“The Winners Never Quit..!” SAGITTARIUS

736797-bigthumbnailMundane Tarot Update for the year ahead for Sagittarius: 

Happy Birth Anniversary, dear Sagittarians! Sagittarius-symbol

And here is a year to which you can justifiably look forward!

In the recent past, there was one particular issue you were battling. It is not quite over, and perhaps, you have occasionally felt daunted by it. Particularly, you have been feeling that you should have proved more than a match for it, but something nebulous always seemed to be hanging just outside your vision.

This year, you are going to be able to step back and see that very issue for iceberg it represents. And to your great advantage, you will understand exactly what was wrong with the underlying concept that had shown up this issue, in the precise context of your own life. Then, you will be able to begin again…
Does that mean you will be going through the same battle all over again?
Yes, and no.
Yes, because it is about the same issue, though in a wider, multi-dimensional and wholistic way.
No, because now you will be playing to win.
How does it get better than that!

For those born on or between 23rd November and 2nd December:

Your recent struggle has left you feeling bruised and agitated, and you have had to put a lid on it. You have not been able to understand why it had to be this way, at all. But now, your situation is going to improve particularly in the matter with which you have been wrestling. You will be able to make more sense of it, and also develop a kind of detachment. You will understand that it is a battle not of your choosing, but now that you are in it, you can find effective ways to exit, again, if you choose.
Health will stabilise, before it takes a turn for the better. Finances, too, will be on the side of high expenditure, but predictable. You are readying for the upswing.

For those born on or between 3rd December and 12th December:

For all the abrasion and near-exhaustion you could be feeling from your recent unfruitful exertions, you are probably the best equipped of all Sagittarians to ‘feel’ your way out of this situation, now. Your innate wisdom is eventually going to bring you into a wider and more inclusive understanding of the ways of the world, through your own travails, but you need not wait for the light to come on before you feel better. You can start feeling better right away, starting on your birthday, by choosing to stay focussed on your immediate environment and what feels good in it. A universal formula, which is going to pay you very rich dividends, this year! Health will need care, and if you are focussing on feeling good, you will be able to give yourself whatever care you need. Finances will be stable; you need to worry less!

For those born on or between 13th December and 21st December:

There is a streak of discipline in you which has helped you through your recent grind. Now, it will help you more, as you decide to step back and look at the larger picture… of your tribulations and your beliefs about life which had manifested as such. You will show very little inclination to hang on to any belief that is not working for you any longer. Even if you don’t quite understand something, if you figure it is good for you, it is going to receive all your diligent attention. Use this ability of yours to accept what is important to you and why… as your starting point. This year will then lead you down a more profitable path.
Your health will benefit from that same diligence, and a sudden improvement in six months will lift your spirits. Finance is stable, and you may even be able to make some savings.

How does it get better than that!!!


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