TAURUS… Choosing Great Endings and Better Beginnings!

5431287-happy-birthday-with-colored-letters-and-rainbowMundane Tarot update for the year ahead for TAURUS!!!
Happy Birth Anniversary, dear Taureans!taurus
This year holds for you a strange new beginning…
Whatever it is that you had thought was coming to a head will now need to be re-worked… and this is the good news.
The better news is that when you start the re-working, you will pass through a period of evolution that will make you a better person.
So if you have a big plan about to actualise, or a relationship about to change levels, or a long-term project about to culminate… rein your horse in, and do what it takes now to move to a completion much, much more worthy of your salt.
For some of you, this may sound like a coating of sugar on a probable bitter pill, but not so fast, dear Taurean!
Think of it this way… that which you want to reach to a culmination is carrying your energies; and doing what it needs to take you to a better place is something that you will be thankful about for the next decade or so!
How does it get better than that!
Action-wise, you will find the necessity to bring in wisdom and practical application, though rather low-key. So the going will be smooth and unobtrusive, for you.
Emotionally, this year promises you getting over heart-breaks, moving forward, and perhaps, finding authentic relationships. This is an excellent year for those who are already in stable relationships… everything promises to get just better and better.
Health will be good if you pay attention to keeping your metabolic activity at requisite high levels. Be aware of wanting or needing to over-indulge yourself; it is a story that now can be over.
Finances are likely to hold good and improve through the year.
All in all, a splendid time awaits the Taurean!


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