JANUARY 2016…”We Live As We Believe!”




Mundane Tarot update for the month of January, 2016: 

Happy New Year, everybody, and welcome to a new set of energies, fresh off the anvil!

The month of January brings with it the energies that enable us to live as we believe.
Of course, when we look at our lives, we find many things we would rather not have the way they are. In such cases, we have to change what we believe about life, so that life can then change into what we now believe about it!
So basically, the time is now to see our life as the manifestation of all that we have believed about it, in relation to us.
We start the month with one of the most fecund resources of all… the desire to make life the way we want, of such intensity that we are willing to step out of our comfort zones and encounter chaos in an effort to better ourselves.
And with this desire, we couple our perspective… that all wisdom should be practically applicable, else it is no wisdom to live by, at all. Here, we need to be aware of what we mean by ‘practically applicable’, because with this perspective, we have imposed a condition on Wisdom!

And so, by the end of the month, we will have taken a lot of action, done a lot of things, moved a lot of mountains…
And were we successful?
That will depend… on whether we have trivialised wisdom into being linear formulae meant to achieve goals or we have been able to see the multidimensional role we play in the whole picture.

On a secondary note, this month, we must be alert to the fact that intellectualisation invites a drain to emotions and a loss of connection with practical reality. Any individual faculty helps us only as far as it can go. Eventually, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Things are getting better and better all the time!


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