“Making sense of near senseless!”… AQUARIUS!

Tarot forecast for the year ahead for Aquarius…


 Happy Birth Anniversary, dear Aquarius!aquarius

The year ahead for you, starting on your birthday, is very promising, indeed!

You have a great capacity for understanding what is good for everybody, yourself included. Sometime in the recent past, you have discovered the need of interacting with other people at a very close level. Perhaps, it was through a relationship…? However, to a greater or lesser extent, that interaction has caused you to question how viable emotions are in the space of interaction. For some, the connection may have seemed downright boring!
This year, you have the opportunity to unravel this mystery in a completely unexpected way. You will have a flash of inspiration that will cause you to introduce a new and creatively motivating factor into that precise interaction… which seems to be still, and lingeringly, important. Whether or not it stirs things up will unfold in due course through the year, but it will certainly have stirred you up to high levels of excitement!

So, look forward to an exciting year of new, emergent possibilities where you could have reached stagnancy. It will be just the beginning…!

How does it get better than that!

For those born on or between 20th January and 29th January:

You will be able to identify what it was that had kept you engaged in that which started stagnating, and you will be able to bring action to that precise factor. Perhaps you will cause a great surge of growth to happen all over again. What you must remember is that it is your point of attraction and not anybody else’s. It could be likely that you enthuse others to your good idea, and they may need you around to keep them sustained.

Health will likely be good, with a fair bit of increase in physical activity. Finances will be good, too, with an increase in potentially useful expenditures.

For those born on or between 30th January and 8th February:

Whereas you have a very good understanding of how to put things right, and in fact, you also stand to gain in terms of popularity if you do play the hero… you, personally, may not find it motivating enough to take action that pushes others to the forefront. However, this will be a good time, then, to bring clarity to the table, and release yourself from what may seem like a burdening proposition to you.

Health will improve with as much activity as you find palatable. Finances will see an increase in expenditure, and you can make it worth your while.

For those born on or between 9th February and 18th February:

For those of you in love and contemplating a move to the next level of your relationship, this year is the moment! Otherwise, too, any engagement of your energy that still has you hanging around, will benefit from any ideating and brainstorming that you will do. And you stand to benefit far more that seems initially evident. So go for it!

Health will be great if you consider changing and notching up your usual routine a level or three. Finances will make you feel restless, but it is good time for short-term investments.

Have a great year ahead!


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