“The expanding horizon….!!!” DECEMBER

Mundane Tarot Update For DECEMBER 2015:December2015

What a wonderful world!

If we have had the gumption to look at the month past as an adventure in opening up to larger life pictures, we still have a truckload of optimism left, and that puts us in a very good place to enjoy the larger pictures December offers us!

(Ummm… and if you are of the general opinion that life has it in for you, I suggest you cheer up, before you miss all the fun!)

The gift December has for us is the ability to see the illusion behind everything we tend to accept as real, or as truth! Gotcha, didn’t I! This is what is meant by Truth being an Illusion… that whatever we believe is an ultimate truth is in fact only a limited truth, and can change once the need for that channel is over.

Keeping this in mind, the resources we have available to us at the beginning of December are…
An opportunity to connect the dots of variegated information and see the picture being shown to us… Will we explore our ability to utilise this opportunity?
People with whom we can interact and discuss all issues, and thus widen our horizons… Will we allow ourselves to have an expanded list of options?
An opportunity to see all people around us involved more or less in the same issues that occupy our minds… Will we allow ourselves oneness?

The most fruitful way we can conduct ourselves through the month of December, then, is to take the steps, baby or mature, towards our mental expansion. We also need to be aware of the various pitfalls as we try to negotiate this territory. Thus, hurrying will delay us. Interrupting others will lessen information. Worrying will shrink our ability to evaluate information. Arguing will alienate help. And nothing need be these ways!

Eventually, as December rounds up, we will have a fair idea of expansion of our minds, tempered through our consciousness that we haven’t been as circumspect as we would have liked to be. Would that be a bad thing, then? Not at all! We have just come to know ourselves better, and that is the most amazing resource one can ever have!

Here’s to a very thought-provoking December!


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