“Solving their riddles…!” CAPRICORN!!

Mundane Tarot update for the year ahead for Capricorn:Capricorn

Capricorn2016Happy birth anniversary, dear Capricornians!

In the near past, perhaps for a couple of years or so, you have had at least one major issue with an emotional engagement that did not completely make sense to you. In fact, it had started sort of nebulously, and no amount of your sensible attitude could get completely rid of it, or of its nebulousness. It seemed to hang tantalisingly just out of your strong grasp. It could have been frustrating, but it was not… considering your pragmatic attitude which helped you wait for it to turn belly-up.
This situation involves people… either yourself or somebody you work with or are in a relationship with. And the trait that made this engagement an issue was that it showed alarming signs of being too shallow to be worth your wait.

However, and this is a big however, dear Capricornus!…. Things are about to change now, and it would do your heart a world of good to acknowledge that a little faith in your practical nature being your friend would go a long way!

You are going to discover the exact way in which to break down big and unwieldy structures into smaller, more manageable components which will in no way threaten the purpose of the whole structure…
Which basically means that you are going to take that nebulousness and give it clearly defined and concrete boxes in which it can show up as effective. If it is yourself and your inexplicable desires or fears with which you were battling, you will be now able to identify and isolate the whys and wherefores from the hows and what-nexts. You are going to be able to acknowledge a key part of yourself and work it into your whole and integrated system.
And if it is an issue involving other people which had got you emotionally rattled, or even questioning your own wisdom… you are in the process of defining boundaries, cross-checking veracities of expectations and looking into the nature of history… all for the purpose of gaining control over that aforementioned nebulousness.

It doesn’t matter where you have been, Capricorn. It was when it was. What matters is for which horizon you are now setting off… as this year and this effort is going to start a new chapter in your life.

How does it get better than that!

For those born on or between 22nd December and 30th December:

You have had a difficult time grounding yourself in the recent past, but that is about to change, and for the better. You are going to have help, advice, teachings or directions in the precise way that you can apply. This will take away the slippery stuff and help you find your feet. Be alert that you don’t start any great forward movement on your own just yet. Instead, intensify the grounding you receive and clear away all doubts created by the past couple of years.
Take help from experts in matters of health and finance, as well, if you need it. Else, keep your focus on the tried and tested methods you trust in both, to stay better than well.

For those born on or between 31st December and 9th January:

You, of all Capricorns, have an inclination to action. While the grounding effect of this coming year works well for you, it will benefit you more to identify logic and make it applicable to yourself before you do take that action. Whatever has unnerved you over the past couple of years will now start to make sense in small, acceptable ways, and these very ways, with regular practice, will grow into a sturdy foundation through the year. This will be a very good year in retrospect!
In matters of health and finance, set easy goals and set about achieving them with what you already have. The time of restlessness that unnerved you, is past.

 For those born on or between 10th January and 19th January:

While it is absolute that you are about to become steady and are also about to see fructification of efforts, it is of greater importance to understand that haste will delay you! Right away, make your resolutions for the year, and have them look like plans of action, rather than goals to be achieved. And then, plug away at the plans, step by sure step. You will surely see success, but right through the year… not overnight. Your good fortune is that the experiences you have undergone have now matured you enough to recognise what true success is. Be patient.
Health and finances both will benefit from your cultivating that patience… You know what to do, just keep doing it.

What a wonderful year!!!


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