will be that it will encourage our belief and reliance in our tested and tried methods through success, and will crush us if we fail, turning us to rummaging in our resources kit for more. And that, too, will be good for us, as we will discover more in our ready resources….

So, all is well….. So, where is the catch that I have jumped at you right in the beginning, then? Don’t I know a good thing when I see it!!!??

Here it is, then. Being human relies a lot on our ability to discern patterns in a manner effective enough for us to gain a sense of control over the unknowns. Those patterns come from our zone of knowns. Already known. 

This puts a brake on our spotting and learning something that is ‘unknown’. And in July, life will offer us many, many opportunities through the unknowns. We can sail by unaware… no harm done, all is well.

But, just suppose, if we can stop and clear the slates of our minds and look around us once more with the wonder and innocence of the child we once were, in supreme confidence of the Well-Being of life not being limited to knowns? What more would we discover? How would we enrich ourselves?

And…… how does it get better than this!!!


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