Manna of “MARCH”!

Mundane Tarot update for the month of March, 2016…March2016

The situations in which we find ourselves as March begins are quite the culmination of many paths we have already traversed. Obviously, since we view life as a continuum through our experience of the day-to-day, we are not going to see anything particular as an ‘ending’. And good for us, too, as culmination is hardly an end to anything… It could, though, very well be the beginning of the next stage. Of that, we will become sure as days of March unfold.

Our greatest resource right now is our design in the image of our Creator… which makes us pure positive energy. We can attract to us and align with us everything that feels the same as we are feeling. And thus we can use this ability to feel the way we WANT to feel, so that we can have the things which make us feel that way… things, or events, or relationships… what have you.

And how do we do what we need to do to use our resources and get to that new beginning…? Ah! Here is the catch…
Often, we allow our past experiences to reflect in our behaviour. That is why it is called conditioning! We are conditioned to feel and think in a certain way, even if it doesn’t serve our ideal bigger picture. However, we do not need to be stuck to that conditioning. We can allow the feeling that that bigger picture evokes in us to guide us to a new way of behaving… and this is where we become Creators of our own universe!

Eventually, most of us will have tried to better ourselves or our situations, by the end of March. Some will be weary, some will be wise and some… a few… would have broken through the glass ceiling and become leading edge for the rest of us!

Start with what you have to go towards what you want…

Things are just getting better and better every moment!


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