“Dreams manifesting….”!!! For LIBRA!

libra-symbolThe Year Ahead For Librans… 

Happy Birth Anniversary, dear Libra! Bluebells-Libra

In the not so distant past, you had had a Very Good Idea, and you had done your best to set things in motion according to that idea. In fact, you had turned it into a labour of love. For some it was a project, for others, it was a goal, for yet others, it was a person. For all Librans, it was a beginning of a new relationship… And now…
This year, you see that idea of yours take on a life of its own… and convince you beyond doubt of its manifested reality. Tangible, interactive and demanding. How does it get better than that!

Is there, then, a caveat? A catch? Can you just see goodness, always?
This year will show you what a manifested reality means. You will delight in its there-ness. You will find it included in your life in such a certain manner that there can be no doubt it is here to stay. However, it is made up of far more than just your desire to see it manifest. It is also made up of the perspective of life that you hold, and that is going to make all the difference.
If you have a certain rigidity in your beliefs, if you are scared of change, the manifested dream will displease you, as it will challenge that very rigidity of yours. And there will be no point in telling your new-found love that this is who you are, like it or lump it. The year will unfold into you having to make the changes, eventually.
If, on the other hand, you can experiment a little, and occasionally find it in yourself to push the envelope, then each problem you encounter will show you a surprising and gratifyingly productive new path. What you gave life to will soon be showing you a new life! Cheers to that!

For those born on or between September 23rd and October 2nd:

Of course, you knew a good idea when you saw it! However, be prepared to find it very demanding of your energies this year. There will be growth, but not exactly the way you had earlier envisaged. You have the ability to correct your course as and when you see the need, so please try to keep that as the first option of action. If the energy demand feels too large to handle, take a break, and come back. What you have growing for you is worth every bit of your time.
Finances will need clever management, but there can be gains from unexpected quarters, if you are alert.
Health will be good if you pencil in regular exercise routines and many holidays.

For those born on or between October 3rd and October 12th:

After your initial hesitation in assigning the word “manifestation” to what you have received, you will be in an excellent place to grow it with exactly what it needs to become the best. You will discover you have a gift of communicating with your achievement, and it will be magical, even if you don’t believe in magic! In fact, for all cosmic intents and purposes, your very determined perspective of reality as is, has received a twist straight out of Hogwarts! Try not to analyse it to death. Instead revel in being able to channel all the energy your dream project needs to make possible further on, all that you have desired to experience!
Finances will be better, actually. Accept surprises in this area of your life, as well, for they will lead you to gain.
Health may need looking after if you are prone to tension. This is a perfect opportunity to develop an interest in relaxing modalities.

For those born on or between October 13th and October 22nd:

Yes, you have manifested what you have desired. Yes, it looks the way it does because it has inherited your characteristics. So, here’s the deal for you. Through your manifested desire, you are getting the opportunity to discover exactly who you are and what your capabilities might be… because you get to mould the manifestation further, according to your will. So what is your will? Your will, this year, will show you exactly how powerful you are, with opportunities galore to learn patience, re-doing, re-learning and humility… all through the vehicle of the idea you have birthed. For lesser mortals, it would be a daunting task; but you are capable and more of dealing with your tree of gold leafs and silver fruits.
Patience will show you how to make more money that would seem possible at face value, and this is awesome. Save some of it.
Strive to keep a balance between activity and rest. Overdoing the activity part will challenge you more than overdoing rest.

This is going to be an awesome amazing year for you, dear Libra!!!


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