MAY…. is here!

Mundane Tarot forecast for the month of May, 2016…


Seldom have I seen energies colluding to present us with a pattern of such clarity, that it would take deep sleep to make us miss the current archetypal message!

The month of May is graced with the theme of response…
First in response.
Initial response.
What a helpful time we are headed towards in case we want to understand and work at changing parts and pieces of ourselves! And who doesn’t, in these times of growing self-awareness…!

We have the opportunity now to understand that most of what we think our life is stems from perspectives we hold. Thus, we hold on to images and reflections, not the actual object being reflected. It is our response to that reflection that can inform us about our current creative potential. Thus, if you are looking into a mirror and deciding you are ugly, or beautiful… that is hardly an absolute. The emotion that you feel while you stare at your reflection is the way you actually feel about your life…
And the mirror can be anything that is currently engaging you.

Of course, as always, we have resources available to us. The resource that works most in our favour now is our ability to meet whatever we encounter with a counter play of our own. This is decided by our own experience, wisdom and understanding.
Our own… that is key.
It is quite likely that we will miss most of the range of these resources we have. We will end up focussing on just one aspect of our resources… What do we know to do that will give us the reaction which is familiar to us?… Working in this way will limit our exploration of potential wisdom to only the tried and tested within the parameters of social approval. It may work, but it also may not. And knowing is utilising of full potential.

Eventually, the month will culminate in a feeling of time having passed by without leaving much wrinkled or crushed, and that is a relief. For some of us already used to ignoring genuine responses, the changes will be too deep down in our psyche to make any outward difference. Fair enough, there. For others, perhaps for most, there will be a sense of something moving behind the scenes. We would still ignore, since we cannot see much manifest. But there will be some of us who are blessed with a vibrant connection to their feelings, who are likely to shift those aspects of themselves which they have long wanted to change. Like, habits and behaviour patterns which keep them stuck… and they will then be ready to become agents of their authentic response…

What a beautiful, beautiful month!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bodhimoments
    May 02, 2016 @ 09:56:56

    On my mettle now… observe and respond.. outside the square. observe again. DId I get it?


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