“A bird in hand is worth…” of SEPTEMBER!

Mundane Tarot Update For The Month Of September, 2015: 

Robin - Erithacus rubecula

Robin – Erithacus rubecula

In many ways, we are now at a threshold, yet another… of a new world, yet another. The changes imminent now, however, are very, very close to our reality, and if we are paying attention, September can be one long-drawn ‘aha!’ moment. And if we are not paying attention, no matter. Life has a way of turning things up in our favour, eventually.

The theme of this month is the eternal question of the Grail… “What price, dreams?” And the champion in each one of us knows the true answer.
Much of what happens this month is going to challenge our notion that we can reach for something new without giving up something old. We are being called to understand that the very desire for something new is proof of something old having become defunct and readying to fall away… But can we make it easy for ourselves? No, if we look at our past as an acquisition. Yes, if we look at our future with a fresh perspective. Perhaps, if we need some reassurance along the way.

At the very beginning of the month we have all that we need to understand what our answer is. We also are empowered by the relevant resources we may require to enact that answer. Much of it will be realised if we take it on faith, which is the key to the door of the treasury.

The paths through the weeks are as follows:
1st to 8th of September, 2015:
Since we already have all the resources we need, we are wilfully going to turn away from motivating ourselves to doubting ourselves. We are going to feel it a justified move, because… hey, come on! So much of what we have is not really what we want, is it! To belabour a point… it is not about what we want, yet. It is about what we need. But we are empowered this week to forget that and muddle along.
9th to 15th of September, 2015:
Apparently, doubting ourselves, as we did earlier, can be a good thing, because this week we have the opportunity to recalibrate what we are all about, and perhaps, hone to perfect clarity the desires we would want to fulfil in our lives. It is of benefit, if we are observing our situations as the manifestation of our processes from the past. It is, however, of no benefit if we want to give ourselves options for the sake of having options. Admittedly, we can lose our balance here… or gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, which, by the way, is inevitable. A good week to ask ourselves what we are dithering on about…
16th to 23rd of September, 2015:
And if we have dithered, we are blessed by experiencing a complete slow-down, coming to perhaps a stand-still. If we have plodded along, accepting what we already have and correcting our course along the way, we come upon that threshold, now. It is moment of stillness, yes. It could be the stillness before dawn… else of that before a long, deep sleep. What it shall be has already been set in motion two weeks prior, so it is actually not any surprise where you now stand.
24th to 30th of September, 2015:
And having stood in the stillness, we shall begin to move again… starting at the very beginning. We either will stretch our resources to fit the extended time we have taken to start, or we will be stretching our limbs in deep slumber which is not quite as comfortable as we had pretended would be. Waking up will become inevitable. So, for the already awake will appear a raising of energy levels to take action towards the direction of the dreams we have always been dreaming awake.

And yet, and yet… as the month ends…
We offer ourselves the opportunity to ask yet again …
“What, pray, was the question?”
I hope, instead, we can make it to “Are we there, yet?”

Things are getting just better and better for us!


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