Begging Your Pardon…!!!

For many reasons, I found myself unable to post the Mundane Tarot update for the month of November, 2015, at the correctly useful time… I beg a thousand pardons!
However, here it is, now… for some retrospection and co-relation, if you are interested… Enjoy!


144Mundane Tarot update for the month of November, 2015…

All of us have various kinds of pictures of the future. Some of us plan goals, some dream, some speculate, and some play at certainty. But all of us view that future as a land of hope.

The gift of this month of November is that it will make us stand present and attentive to the deepest faith we have that everything is going to be absolutely great. And so far, so good…

So, at the beginning of the month, we will be pondering the resources we have with us to help us keep on marching. The point is that we indeed always have everything we need… but that flow is controlled by our own ideas, beliefs and thoughts about what the exact resources should be. It is great to be analytical about the merits of what we see as existing, it is greater to be curious about more information, just in case… but it is of awesomeness to understand that however much we know, the universe always knows more! And this is the first lesson of the month…
Let us remind ourselves, at every step, that we always have exactly what we need at every moment to help us along the path to all goals, and eventually, we are the path and the goal!

The way we will go about things may sometimes appear rather intolerant, or intrusive… and yet, on the other hand, may at the same time be a commendable striving to achieve the good. Through the month, with every and all attempts we make to build the right thing, we must remind ourselves that our greatest gift is our uniqueness. It is good advice that we need to always remember that we do what we do because of our own ideas. It is divine love that makes sure we are reminded of what we need to focus on, by hook or by crook!

Eventually, by the end of the month, we stand to gain from another realisation…that what we need to do to achieve our goals is energised by the same love we feel for the goal. Thus, if you are not feeling good on the way, you are not going to feel good when you arrive. Deep, eh?
Some of us will feel generally disappointed when November ends, and a word of caution to them… knowing what does not work is sometimes more important than knowing what works. So, this is your time to rekindle that gift of hope…
And yet others amongst us would have smelt the smoke from the bonfire of celebration!

What a wonderful life!!!


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