“Self-expression!”About PISCES….!

birthday.14Happy Birth Anniversary, dear PISCES! pisces

Tarot update for the year ahead for Pisceans…

Last year was about journeying inwards, dear Pisceans, and defining who you are, with your understanding of yourself.
This year is about expressing yourself outwards, in the manner that seems suitable to you.

Now, “suitable” is a loosely held together concept. One could view something as suitable and still not be able to have it fit and move along in the scheme of things. However, here is the way in which you, dear Piscean, can find your suitable manner of expression…
Focus on those things, matters and topics in your life that, over the past couple of years, have asked you to have a long-term plan, based on short-term knowledge… something like winging it on trust, or like having a baby… which is just the beginning of a long-term bringing up of the baby!
And on those very issues, build a habit, process, or relationship with parameters you personally like and would decide to NOT change… such as, deciding to work at your desk for two hours every morning to clear up any backlog, everyday, till there is no more backlog of anything at all. (You would choose to clear up backlog because you personally LIKE cleared-up spaces!)

Simple, isn’t it! And you have the Universe supporting you, to boot!

For those born on or between February 19th and February 29th:

Generally speaking, you may occasionally find yourself at loggerheads between what seems ‘right’ and what seems ‘suitable’. And for this year of your solar return, here is the formula to dissolve that jam: treat what seems suitable as the stepping stone for the moment to what seems right in the long-term. You are good. Things will eventually work out to your satisfaction even when they don’t start out that way. Finances and health will both benefit from taking regular, small and familiar steps aimed at your goal.

For those born on or between March 1st and March 10th:

If you have an understanding of the method of habit, glory be! Perseverance is your calling card, this year! You will not have to knock more than twice, but make sure you don’t turn away when the first knock is not answered. Everything that you choose to honour with your engagement, will have miraculous expansion of energy after the door is opened. Be prepared for benign avalanches of good things, once you insist on persevering! Finances will improve. Health will need moderation, and relationships will need to be grounded.

For those born on or between March 11th and March 20th:

You will have an excellent year for whatever you decide upon to take planned action. Foremost, sit down and formulate your plan… and allow your action to never, ever apprehend any bit of ego-tussle with anyone, at all. Not even a shred… You will have your way; just make sure you base all your plans and actions on your ideals of love and harmony. Finances will benefit straightway, but keep an eye on your spending habits. Health will benefit from routines, so choose interesting ones for sticky points. Relationships will tend to be overtly exciting, so do what you can to balance out your disposition.

How does it get better than that!


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