“The Ones Who Kept Going…!” SCORPIO


Mundane Tarot Update For The Year Ahead For Scorpios!scorpio

Happy Birth Anniversary, dear Scorpio!

You, of all, would appreciate no beating about the bush, so I’ll lay it on to you as straight as it gets!
In the near and recent past, perhaps a couple of years at the most, you have encountered a situation which has caused you to change your lifestyle and adjust to it. For some it would have been an apparently positive change, such as a promotion with a transfer to a different place where you discover things to be rather different from your earlier habits. For a few, it could have been a forced commitment to a regime… such as the discovery of a health condition that required you to change your life-style in order to get better; though please notice that this apparent negative situation is also a huge positive of healing! The crux of the matter is that whatever had happened, it had effected a very declared and proactive change in your situation, almost to the point that it had felt like a sure shift.

This year coming up, you will see another shift in the same situation… one which may surprise you not a little.
You are going to see that you have lived through enough of its new era to now realize that you are empowered to manipulate it as you will! So, for example, if you had been overwhelmed by the change and the newness it had brought about, you are now going to feel capable of introducing some of your own-ness into the scheme of things! So a repatriation to a new place will now start to feel like a playground with net practice going on… or the situation of ill-health will suddenly seem to be responding as though it is awaiting your orders to move on! On the flip-side, if what you are thinking from the past is a brand new commitment, it could now start asking you to shape up and be a pro at the set rules. 

So have fun, dear Scorpio! Figure out what had imposed a change in your life in the near past, and now get ready to get on top of the game!
How does it get better than that!

For those born on or between October 23 and November 1:

Be prepared for fireworks of the muted kind. It, however, is not all bad, if you can get the trick to what is causing the high-voltage action. Notice that most things will have two components: one will need immediate attention, and the other will be uncertain. Be proactive about whatever is immediate, but be very sure to let the uncertain bit well alone. Let go of needing to control; do only what you know you can. If you have done everything in good faith, the uncertain bit will shore up your faith in life, for sure!
Health will benefit from balancing out extremes. Choose the mid-path of gentleness as often as you can, with everything.
Finances will improve, with a few interesting challenges.

For those born on or between November 2 and November 12:

At first, you may become flummoxed to have come upon deepening instability. But the message for you here is to incorporate discipline as a part of everything you do. Discipline will show you how things stabilise. If you are paying close attention, you will notice that not everything is unstable, but only those aspects which you have left yet undecided. So go over everything with a fine enough tooth-comb and keep tying up loose ends. You may not recall this in your busy bee-ing, but you are actually working at a solid foundation for a wonderful future, so keep at it!
Health will be wonderful if you refrain from overindulging, by your standards, in either the beneficial or the merely entertaining. Discipline is still the key, here.
Finances will be even, and you might get some good opportunities for investing.

For those born on or between November 13 and November 22:

Honestly, with a bit of care and grounding, you are going to have the best year of all Scorpios! If in your changing situation of the past you had felt any uncertainty, slowly but very surely now, all haze will clear up and the land ahead will be clearly visible. However, you still have to step forward for the road to appear. Trust your innate faith to help you get into the rhythm of dancing with the unknown, because the year is likely to show you that eventually, there is no unknown, only the unrecognised… which can then be brought to light. Thus, you are likely to have a better latter half than the beginning of your solar return, though overall, it will be a very good year of activity.
Health will be good, and better if you exercise some conventional wisdom and caution.
Finances will be friendlier towards saving, than spending!

What a wonderful year, dear Scorpios!


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